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since Apr 24, 2018
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Experimenting and growing on my small acre in SW USA; Fruit & Nut trees w/ annuals, hoping to get Chickens, rabbits, and in-laws onto property soon.

Long term goal - Furniture & Luthier Stay-at-home farm dad.
San Diego, California
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Recent posts by Dustin Rhodes

Way to go Hester!

This(what Hester did) is how we win people over - by showing them (by our actions/by our produce) how well it works!

Good on ya!
4 days ago

Creighton Samuels wrote:I bought a mix with Rye, Oats, Winter Pea, Bolsena Clover, Chicory, Rape, Daikon Radish & Sugar Beets. 20 lbs of this mix cost me $80. I never did find any bulk carrot seeds.

That sounds like a great deal!  Was that purchased locally to you, or do you have an online source you could share with us?
We in wildfire country commonly refer to "limbing" (or "limb up a tree") as removing growth in the lower part of the trees to protect against the spread of wildfires/decrease likelihood of crown fires.
I use "limbing" to differentiate my meaning from "pruning," which I would describe as trimming branches for the health of the tree and/or for training it to grow in a certain way.

I think your regional location could determine the context for this one, which may make it ambiguous.
1 month ago
My first thought was Pepper tree, Schinus Teribinthifolius; crazy invasive/suckering growth.

A smell test of a broken leaf would easily rule this one out.
1 month ago
Thank you Bruce (and all you Permies!)

I can report that, although I am close to an active wildfire, we are not under evacuation orders yet, and the wind(at this time) seems to be pushing the fire away from us.  
We do have a friend who runs a permaculture CSA farm, and, due to the evacuations, has not been able to care for his crops.

Thank you for your prayers!
1 month ago
I don't know if this is biologically accurate, but it seems to make sense to me:

Avoid growing leaf-centric produce in favor of fruiting or root crops - any gaseous or sooty emissions that would enter through the leaf systems would have to travel through the entire plant(and hence be partially filtered/remediated) before getting to the part of the plant you would eat?
1 month ago
I feel like usually they just don't want our "alternative" systems to be the ONLY system we have, so that if we change our minds, sell the house, or have issues, etc. we can go back to the "conventional system" with little hassle.

If you put in a conventional system AND a grey water diversion system, and they might be happy.
1 month ago

the video is a little gimmicky, sorry, but this company uses drones dropping seed blocks to reforset after wildfires.

I know the drone part is probably out of reach for your project, but they mention adding capsaicin (extremely spicy chiles) to their seed cube mix to deter pest and varmints eating the seeds.
2 months ago
If he wants to raise goats for milk or as pets, it'd be pretty tough to convince him to get rid of them once you're ready to develop the site.

If he just wants to get a few kids every spring to raise up to butcher weight, you might be able to ask him to stop the year that you are ready.

Unfortunately I've seen "you give them an inch, they take a mile" and the feelings of entitlement that come along with "giving permission" too many times...