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Recent posts by greg mosser

as far as i know, all true hemerocallis daylillies are edible, but in my experience, many of the ones that aren’t the standard ‘wild’ orange one are less palatable as raw flowers. less noticeable when it’s cooked (stir fried, etc) flowerbuds.
9 hours ago
i think if you’ve got a tree annually shedding leaves and exuding from the living roots, it’s automatically pretty persistent. or continuous, anyway.

that said, there are more and less sensitive plants. while roots extend beyond the dripline, i’ve got doubts that juglone travels all that much, loose in the soil...but then i think juglone sensitivity gets overstated a lot. i suspect if the plantings nearer to the walnut are relatively resistant, you won’t notice much ill effect if any.
3 days ago
our main press is screw press, and i find it a little hard to refer to size with it, like you can with a hydraulic press. decent size? we get a bit more than a gallon of hickory oil per hour when running - but there’s a lot of work on the nuts to get them to that point.

i saw your pm, i can talk shop more there.
4 days ago
FOR SALE: Delicious culinary oils made from wild-foraged nuts in the southern appalachian mountains

Hickory Oil: a tasty oil made from the closest relative of the pecan. Good for cooking, light sautéing, and lots of other uses you might use olive oil for. It’s the olive oil of our region! $10 for 5oz, $17 for 10oz. bulk rates possible!
Black Walnut Oil: a rich, aromatic oil made from our native walnut. The smoke point of this oil is too low for most cooking applications, but it’s amazing in dressings, or drizzled over both sweet and savory foods. $18 for 5oz.

These oils are produced at a small facility that processes foraged nuts into food products. I could go on at length about things that excite me about what we’ve got going on, but i’ll limit it to this for now: nut oils are the ultimate in deep-rooted carbon-sequestering regeneratively-sustainable oil production in our region, the olives of north america. also nice as skin oil!

purple mooseage me to order. i can take paypal, checks, or cash. will charge for shipping.

thanks for checking this out!
5 days ago
i’m growing what was sold as tibetan gentian, (G. tibetica). i’ve hesitant to put them in the ground because we have such a severe vole infestation, and roots of all kinds are in danger here...does the bitterness deter rodents?
5 days ago
there are etsy stores that sell antiques and ‘collectibles’, so there’s got to be some option there. i know when setting up a listing, you can choose ‘i made this’...presumably there’s some other option that is still allowed?

etsy is the only one of the places you listed that i’ve got a lot of experience with, and is pretty nice in a few ways. i assume since there aren’t as many upfront costs that they take a larger cut when you do sell...but that’s just an assumption.

the other thing is, will people be searching for your kind of items on etsy, or would they be more likely to look somewhere else for them?
5 days ago
maybe it’s my years of botany classes, but the flowerbuds look very different to me, shapewise.
6 days ago
it shouldn’t be too hard to tell when it’s blooming. just do a google image search for the difference.
6 days ago