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Recent posts by Mike Turner

We called our farm “Bright Lake Farm” because, at the head of our long driveway in the late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky, you can see the bright reflection of the sun shining off the surface of the lake on the farm blazing through the dark forest.
3 weeks ago
I needed to prune some branches 30 feet from the ground, so I cut a pole from one of my bamboo groves, drilled 2 mounting holes in the bamboo, then removed the saw blade from my 12 foot pole pruner and used 2 bolts and nuts to mount it on the bamboo pole.  Works great.  Since the saw blade was so far away and a bit difficult to see when manipulating it from the other end of the bamboo pole, I deliberately used overly long bolts when mounting the saw so could easily spot the bolts sticking out to know how the saw was oriented when making the cut.
1 month ago
Due to predicted lows of 22 degrees F, I harvested all of my Yuzu crop and most of my citrumelo crop (left some fruit deep in the tree’s interior to be picked later).  Result; two wheelbarrow loads of citrumelos and a bucket each of Yuzu and citranges.  Used one of those long handled cut and hold pruners to pick the fruit, making harvesting fruit from the thorny tree a much less painful process than if I tried to hand pick the fruit.
1 month ago
Meyer lemon and ishang lemon are more tolerant of cold than true lemons.
1 month ago
I won’t have any seed until I start harvesting the crop later this month.  The citrumelo cultivar is Dunston.  I have 2 foot high, 1 year old citrumelo and Yuzu seedlings, but I’m not set up for shipping plants.
2 months ago
Yuzu tree in photo above, citrumelo tree in photo below.
2 months ago
Citrumelo and Yuzu crops are coloring up nicely and will be harvested before the first severe frost.  Citrumelo tastes like a tart, early season Grapefruit and makes a refreshing  “lemonade “ that tastes like a cross between grapefruit juice and lemonade. Yuzu is used as a lemon in cooking and is great on fish.
2 months ago
My sheep will eat the immature fruit whenever it grows out into their pasture and will sometimes eat the leaves if we have a summer drought and the grass in the pasture isn’t growing.
Seminole is the best climbing squash I have ever grown.   Here in upstate SC it will run 50 feet in all directions from the planting site (including up, if a tree is nearby) during my growing season and is not bothered by the borers and other pests that make maxima squash impossible to grow here.  In its native southern FL it can continue growing for years and cover acres of land if left to its own devices.

Hester Winterbourne wrote:

Joshua Myrvaagnes wrote:

what's the name of that giant plant that burns you severely if you even touch it, and grows about 10-15 feet tall? it's up in Canada?  that's a good one to know about.  It looks a little like Queen Anne's Lace, but it's bigger.

That'll be Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum.  Many members of that family are poisonous or hazardous, and some people who are more sensitive than others will get a skin reaction even from common hogweed, but Giant is the really nasty one.  It's an offence to cause it to grow in the wild here.

The skin reaction caused by contact with the leaves and stems of giant hogweed, parsnips, and some other members of the carrot family is caused by phytophotosensitivety where the plant sap you get on your skin after contact with the plant reacts with sunlight to cause an extreme sunburn-like rash to the skin.  When I have to work with these plants, I do all of my work just before dusk when the sun is low in the sky and be sure to wash my skin before getting out in the sun on the next day.
3 months ago