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"Maybe it's a pie-only thing?  I gave you a slice to try it."

Thank you for the PIE!

That does indeed expand my horizons.

Tereza Okava wrote:
Above the top of the first post on the right side you will see a button that says "IGNORE". If you click on that the post should not appear in the list of threads you see.

Thanks for the quick response

Running Firefox on Mint 19.3 the only options are "Share" and "New Topic"

Could a simple permissions list be added to allow me.....and others like me, to opt out of entertaining a cider press ( or any other post) that we are not eligible to participate in?

Many cities have "emergency service" locks on every business, keys are distributed to fire , police, utilities, and vermin catchers.
An equivalent could be established, preferably with an electronic component that would allow the codes to be updated every 30 days and allow delivery systems USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc to unlock a dropbox with their phones......

I don't have Bezo's number but it would be a helluva subscription service.....

Or Wheaton Labs claims programming prowess, perhaps a developed product could be presented to the world....It certainly seems worthy of a Kickstarter.

Contact me as necessary to forward my 2% originators fee from the subscription pool...........
1 month ago
If you are hoping for a thermosyphon system, than the system needs a consistent gradient with the heat source at the low point, and the heat storage at the peak without high spots or air traps. One air bleed at the top to evacuate trapped air, no motor required.

If you have a positive displacement pump (gear, piston) than any combination of gradients can be forced to work with enormous grief and excessive delay while it forces the air through the system if there is a place for the air to escape the piping system into a storage reservoir, once a hydraulic lock has been achieved (no air in the circulating system) than system efficiency has been achieved, and a remarkably small motor is adequate.

If you have a slip type pump  (centrifugal, vane, screw,) than it is a balancing act consisting of horsepower vs air compression rebound , and sometimes air rebound wins over a fairly large motor,, multiple air bleeds are you friend in this case.

For a real world example, at my house where it drops to - 10 Fahrenheit I have 2, 150 foot runs, leaving a boiler dropping 5' below ground looping through 2 furnaces, 2 heat exchangers for domestic hot water and 2 clothes dryers, with a 700 gallon non pressurized tank at the high end.
A  (1) Bell and Gosset 1/25th HP pump 3/4" is adequate for both runs because efforts were made to ensure there were no high spots to entrap air and once the water is pushed through all entrapped air escapes via the tank vent. I pump 180 (F) degree water through and choke off the return line to equalize temperature (around 150 (F) once the system equalized) between the two runs.

Conversely I've seen industrial jobs that required a two HP centrifugal pump for less than 1000 linear feet of piping and were a constant headache with hours of time devoted to purging air every single time the system was opened.
1 month ago
I think maybe what the OP would like is a "Here is the Best, Cheapest, most direct method to achieve long lasting results" list.

And in itself the list is self defeating, because.....; As soon as the list is compiled the practitioners of such arts become "in demand" and the demand for raw materiel drives up the prices, and Wah La! its no longer in easy reach.

Take Housing for instance, I've seen housing go from logs, to superinsulation to rammed earth to straw bale, and back to logs, and now we're seeing hybrids of pole barns and sometimes superinsulation, and as quickly as a method becomes prevalent it drives prices up to the point that its right on par with every other method.
Insulation has gone from nonexistent to suffocating and mold inducing now "planned infiltration" is a thing and at every evolution costs have been introduced and increased

Gardening has gone from Mittleider's "poison everything and start fresh", to poison nothing and learn to enjoy the taste of random weeds! Truly if your looking for stability in homegrown advice you are shooting for the moon.

Animal Husbandry has stayed relatively constant, it is the one area where science has overcome anecdote.
1 month ago
The packaging metaphor is a good one, but.....
Most people are turning to basics (permaculture if you will) because the pre packaged life is breaking down.
And even if you keep the packaging metaphor going, the reality is you either;
1; Spend a fortune for a car under warranty, (which defacto means you have a pre installed mechanic). For a remarkably short period of time after which you need to spend another fortune.
2; Or you have a (relatively) cheap car and an expensive mechanic, or a series of inexpensive lousy ones
3; Or you have a car and a long history of back country breakdown education, and greasy trials, with long country walks and desperate pre dawn calls for assistance, that have taught you to do it your self

Permaculture to my poor mind is the third option.

If you would like to try it in the second instance, than you own land and hire a professional gardener / grounds keeper, cook (to can /dry /package,  all the largesse!) and a carpenter or two to create storage space. Or offer shelter to a series of people whom may (or may not) have good ideas, good work ethic and are willing to invest their future in little more than temporary shelter.

Or to keep the packaging metaphor intact,..go with option #1, proceed to the Good Food Store and buy organically grown veggies, free range eggs, and grass fed beefalo as needed

For many "permaculture" seems to be a revival of "back to the land"
To me permaculture is; Build once, Harvest for generations....regardless of the playing field you choose to build on.  As an exclamation point to that, planned obsolescence, and hybrid (no second generation crop) crops, are fraud.
1 month ago
Its not fragmented.......its just not easy........
Almost every idea presented here....and in Mother Earth news....and The Whole Earth Catalogue... and the Foxfire series, ....and Carla Emery's tome, ....and thousands of forgotten DIY books are variations on a theme and modest improvements on simple country lore and have been around for generations.
What does happen is; few credit the sources of previous info, most wish to carve out a "niche market".
This site has the best method in its refusal to purge and frequent "refloating" of dead threads, but because so few really want to research old threads they are (usually) as irrelevant as old books.
Because the process of getting newly interested people up to speed on a thousand generations of old minutia just to have them fall away because its "hard" or "messy" is remarkably unrewarding, few people engage in it deliberately.

Ultimately the same question can be asked about playing a piano.
Why isn't it easy to become a concert pianist?
Truly reams have been written, recorded, video'd collected, compiled, annotated, and disseminated.
But first you have to
Have a piano.
Spend time with the piano.
Get it tuned.
Learn to read tableture,
Develop muscle memory
Practice for a few years to become proficient.
Find some one willing to patronize your product.
Pump out enough product to make the prior years efforts worthwhile.

The percentage of people willing to do that amount of effort for marginal returns are a fraction of a percent.
1 month ago
The best investment I can think of is a trailer court. Specifically an R.V. court.
You own the property and charge anywhere from $150 (low rent old trailers allowed, jammed in cheek to jowl) to  $900 ($30.00 per night next to a scenic attraction) monthly.
Don't own the trailers, if a disaster occurs the offending mess is hauled off and Ta-Da you have an open space to rent. Most of the infrastructure is underground and hard to damage. Classic cars are torn apart and abandoned that you can sell for parts, on the high end happy campers offer you beer when you come around to mow the grass.
After that is storage sheds, for R.V.s, boats,
Then storage sheds, storage sheds are the death rattle of a community, people abandon heirlooms all the time after making a flying trip for employment ....... whose return was less than adequate.
Pawn shops and Gun Stores, both require significant investment but the returns are excellent...if your heartless and discriminating (pawn shops) and enthusiastic and knowledgeable (gun shops).