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bruce Fine

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since May 15, 2016
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Recent posts by bruce Fine

each brand has its own quirks I think
if your not including stuff at harbor freight , for general purpose cordless power tools ryobi is a good brand if for no other reason they have used the same battery design for a long long time. whereas other brands, dewalt, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Bosch have all gone through battery design changes through the years and new batteries dont fit the older tools.
for yard and gardening and lawn mowing cordless electric power tools seems there are new and changing options almost continuously.
2 weeks ago
if you can grow lots of surplus crops. you too can be cashing in on inflation and making your share of the pie larger and feathering your nest egg.
2 weeks ago
some studies have shown that water passing through real copper pipes has an antibacterial effect on the water.
your photos show lots of real copper pipes.
2 weeks ago
im sure there are people open this site that would lover to have some more seeds. maybe post in the classified section or whatever its called here
3 weeks ago
I always wanted to try rototilling wet cardboard
3 weeks ago
I would think buried hardware cloth is good for at least 20 years as long as it doesn't come in contact with corrosives like salt water because it is galvanized. hardware cloth is thicker construction than most chicken wire fence. good stuff
3 weeks ago
is anyone planning on attending the homesteaders of America conference in front royal Virginia ?
at this point I guess the only way to get tickets is to join as a member, maybe not, I'm not sure. does anyone know?
1 month ago
I think that one of the coolest pallet buildings ever
well I guess the one you can make last the longest maybe.  if you use apple product might want to make it last as long as possible because Foxconn in china, apples major manufacturer and assembler has shut down indefinitely because of drought, lack of water and empty rivers .seems that  global heat waves and drought  have effects no one could have envisioned..
1 month ago
dissolve 1 cup of salt in hot water,  combine with 1 gallon white vinegar, add a tablespoon of dish soap like dawn.
mix it up and you can put it in a sprayer and spray it on your weeds
1 month ago