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I wonder if this would work with wild birds. I'm going to give it a try!!
1 day ago
As I read through these comments I wonder if there have been any comparisons of the nutrition in one versus the other. I know there have been lab analysis of pasture hen eggs versus nonpastured and similarly of the meat of each. It does not tell us with a certainty without. So certainly it would be helpful information.
1 day ago
I put chickens on a patch of roses I wanted to get rid of and they have been gradually scratching up and eating the roses. Other than that I cut them with clippers and hubby weed whacked them. Also I scattered rye among them to give the hens another incentive to munch them. I'm noticing the soil is quite sandy where they are growing so it is a challenge to get other things to compete with the roses and grow there.  
5 days ago
Here in Northern Michigan raccoons are  a problem when people feed the "cute animals" Then they stop feeding them and they are not used to getting their food naturally. Then they go to neighboring houses and start to feast on chickens, ducks and cats as well as garden produce. Then we shoot them.  We just finished eating 5 out of 7 my hubby shot.  It took the pressure off and now I' m getting eggs again from the half of the flock that survive the attacks. One time even in broad daylight with my hubby and I both working in the yard!! That is one of the clues that tells me someone was treating these coons like pets and then stopped. Also when we butchered them they were way too fat for this time of year. Anyway the meat is usuable  I found several new recipes. I think the two favorites were in a stir fry and smoked and grilled after soaking in a brine for a day.  And yes, these ripped the fence up like it wasn't even fastened in place and strolled on in yard and henhouse . Shocking!! Now I have the hens in a  pen with heavier wire around them there.
2 weeks ago
If I had it on top of a heat source it would not have to be at a hard boil but yes, a high heat for an hour which serves the purpose of heating all the way through and killing any surface bacteria.  Then turning the heat to very low and simmering a number of hours till tender. I've used this method over and over and it always works. It works well with tough meat. I do this with large roasters in my oven with venison ribs and bones then cool, skim off the fat, remove the bones and can or freeze. With old hens or roosters this method works well. Sometimes I use our woodstove in the fall and just move the pan of meat around as well as making a hotter and then less hot fire. Either way simply start hot, then drop the heat down to simmer till the meat falls off the bones.
2 weeks ago
Several folks posted that they boil the bird ending up with good broth but tough meat.
 To get both you start with water enough to cover the meat cook on a high heat for one hpur. Then lower the heat to a simmer and let it cook till it falls off the bones. I often use my oven but you can do this on top of a heat source. It works with any tough meat. I just did this with some raccoon.
 Also worth noting that older animals have more nutritious meat so It's worth the extra effort to make use of them.
2 weeks ago

Lisa Brunette wrote:Candace, that's a great list. Where are you located? I didn't realize there was a wild sorrel. For the birches and maples, do you tap them for syrup? Other uses?
 Yes we make maple syrup in the way spring here in northern Michigan. This year we were clearing a slice of land south of our usual garden site and cut a couple of yellow birch down. I used some of the inner bark,raspberry leaves and horsetail to make a tasty tea. It's tricky to get the inner bark out but worth the effort.
 Didn't realize some have trouble with day lilies. I got mine from a pioneer homestead which is abandoned. Around here folks back when my grandpa was growing up only had flowers they could eat in their yards. Anyway sounds like the toxin in families must build up in those who eat them. There are some mushrooms that do that but I  avoid them. What people here call beefsteak are in that catagory.
I have sworn off daylilies though after a bad experience:

Yes, I'm including some in my gardens as we. Early spring starts with wild leeks, fiddleheads and violets. Then there are lambsquarters, burdock,wild sorrel,blackberry,raspberry, birch ,maple, chokecherry trees. And edible flowers including dayilies,roses and flox. Bushes include elderberry too. I like to let things grow that appear but have to keep things in balance which is a real task. I'm also trying to learn more about wild plants and their uses.
My thought in supporting,joining the kickstarter is that for the price of a magazine subscription or book I can help something happen at Wheaton labs instead of just reading a few disappointing articles. And this is like having the chance to help Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison refine inventions. How cool is that? And there are gifts given to supporters too.  As far as hearing, spreading the info I heard about Permies on Justin Rhodes great American farm tour. So yes it can work to promote through other folks. And yes fbook is not set up to let people see many posts even if they are subscribed to them. Having many subscribers tells you nothing. But getting Google hits in response to searches is actually more important. It can help to search for your own piece because it boosts that item in the search engine.
3 weeks ago
Yes, I like the addition of the deep well casing because that's a really important design principle!! Great job!!
1 month ago