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I don't have any specific advice for your specific issues.  Our bodies are all so different and react in unusual ways to different toxins and stressors.

For your back, I highly recommend yoga, deep stretching, and calisthenics.  On the calisthenics side you need to make sure you are working the core front and back.  Most of the time what hurts isn't the problem, it is the body compensating for the injured body part.  My lower back kills me but it's actually my hip flexors that caused it.  It takes a while to get everything stretched out.  Now, I can usually feel that my back is wanting to go out so I drop and start stretching.    I would have poo-pooed yoga but it helped me get my back under control.  Yoga by Adrianne on Youtube has some good 30-day courses that are free.  I was shocked at how much-controlled breathing makes you more aware of what is going on with your body, reduces stress and keeps you centered.  It really works.

Regards, Scott
4 months ago
This is a new/great video on managing Black locust.  

I always enjoy Edible Acres vids.

5 months ago

Jan White wrote:

Scott Foster wrote:two of the flowers have dead bumbles on them.  Frost I think but very strange.  I though Bumbles nested at night?

They'll often hang out on flowers overnight so they have a food source first thing in the morning. Are you sure they're dead? Might just be waiting for the sun to warm them up enough to get going.

Jan, I actually touched this guy.  He is dead for a sure.  One other I touched actually moved.  I think it was a gentle frost that did him/her in.
5 months ago
I've grown accustomed to my morning routine.  Coffee, dogs out and standing by the Mexican sunflowers loaded with Bumbles and Monarchs.  This A.M. 11/13/2019 I noticed that there is no activity and two of the flowers have dead bumbles on them.  Frost I think but very strange.  I though Bumbles nested at night?

5 months ago

Amy Arnett wrote:Whenever I see this grasshopper, it cracks me up. Look at it's stupid face! I feel like it needs a monocle.

So cool.  I love Japan!
5 months ago
Thanks, guys.  I know that is a common flower.  I've heard it often enough just never planted them.  

Thanks, again.

Regards, Scott
5 months ago
I have a habit of purchasing too many seeds.  By the end of fall or spring, I just start broadcasting wherever.  

I know I planted this flower but I have no idea what it is.   This picture has no filter and was not doctored.  In the sun it literally glows.  If I can figure out what it is I will plant it again.  

Anyone know what it is?
5 months ago
I have a bunch of willows that are in a sea of grass and they have been a serious headache.  The trees are caged but the deer eat everything they can reach which has kept these babies from really growing.  I plan on making a more extensive fencing system around them in late fall.  I see that one of them has been defoliated (none of the others appear to be infected.)  There is some kind of worm sack all over the tree but I don't think they are tent caterpillars.  I started squishing all of them and then I saw this guy.  Hmm., never seen an assassin bug on my plot.  Permaculture at work.  You may not be able to tell from the picture but the bug has a caterpillar sucking out the innards.  I left a couple of pods for him to snack on.  

5 months ago

Tereza Okava wrote:I'm a fiber nut and all i can say is WHOA NELLY.
Beautiful stuff, gorgeous wood. Very, very nice. Prices seem reasonable, everything I clicked on worked (and thank you for not blocking me for being outside the US, which is getting more and more frequent lately).

Putting my editor hat on, there were a few things that catch the attention of a pedant:

Zinc-alloy casting
Military clutch back fastener  

I didn't see another thing. Like your backstory page as well. And hello Lafayette!! I graduated from HS a wee bit over in Blairstown, many many many years ago.

Thanks Thereza!  Wow Blairstown is close.  I'm a transplant so just passing through.

Mike Jay wrote:Hi Scott, nice website and beautiful products!  I'm knot a knitter so I don't have any product suggestions.  

Regarding the website, I'm not sure if this is a common thought, but I don't like sites that require a bunch of scrolling to figure out what they are doing or selling.  Maybe it's a compromise to work with mobile views or the kids these days...  

For me, the top of the page is good, the initial ram head picture is pretty but kind of big.  All the photography is awesome by the way.

If I were redesigning it from scratch (you're not and I'm not a web developer), I'd:
Keep the top line as is and add a spot for "See all Maker37 products".  That could take you to the same place as when you hit the Shop button on the ram picture.
Then the only other thing on the page would be an origin story or what the company is all about.  At the bottom could be the contact us, we're hiring, wanna sell stuff through us, etc buttons.
So when you land on the site, everything is on your monitor.  One click to shop for everything or use the drop downs to get to a specific item faster.  

Just my two cents.  Good luck!

Great Feedback Mike.  I will consider all of your suggestions.  Thanks, Scott