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People around the globe live without AC, and in times of duress the ones that perish are the ones accustomed to unreal temperatures.........
But perhaps the solutions found at Coober Pedy could  provide a hot weather solution (and a partial cold weather solution too).
The Tuareg have lived for generations on the Sahara shading themselves with voluminous black clothing. Heat tolerance is an easily lost ability, but to recover ...just fail to turn on the AC any spring.

And the refrigeration is a modern day solution for (remarkably short-lived) freshness. Prior to refrigeration food was dried, canned, mixed with fat and stored in gut casings. But preferably killed fresh and if needed in areas with very little greenery greens salvaged from the entrails.
But refrigeration has only been with us for a few hundred years,
Prior to that the solution was to gorge on any fresh veggies as they were in season and, eat seaweed, and algae in desperation to keep from losing teeth to scurvy.

A modern day solution includes supplementation with pills. Vitamin C,D, at minimum, calcium and magnesium as you get older.

If you must though....chest refrigerators run on a fraction of the energy needed for a stand up fridge.

3 years ago

IMHO the best value for the dollar is used Yanmar equipment.
(Although I wouldn't turn down any brand name tractor being sold cheaply by a neighbor!!)

For small work (less than 20 acres) a 3110D Yanmar is hard to beat.
3 years ago
You will find the Apple offering just as restrictive with the addition of it will happily accept all your media...and record it in a proprietary format that makes it a smoking beast to move onto anything but Apple next time.
For long term use a "netbook" running Linux is a good thing to keep your eye peeled for, (or just a netbook you can put a distro on!) These were small (usually less than 10") and far from powerful, but capable of light tasks one at a time without proprietary "apps" clogging the works.
Many web interfaces (Reddit for example) beg and beg and beg you to use their app rather than the web interface... but as soon as you install it, it starts to consume resources 100% of the time, and works to optimize your device for their use.
3 years ago
For bang for the buck it's hard to beat the Kindle Fire:

There are a couple of caveats:

You have to work intentionally to get them to turn off... Kindles are always on ...and listening...and recording. Multiple cases have been prosecuted using Alexa recordings as evidence. A quality Faraday Cage will keep it under control .... but it also will stop the Fire from updating, uploading new content, and synchronizing your books. You can decline Alexa...but you can't turn of the mic...or the camera.

The default browser (Silk) is a screaming horror of advertising, as bad as Safari. You can easily install Firefox and with difficulty Brave...neither will auto update on the Kindle.

Amazons default is to burn up space on the Kindle no matter how much additional storage you opt to buy... Amazon declares almost no content suitable for removable storage. The intended default is for you to store everything on Amazons servers and retrieve it as needed, this includes any documents you create, any photos, videos and any collaborative work. As quickly as you  exhaust your free storage capacity (about two days of standard use) Amazon will hound you to buy more.

With the stock charging cord the USB interface is good for about a year...if treated with kid gloves. After mine quit working I found one with a 1 millimeter longer mini interface plug, and it has continued service for an additional 3 years. Because of the continual "additional features" Amazon pushes it now has constant notifications of low storage capacity...although beyond Firefox there are no optional programs installed.

Still for all the downs it's a clear reading, movie playing, web browsing interface suitable for bed and bath, cheap enough to not be catastrophic when a grandkid steps on it, and capable of delivering all the distraction from reality anybody could stand!
3 years ago
Having built a coupla post and beam cellars in the PNW (and having them fail miserably!).
I would put down a thick bed of gravel on a french drain, that had open drainage downhill, dug into the hill at adequate depth to completely bury a sea container.
And install a 20 - 40 foot sea container sprayed down with asphalt emulsion with shelving installed as interior load bearing walls so no portion of the roof over 3' wide was unsupported.
Install a 6" vent to the rear, and cover over with as light a fill as possible...light as in non dense (think styrofoam waste) to a depth of 2' covered with visqueen covered with at least 6" of soil graded to shed water,
Build an insulated bulkhead 6' from the door with an insulated door.

For further utility install a tunnel at roof level you can put a ac unit into with a tstat overide to use the area as a meat locker if needed. An additional insulated bulkhead can be erected to create a freezer area with vents as needed to keep a larger area cooled.

Airflow control via exhaust vent, and bulkhead vent strategically placed high and low, will extend its usefulness
3 years ago
At this time (Spring of 21), guns should be cheap as dirt, all ammunition from .22 to 8 gauge has been unobtainium for 4 months plus.
If you do not have a stock  of ammunition, save your money and buy baseball bats...they will be equally effective.

Currently, the most effective "at range" weapons are the reverse draw crossbows:

Broadhead arrows have the added benefit of cutting easily through Kevlar, impact plates will stop them cold.

In practical effectiveness if you are looking to discourage predators light draw weight (40-60 lbs) recurves and field points will fill the pot and do little damage to pelts, broadheads are expensive and damage easily, but ensure more humane kills. There are poly broadheads that are less expensive.

Air rifles are available up to .45 caliber, but velocities are low. Terminal performance is dependent on shot placement.
Air powered arrows are available but are illegal to hunt with in most states.

Pump up air rifles in .22 caliber can offer equivalent performance (without quick follow-up shots!) to powder actuated .22's for varmint and rodent control.

Black powder weapons are currently only slightly less impacted, black powder itself has dried up, pyrodex and 777 are marginally available, to minimize market manipulation, true flintlocks are your best bet, as caps are just as manipulable as any other source of ignition.
3 years ago
My beloved (with an entirely earnest demeanor) bought a plaque and hung it above my desk, it reads:

Everyone is Entitled To My Opinion

I try to live up to her expectations of me........
3 years ago