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I began homesteading in the early 1980’s. I presently live on 11 acres. I have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, KuneKune Pigs, bees, and an assortment of chickens. My driveway is the boundary between zones 6a and 6b. Annual rainfall for me is at 46 inches. I don’t consider myself an expert on anything. I am thoroughly enjoying myself in the adventure I created for myself.
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southern Illinois, USA
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Recent posts by John F Dean

Regarding eggs, I can’t count the number of popular restaurants I have seen that stack unrefrigerated cartons of eggs next to the flat top during the breakfast rush.
3 hours ago
It strikes me as a personal choice.  In my painting/ drawing days I disliked easels. Paints tend to run more.  It was, for me, and unnatural drawing position. The easel represented one added piece of clutter.
6 hours ago
Stevia or honey.
17 hours ago
I am tempted.  I have apiece of land that has not been farmed for 25 years. But I doubt if I will move ahead.  I have too many commitments at present.
1 day ago
Has anyone else noticed that their doctors look like they just graduated from the 8th grade?   I mean, shouldn’t an MD at least look like a high school graduate?
2 days ago
Hi Inge,

Thanks for the photo.   It is a product I am not familiar with.  I am going to try o hunt it down.
2 days ago
I had suspected it might be like Apple Butter.  The photo shows something a little more syrup like that the Apple Butter I know.
2 days ago
This is a surprisingly complex question.   I probably shave 2x a week….sometimes more and sometimes less. If it is less, I will hit my face with an electric hair trimmer first.   If the whiskers are on the long side, I will use a safety razor.  If not, I will normally use a Schick Disposable.  I bought a pack of the disposables maybe 2 years ago….I still have some left.
2 days ago
I need some help.  What is Apple syrup?  And, what is spreadable apple syrup as opposed to what other kinds there may be?   I get the feeling I am about to get educated.
2 days ago