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Recent posts by Penny McLoughlin

That's their daytime shelter.

I keep them in a more secure location at night for predator protection so yes I milk in the AM and walk them out to their pasture of the day and then they stay there until it starts getting dark.
I'm doing rotating grazing pastures with my goats with electronet fencing and found that a simple and easy to move shelter is a cattle panel bent into a half circle and held in place with some hay string and a couple of carabiners.  Tie a tarp over the top - more hay string woven through the gromets on the tarp - and leave it long enough on one side to reach the ground and be able to place a log or couple of rocks on it to hold it in place.

Just unclip the carabiners and throw the strings and the long side of the tarp on top and it springs back into a flat panel that I can pretty easily drag into the next pasture where I bend and reclip it.

It is sturdy enough to shelter the goats from wind and rain but light enough to move around.


1 head of cabbage chopped and core removed
2 Tbl redmonds salt

Sprinkle salt over chopped cabbage and then squish the cabbage until there is enough juice to cover the cabbage packed into a jar.

Let sit covered at room temp for 3 days and then refrigerate.
Washing dishes - take two.

Here's more dishes and a picture of the soap I used.

One problem with using so little water is that it cools off too much by the time I get to the end of the dishes. Normally, I would dump the water and start again with fresh hot water to finish the dishes.

Any suggestions on this? I had the water about as hot as I could stand it to start with. Although normally I also wouldn't have so many dishes before I would wash them so maybe I would finish before it cooled off so much.
1 month ago
How about a pouch?  Smallish external pocket thingy to hang on your belt.
1 month ago
Hmm, I don't consider them cultivated I guess. I don't do anything for them like water them or such.

They are at the very edge of my managed space/yard but I think they were there before I threw down the wood chips and just grew through it?

Your call. I have some more growing under some trees but these were closer to the house so I grabbed them instead.
1 month ago
We used a single line of electric wire inside a hog wire fence for several years when we would raise weaner pigs to market weight. It worked great to keep them from rooting they're way out from under the hog wire.

Took them 3-4 days to figure out to stay off the sides of the pen but then we could leave the gait to the pen open with no problems.

About 4 inches off the ground and 3 inches off the fence.

We're hoping to do rotational grazing  in the forest with them too now that we have more land and I'm planning on keeping the wire about at nose height as they grow but training them in a solid hog wire pen with an electric line at the bottom just like before. Just going to use a nylon electric line since I think that will be easier for them to see. Maybe even a ribbon.
1 month ago