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Mother of boys on the autism spectrum and a daughter who isn't. Interested in natural living, permaculture, music, history, books, and all kinds of other things.
Wisconsin, Zone 4b
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Recent posts by Molly Kay

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:

One evening of guitar playing-and-singing to impress your friends at a gathering around your fire. (An indoor salon would have worked in the past, nixed by F*nCV.)

Transform it to a private virtual concert via Zoom, Skype, or whatever.

12 hours ago

Erick Miller wrote:

Molly Kay wrote:
Micro-documentary. Hope that helps.

Didn’t even think about documentary ...
With computer,government,technical, and engineering I’ve only ever seen doc used for document or documentation and ofc Doc as in “What’s up Doc?(Dr.)”

Doc for Documentary I’m sure is correct ...
especially for people that film or work in those industries.
However most technical type industries Doc/*.doc is documentation/document

I'm a writer. I mainly consider a "doc" to be a Word document. I understand why your mind went that way.
1 month ago

Erick Miller wrote:Call me “whatever” (anal/a%$hole) but microDOC ...signifies to me micro document.... Not a video ...a video is less than ideal for my usages and was looking forward to reading material.

Maybe I’m missing something or overlooked something but truth in naming/advertising or whatever is a positive attribute...
Maybe it’s just a minor error or naming habit that developed ... that doesn’t serve well for this offering

Regardless hope this helps and thanks!

Have a good day.

Micro-documentary. Hope that helps.
1 month ago

Richard Kastanie wrote:I've been paying attention to Sweden since the beginning, they didn't lock down, although they did ban large gatherings and shut down Universities for a bit...

I have as well. Sweden has an advantage on this issue: a population who are all or mostly willing to follow the recommendations. There hasn't been a lot of news about large gatherings without social distancing in Stockholm turning into super-spreader events. There haven't been protests about it. They just do what is recommended and get on with things, they trusted the professionals and their government. That's why they were able to avoid a total shutdown, and keep their healthcare system from getting overwhelmed. Maybe Sweden's government is more trustworthy than ours. Maybe the smaller population makes a difference. Maybe it's not an election year for them. Whatever the reason, the Swedes managed to pull together, and it's helped their entire country deal with this pandemic better than most countries have.
What bothers me the most about this incident you had, Paul, is that unless I missed it neither the nurse nor the doctor asked why you didn't want to use the sanitizer. Your doctor should be a partner in health, not a dictator. They should have asked if you had a reason. Sounds like instead they wrote you off as just someone being difficult because they could be difficult, which is a stupid way to interact with people. In addition to losing a patient, they also lost the chance to get to know a really interesting person who has knowledge and ideas that they haven't come across before. People can be so judgy!

I know masks have been mentioned. I wear them when I'm out of the house (not in the yard or to the mailbox, but in public). I wear them because I don't know who is immuno-compromised and can't wear a mask but has no one else to do their grocery shopping for them so they are forced to go out in public where the germs are. I wear them because I care about people in general. It's not comfortable, but it's a small thing I can do to help protect others. This pandemic is not going away any time soon. And if more people would take it seriously, we could maybe get it over with a tiny bit sooner. As it is, we're probably looking at another year at least.

By the way, to whoever asked about Fauci mentioning immune-building. Yes, he mentioned taking vitamins in an interview. Vitamin D in particular, and I believe vitamin C as well. I believe he also covered exercise and not stuffing yourself full of junk food, but I could be wrong about that being in that particular interview.
I don't know Vermont at all, but wanted to wish you good luck with your search. The right handful of acres is out there, and you will find it.
2 months ago
Welcome, Leigh! The book looks great. Excellent cover!
2 months ago

Camilla Fitzgerald wrote:I recently heard a report on Public Radio here in the States about a very popular trend on Instagram called Cottage Core. It's for all things nostalgic about county life. That would be a good place to advertise and perhaps sent people to your Etsy page. Your calendar is very nice.

I saw something about that online recently. I don't remember if tags are used on Etsy, but if they are then #CottageCore would be a great one to use for this calendar!
2 months ago
Do you follow any bloggers who might be interested in one? Maybe someone with goats, sheep, or chickens? If they like it they could feature it on their blog (easy content for a tough week when they don't feel like typing a long post), and let people know where they can buy one for themselves. Just an idea.
2 months ago