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Live on 11 acres. Have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, KuneKune Pigs, bees, and an assortment of chickens. My driveway is the boundary between zones 6a and 6b. Annual rainfall at 46 inches.
southern Illinois.
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Hi Eric,

I have one handed down from my grandfather ...who was a barber.   I checked the prices at Lehman’s, they were pretty hefty.   I would check the junk stores.  Of course, don’t buy until you give it a close exam.  To be clear, I seldom use the thing.   I only shave if I have to be presentable for a job.
16 hours ago
Hi CI,

Can you identify the source for the list?  Thanks!
16 hours ago
Pearls post reminds me when one of my friend, Sparks, was arrested for battery.  The police threw him in a dry cell.
1 day ago
Don’t tell me the legal system isn’t biased against men.  How come women don’t have to take DNA tests to prove parentage?!!
1 day ago
I have made an effort to use the exercises, more or less, through the present.  The discomfort continues to reduce.
2 days ago
My wife told me she wanted to drown her problems.  Then she suggested that we buy a swimming pool.
2 days ago
Dad joke punch lines are always a parent.
4 days ago
I have visited numerous homesteads with family members with Downs Syndrome.  Much depends upon the level of functioning.  In all cases they were active, productive members of the homestead.  Yes, they were pecked, knocked down, and bit from time to time. They also learned to get up, brush themselves off, and continue with their work.  Some assisted family members without disabilities.  Others had their own job assignments they carried out with pride.  Organization is important.  Color coding can help.

Years ago I job placed a person with Down’s syndrome on a small Dairy farm.  The old farmer and the younger person were a good match.  The only problem was that the individual with Downs Syndrome had spent his life being told to go to the bathroom to urinate. Of course, no self respecting farmer ever did such a thing.
4 days ago
For low price, I use the term inexpensive.   To me, that implies a low price with no connotations regarding quality. The word value, to me, refers to price as related to quality.  I once bought a car that was an excellent value at $7000 below Blue Book. I sold it several years and 100,000 miles later for about what I paid for it.  Still, it was not cheap or inexpensive.
6 days ago
I am at the age where I know I had a good time in bed if I wake up and the bed is full of crumbs.
1 week ago