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wusthof, worth every penny they cost
49 minutes ago
you might be able to drag them with a vehicle, wrap tows straps or cargo binding straps or chain around bale and pull with truck. just a thought about the matter
5 hours ago
Laurence Tribe, To end a presidency, The power of impeachment

Bob Flowerdew, simple green pest and disease control

Joachim Peterson, Beekeeping
15 hours ago
ill send you some clippings, I'm assuming by dipping them in root hormone they will take, both the chestnuts and walnuts are still dormant. I could also send some peach and pie cherry clippings, I have red haven and crest haven peaches, not sure which is which.
pm me with address
16 hours ago
back in the days of film I was member of both ASMP and NPPA and had two agents that dealt with stock photos and assignments, Agency France Press and silver image, never made too much money off stock photos, paydays are from assignments and things like events usually an assignment say for example gymnastics national championships, you get paid for travel, time, and then get a space rate based on what is published and where. or an editor will negotiate a flat rate for a job but you'll get your images sent back to agency to be kept on file for stock requests. or just going to events and shopping around for buyers, for example I remember one year going to Daytona Bike week and cashing in big time selling covers and a couple double trucks to easy rider and Lady Biker Magazines, big magazines like National Geographic, Newsweek, business week, time and the like also pay well. Ive had pictures published all over the world and won a bunch of awards, but I'm still a near nobody in the world of photography. There are a million people who want the one job. Of course today nearly everybody in the world has a camera with them at all times. there are billions of pictures on the internet. If your pictures stand out and have great or unique subject matter someone might have a use for them and you might be able to make some money from them if you deal with a trustworthy agent. Still today some of the top magazine photographers in the world still use fujichrome from what I understand.
good luck to any of you who want to put you pictures up for stock
to clear clogged drains ive used nylon zip tie or tie strap or whatever you call it take a sharp knife to the edge creating row of burrs along the outside edges, you dont have to cut very far to make burr. the long ones that are like 7/16" wide used to seal ac/heating ducts work great in shower drains and sink drains alike. snake it into the drain and pull it out, all the hair and goo that was clogging drain will get pulled out on the burrs, sometimes it takes several trips  in the drain to get all the yuck out, works every time I've tried it
19 hours ago
organic does not mean heirloom or open pollinated , but why not try it and see what comes out of it
while going through this spring like weather in what should be the middle of winter makes me think of how global warming is going to wreak havoc on fruit trees
2 days ago
what kind of radiator is it, a car radiator or big cast iron one from a house?
2 days ago
any interest in black walnuts or chestnuts
I would love to have some figs
2 days ago