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Recent posts by K Eilander

Dennis Barrow wrote:I used to have a handle on life, but then it broke.

I wanted to get a new lease on life,
but I went over the allotted mileage on the old one.

(The following actually happened.)

After a meal at a Chinese restaurant we were all given fortune cookies.  Mine had no fortune inside.  I told the waitress that it was very unFORTUNEate.

(She just gave me another one and walked away... but I like to think she was laughing on the inside.)
1 week ago
I've never tried it, but I once heard that the edge of tempered glass (eg a car window rolled partway down) can put a fine edge on a blade.

Just thought I'd toss that one out there.  Seems like it could be a useful factoid when camping or whatnot.
2 weeks ago

Probably taste the same.
1 month ago
I was recently watching an episode of The History Guy on the history of oranges.

In it, he talks about something called an orangerie (also spelled orangery) [wikipedia] which became popular among the palaces of Europe.

So... even before the industrial revolution and electricity, these jokers were growing citrus trees in France, up into Germany, even up into Russia and Sweeden!??

Now I'm thinking... sweet, I could use that!  Unfortunately, given the way they started out, an orangerie still seems to be a status thing, which clutters the search results immensely!  So with this post, I'm kind of fishing for more info.

Anybody got a lead on orangries?
How they did it?
How to design one?
Scientifical studies on how they worked? - What construction techniques would lead to what amount of temperature gains?  Etc?
1 month ago
In addition to bitchute, another youtube alternative I found is https://www.brighteon.com/
1 month ago
Once you ditch the expensive clothes dryer for a cheap solar solution (aka, clothesline) what do you do with your old machine?

Well, Robert Murray Smith of FWG labs has recently been into vertical axis wind turbines.
In one of his latest experiments, he converted an old clothes dryer into a wind turbine.

Here's how to do it.

(spoiler for those with limited internet: cut slits in the drum and tweak them outward to approx 35 degrees.)

And here are some performance tests:
[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4AkVj-qnJxNtKuz3rkq16A[/youtube]

Thumbnail image:
1 month ago
Since you mentioned lifestyle changes...

I grew up fully on the suburban SAD diet, and I regularly suffered terrible headaches to the point of having to retreat to a darkened room being unable to function.

As I started to question diet more, I discovered through trial and error that Sodium Nitrate (found in hotdogs, jerky, an other preserved meats) was the cause.  Since cutting those out, headaches are rare, rather than a way of life.

Occasionally I indulge in a social dog at a backyard barbecue, and I can guarantee, like clockwork, a headache 30-45 minutes.

The difference in my experience was so night-and-day for me, that I have to jump in every time I hear a person say they suffer from chronic headaches, and say, "Try cutting out nitrates!!!"
2 months ago
Great stuff!  I really think this seems doable!

You might like to check out what the crazy russians are doing over on the Kreosan youtube channel.  
They have several interesting ebike builds and experiments.  (Including taking a homemade battery pack UNDERWATER!)

Also ProjectFarm did a review of different battery brands.  It seems that the specs on a lot of brands are "exaggerated"... to the point where one might start calling them a bald-faced lie.
Therefore, either factor that in and scale up accordingly, or stick with a reputable name brand like Samsung, Panasonic, or LG.
2 months ago
Great thread!
My concern has been rapidly growing of late over the huge amount of social manipulation going on with social media.  (I don't care who you are, censoring people you disagree with is NEVER COOL!)

First off, concerning the OP, I'm a little curious...
You mention F-Droid as an alternative to play store, but on the other hand you also say you're using linux?  How does that work with android apps?

Secondly, I've also heard good things about Parler as a censorship-free social media, though I haven't personally tried it yet.
2 months ago

Here's a fun little project you can try sometime.  With a simple block of wood you can use your chisel as a hand plane.

Pretty simple and easy too.  I found this chunk of maple late on Sunday afternoon, and had a finished tool by the time the sun went down.

I didn’t set out with the plan of getting all fancy with the wedge, but I got bored while the glue was drying on the other part. The shape kind of reminds me of a shaving curl, which makes me like it a lot.

If you want to build your own, mine was done just like this tutorial

Really, the only main difference is that I sketched out a different design that appealed to me. Also I didn’t mess with carving out the spot for the chisel. Instead I split the board lengthwise, sawed out each half, and then glued back together. (It’s arguably simpler/faster/easier that way, but whichever way you want to skin that cat.)

Hope this inspires somebody.  If so, post pics of your build! :)
4 months ago