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since Sep 04, 2017
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Live on 11 acres. Have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, KuneKune Pigs, bees, and an assortment of chickens. My driveway is the boundary between zones 6a and 6b. Annual rainfall at 46 inches.
southern Illinois, USA
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Recent posts by John F Dean

Meeting for tomorrow cancelled. We will reset later.
8 hours ago
What lies on its back 100 feet in the air? A centipede.
16 hours ago
Hi Anita,

Welcome to Permies!
20 hours ago
I have had some success with PRI-G.
1 day ago
Hi Nate,

You may be surprised.  I have encountered several large farmers trying to engage in more progressive approaches.  No that does not mean they have turned their backs on big ag, but they do recognize some of the problems we do ..erosion, chemical dangers, cost control, etc.  Besides, they can teach you numerous skills you will need is you try to commercially farm in the future .. equipment repair and maintenance, marketing, etc.
1 day ago
There I was going through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining.....but I finally accepted it was morning and time to get up.
1 day ago
I was talking to a friend today about our favorite fantasy car.  I have always loved Morgan’s, but he surprised me when he said he wanted a Delorean. But as I thought about it as I was driving home, I figured that if I had one, I would probably drive it from time to time.
2 days ago
I have never participated in the following event, but an employee of mine seemed to have set all records in the 300 yard dash and goat carry.   The event begins when you get a phone call from your state cop neighbor that your goat is on top of his squad car dancing.
4 days ago
So, I encountered a really strange sight yesterday.  I stopped by a new neighbor and he was rubbbing himself against his Kabota.  He was embarrassed when he realized I was there, so he explained.  He said he and his wife had not been getting along, so their therapist suggested that he do something sexy to a tractor.
4 days ago
If anyone is interested, I will be signing books at Barnes and Noble in Carbondale Illinois tomorrow until 6:00 PM .....  or until security removes me.
4 days ago