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I have solar hot water at my off grid house for 40 years.
It is a flat plate collector, not a tube one.
It sits on a frame close to the ground and thermosyphons to a special tank in the ceiling.
The difference between the efficiency oif the types of collectors is negligible.
And flat plates do not get damaged as easily as tube collectors.

I would install any old heater that does not work, and then sort out the solar system as soon as the permit is dealt with.
This is a company that may be able to help you in New Mexico
New Mex. solar hot water

Solar hot water
15 hours ago
Has the land been burnt? There seems a lot of dead trunks.
How big and what are your plans.
1 day ago
I could not find an English sub title.
But I understand what is being said. I work in the area of water catchment as a Civil Engineer.

A series of small embankments running up the stream will capture water and allow it to soak into the ground, much the way it did before mankind 'tidied'
all the rivers and streams up.
Banks need to be protected from over flowing, thats why the spillway is set lower than the dam top and taken away from the earthworks.
It is often lined with stones etc.
The banks need to be wide to ensure collapse does not occur.

Your question about compaction etc needs expanding please?
2 days ago
Dan, I always read what I write before I submit it.
It helps a lot.

I work with water catchment in dry areas. I suggest you study the subject and you will be surprised.

What area of land, what volume of water and how big a food forest are you looking at?

There are many tricks to capturing and holding water.
Firstly I believe your plan is flawed. Holding water in a pond for 9 months is wasteful. Evaporation and ground leakage will takes most of it.
Tanks are the best practical method of holding captured water today.

The cistern method, and moving it uphill is a great concept. To drain back to a food forest the water does not have to be elevated a great height, provided you have good sized supply lines from the storage tank.
A small pump working many hours will shift a lot of water.

As for reducing consumption mulch, pebble mulching and water holding organic matter in the soil work well.
2 days ago
Is there a water course any water can be sent down?
The Dutch pumped ground water away with windmills, it is possible at the property?

If you do the research you will find a number of trees that will transpire water, but it takes years.
What area of land and what volume of water are we looking at?

In the early days drains were created in low lying areas by pulling 'moles' through the ground and discharging them to drains built for the purpose.

A combination of these idaes will work, but they have a cost to complete.
2 days ago
I think the concept is interesting and worth investigation.
Remember in the past it was assumed the sun rotated around earth  until someone challenged that idea.
Plenty of caravans and builders offices are made from aluminium.
I am looking forward to seeing your ideas.
Perhaps I can add some.
- Walls in modules, full height , 1/2 height.
- not too many options to start with
- can you line up a window supplier who can have windows that just bolt in?
2 days ago
So that debri does not fill and dam or pond you create, having it off stream is an important issue to think about.
4 days ago
Is any action being taken to reduce the silting by the Forest company?
Animls under the house are not a problem to me.
1 week ago
Paul, the only way to fix your drive is to rip it up,turn it over, regrade and then put a roller over it.
Any hole you have now will simply reform again if you keep filling them.
Also, somehow enforce a speed limit .
I have tried on mine and failed.
Speeding vehicles will trash a driveway.

Best equipment a grader and multi tyred roller.
If you put gravel over it then, the best tool may be a box grader.
Watch box grader
1 week ago
If you are filling holes, have you seen recycled concrete.
Its crush concrete about 5/8 inch sized with fines. It sets a bit as well.
1 week ago