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Zone 5, we direct seeded bush beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, kale, radish, parsnip, turnip, and transplants are broccoli, cauliflower, and brusselsprouts.
Yes what is it with fashion that women's pants have no pockets? My wife is always giving me something to put in my pockets.  I've also had pants with shallow pockets that were not deep enough for a wallet or pocket knife. I would be frustrated without pockets.
5 months ago
A friend of mine subscribes to the meal plan at https://cleanfooddirtygirl.com/ most of the food is amazing. I'm just not a fan of Tempe and some of spice combos taste off to me. I'm not vegan but this meal plan almost got me there. If you subscribe to the email list there is usually a free recipe as well as some on the website. The subscription has full shopping list and batching instructions and their latest update makes it easier to cook for less or more then the standard four people.  My friend had been a vegetarian for thirty plus years and always struggled to eat properly. She's been eating the vegan meal plan for over a year and a half now and to the shock of her doctor is doing much better and no longer needs meds for diabetes. The chocolate cake is unbelievable!
5 months ago
I use wide mouth mason jars painted black in a solar cooker.
5 months ago
I've used an alternate way to burn letters for a sign. A small Fresnel lens from the dollar store. You do need sun to make it work.
Thanks Jay and Anne. Yes my neighbor has mentioned cut worms.
Something ate all my cucumber stems where mulch meets air. My peppers aren't doing so well but it's all location, same with pole peas & my first strawberry bed. Not sure what happened to my horseradish, could have been the snow we had in May. Also my sweet potatoes are not doing so well. I've just started building soil in a few spots this year so I think that is most of the problem. For the peppers and strawberries it's the sun or not enough of it.
I planted a large pollinator Hugel and consentrated on companion planting with veg and flowers this year. I noticed a 1000% increase in the varied amount of insects, we had mostly mosquitoes & wasps before and now for the first time have hummingbirds. This is my third summer in this location and second with planted garden beds.
6 months ago
You can go 4ft horizontally from the back of the wall to insulate or even further and backfill on top.
6 months ago