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since Sep 04, 2017
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Live on 11 acres. Have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, KuneKune Pigs, bees, and an assortment of chickens. My driveway is the boundary between zones 6a and 6b. Annual rainfall at 46 inches.
southern Illinois.
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Hi Jay,

It amazes me how people often overlook the basics.  Even when I lived off an old logging road, I made certain I has access to a major highway, within a few miles, and access to everything you mention.  I can understand wanting to be more remote.  But the trade offs should not be overlooked. It needs be an informed decision that is carefully thought out.
2 hours ago
I had one of those 2:00 am experiences early this morning.   I realized "The Tiger King" was the most normal part of 2020.
6 hours ago
It's not that I am anti social, I am just pro me.
6 hours ago
Hi paul,

I suspect many of us here live under a certain irony.  We seek a more simple life ..  and we share that life on the internet.

I had, actually have, a job that required a great deal of travel ( I suspect I posted this months ago).  I was working with coworker who I had never met before.  By any means, my coworker told me that his brother, whom he had not seen in 10 years had a lay over at an airport 30 miles away.  He asked if i could take him there ( my coworker had flown in.... i had driven).  We picked the brother up and went to a steakhouse.  The brother worked as executive at a major news network.   I was the designated driver. The brother drank too much and talked too much.   At some point he commented, "all news is entertainment."
16 hours ago
If you are uncertain about charging batteries vs damage to your system. It sounds as if your system is relatively simple. You could disconnect the system from your batteries and then charge them.
18 hours ago
Hi Thomas,

It looked special.  I have been looking for serious grinder as opposed to the junk I have been, what days did you say you would be away for work? ......and how far are you from the southern tip of Illinois?
22 hours ago
Ok Rob,

You convinced me. You are part of the club.  Unfortunately, I am out of apples.  

Oh yes, meetings on Wednesdays at 9.  Pumpkin Spiced Coffee and Ginger Snaps to be served.
22 hours ago
Hi Thomas,

Is that a coffee grinder. If so. Give the back story .....please.
1 day ago
Hi Echo,

I am in the process of adding a waist high outlet in each room.  
1 day ago
I see no harm is adding a battery.
1 day ago