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Live on 11 acres. Have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, KuneKune Pigs, bees, and an assortment of chickens. My driveway is the boundary between zones 6a and 6b. Annual rainfall at 46 inches.
southern Illinois.
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If it was me, I would walk away due to the behavior of the seller.  I know nothing about the stove.
6 hours ago
Years ago we adopted a stray cat that we names "Non Stick Cooking Spray".   Well, first we called her "Pam" but it didn't stick.
10 hours ago
Hi Christi,

Realtors are their own trip. Their goal is to sell you a house. Of course, that means any house ...not necessarily remotely the one you want.

I went to multiple realtors.  I told each one exactly what I wanted.  I made it clear that the first house they took me to that didn't match my description would result in me dropping them.  Always go look at houses in your own car ... that way you are not trapped by the realtor. If the realtor insists their car be used ....walk immediately.  Hard core.  

Anyway,  I walked a number of times. But I did get the phone call from the realtor that said,   " I have your house "   ....and she did. She showed us only one house, and it was exactly what we wanted.

There is one very subjective term that you need to clearly clarify....remodel.  it means different things to different people.  You need to state exactly what condition you want the house to be in.
16 hours ago
Hi Mick,

I used to flip houses before it was a thing. Back in the 70s I raised my funds to buy my first homestead that way.  Anyway, yes, if it was a bedroom, you have better have a bed in it.  If you have a desk and not a bed then it is a study and is missing  bedroom.  The issue is not simply choice .... it is informed choice.
16 hours ago
I certainly have no experience with sand like is pictured.  But I have worked on very wet land that may share some characteristics.  Have you considered a platform that would "float" on the sand?  
17 hours ago
This really doesn't fit here, yet I didn't want to start a new thread. Besides, it does fit the mood.

A woman I was working on a project with was having problems with their teenage adopted daughter.  The daughter was from mainland  China and had been abandoned in a small village as an infant.  The daughter wanted to see where she was from.  The family decided to make the trip. In brief, the village as destitute. ....huts, unpaved streets, etc.  The daughter became silent for the rest of the trip.  When they were in their car and driving home from the airport, the daughter spoke, "Mom and Dad, I won the lottery."
18 hours ago
I have held off a couple of days on this post until I was certain. I got confirmation from a neighbor.  A few evenings ago, just before I was heading to bed, the cat pictured above strolled out of our bedroom  with a snake and dropped it on the living room floor in front of me. It was a Cottonmouth .  It was also quite dead.  I checked her over for bites, but she seemed ok. I kept a close watch on her for the next couple of hours, not that I could have done much.

We have had a huge amount of rain,  and I am seeing all sorts of things I have not seen on our property before.  What amazes me us that I searched around the house carefully, I cannot figure out how it got in.
19 hours ago
Hi jay,

Over the winter I fill my raised beds with straw from the stalls. The winter and spring rains help to break it down.  Of course, they are pretty saturated with water by planting time.  I normally sprinkle some well composted soil on top and plant.  Of course, the beds get  little taller each year. That is my version  of a hugel for seniors.
20 hours ago
Hi Joshua,

The site recommends wolf urine for bears.  I have had it work for coyotes.   I have also heard of ammonia working, but I have never used it.
20 hours ago