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Recent posts by John C Daley

 do not understand how people can have an emergency, such they need to use a clothes drier rather than hang them outside.
I am aware of some communities which have banned clothes lines, but that is iIMO a narrow and conceited view of the world.
12 hours ago
Have you considered installing a large tank in a basement, or a walled in barn with a heater.
Biggest problem I understand is the pipework and preventing it from freezing generally.
3 days ago
A great site detailing
An animal feed resources information system
4 days ago
This image is from S Benji and shows a good set up.
- floating outlet
- inlet pipe to reduce disturbance of silt on the base of the tank
4 days ago
S Benji, that image is a great representation of a system.
Aaron, That roof structure attached to the tank is clever.
4 days ago
This sounds like a great workshop, Costa Rica is a bit far for me at the moment
4 days ago
I have followed up the issue of forest burning without creating a disaster.
They set a fire in a spiral manner so it can only grow as far as the spaCE TO THE NEXT Spiral, and not getting too hot.
I have to learn about the final ring and how that is controlled, maybe because the fire is small it can be extinguished.
From; cool burns
‘Cool fire’ can be used to promote a particular type of growth through frequent burning, for example clears undergrowth, promoting diversity in plants, good for better access for people and animals, looks after large established trees, promotes grass and new growth, which attracts animals.
Plants that grow after mild fire tend to include more species than before fire. But the practices for using fire in this way are nuanced and complex, and require a detailed knowledge of the land.
Burning frequency varies, depending the plant community – whether it’s grass, shrub, forest, and what type of forest – some monthly, some yearly, some every 10-15 years.
6 days ago
id you search the site, one is discussed just below your entry on this same forum.
1 week ago
I build a Dalrac Mudbrick Press in Australia which makes 10 x 12 x 4 inch Compressed Earth Blocks [CEB]
There is somebody on this site in USA that has made them.
1 week ago