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Recent posts by James Sullivan

I hang dry any clothes that are soft and underwear, well and wool. They last much longer the waist bands don't deform and my comfy clothes stay soft and the texture is still nice. I hang them inside in the winter too.
1 year ago
Permies? Paul? Someone interested in taking the WOFATI to Canada's Passive Builder Conference?!

No affiliation, just Information.

Passive House Canada is seeking passionate, knowledgeable individuals or groups who can help broaden the lens for building better. Submit your proposal to present at this year’s annual conference before February 15th.
Conference May 8-10


Jan White wrote:
I think the walnut trees around here are all grown from seed. Seems like every tree is different - my favourite has very smooth shelled nuts that you can crack in your hands. The shells fall away from whole nuts easily, and the nuts are sweet.

Jan please share some of those good ones!
1 year ago
I've found magnesium helps me. Also going to bed at a reasonable time if I've been up late for several days in a row it can get worse.
1 year ago
Any one not familiar with Print and Play Games it's a simple RPG turn based game you can play alone or with friends. You download the file (or draw your own) and play. Usually a dice is needed some one has created flash cards of dice for travelling.

I think this is good entertainment or for the industrious and imaginative a way to make some extra money.

Lots of Kickstarter campaigns for these as well as free ones. There is a FaceBook group of Print and Play fans who give their games away and also sell them via Amazon and other market places. One person has made a Drama game and sold many copies to Drama Students in NYC. Lots of possibilities!

I have no affiliation at all with the website, they review games mostly and don't currently have a game for sale.

I've received two pairs of Ariat jeans from my brother. Right away I noticed how much heavier they are then wranglers. The belt loops are larger and pockets have some extra reinforcement. They are stiffer than I'd like, it's a good thing. I've yet to get any pulls or holes in the lower part of the legs from clearing brush.
1 year ago

paul wheaton wrote:A corporate troll is to persuade the observer that their employer's message is good and others messages are not good.

Really 'they' don't even have to persuade the public that the message is good or not but just sow enough seeds of doubt to encourage the public to discard the good idea all together.
Wow, congratulations, for me it's showin >$170000 in pledges not sure if that's Canadian dollars. Wow congratulations everyone who's worked and working on this.

Edit yes indeed in Canadian funds
1 year ago

James Sullivan wrote:Cooking rice, one cup dry, in a Cookit Panel cooker. This is the arbitrary unit Cookit, I find them easier to cut and make. Constructed with mylar and coraplast. First picture is the measure, second rice cooking and last the cooked rice!

Made rice yesterday, will this picture work for cooking rice to complete the BB?
Thank you for the information. I'll pass this on!