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I gotta say thought. its far superior to well water in my previous Florida house. that water was poisonous and so much salt in it faucets would last at the most 2 years and the sulphur was really nasty.
its nice just to have fresh water after living with that
16 hours ago
I really like what Naples water filter has put together, I'm not so sur they are in business anymore. they don't respond and don't answer phone. it seems they worked on a model as culligan does with water softeners you pay by the month and they service unit on a regular basis.
I'm not sure what's in the water. right now its clear but once the rains start it gets muddy. I know there is way too much calcium in it. when I use it in stainless  tea pot in month or two there is considerable calcium build up in pot and I have to soak build up with vinegar at least twice before its clean.
I remember one time after heavy rains for a week there was so much clay in it there was 1/8" build up in bath tub in just running water till the hot water came out. that only happened once. but much of year its cloudy or brown.
water is used for everything but drinking cold right now.
I suspect that there is bacteria in it that has caused me problems so I no longer drink it unless boiled first.
I need to have it tested but not by county or state. don't want it on record if it comes up contaminated.
my neighbor next to me about 3000' away had 180' well drilled and they pay about $1000 year for filtration not sure what's in it but its not drinkable without elaborate filtration.
across the street they had well drilled, not sure how deep, and they have a natural artesian that flows by itself, with excellent water that needs no filtration or softening.
my first plan of action is to get a sample to a lab and find out what's in it now that I'm motivated to get it figured out.
16 hours ago
I spent years looking at properties and land  a very good way to find out what is available using search criteria within the site
16 hours ago
might be able to get the muck out with some sort of muck pump, diaphragm pumps are pretty good at moving muck. we used to have a fish farm, totally different scenario than what you have and when muck build up was too great we would drain the ponds and use a big old cat bulldozer to push the muck out. with such a scenario not available to you a 4" to 6" pump with weighted inlet hose might just do the trick.
there may be some organic solutions like an organism that will eat the muck or depending on composition aeration might be of some help.
17 hours ago
. I have seen a mouse climbing out of the vent of the oven before.

might be a good idea to adopt some cats.

im faced with prospect of replacing aging stove also.
don't know which way to go with it. I don't the new electronic ones very much at all and I wants the stud burners on top that won't break as I fill pots real full often and use cast iron just about daily. its either go with a propane unit or scour the places that sell appliances for one that has old fashioned knobs that turn without without sheet printed circuits and switches.
neighbor went with new propane from amazon that was less than $500 delivered ands its dang near restaurant commercial quality.
3 days ago
I often ask why is  United States one of the only industrialized countries on earth that does not have modern state of the art high speed rail.
my well water is less than perfect and have been exploring water filter choices. there are so many options I'm suffering from information overload. I don't like the necessary evil of plastic, so one thing that is important to me is getting a filter housing that is stainless steel. the next thing is just what filter cartridges that are organic as well as efficient and long lasting. many housings that I see advertised are not for a universal filter design but are specific to a brand design. best would be a universal filter design. it would probably be best to have at least 2 filter housings. the first with spun cotton or paper filter to get out the solids the next an anti bacterial or carbon block design to polish the water. ive had nothing but bad expensive experiences with under counter RO units and since there is no salt in the water its not necessary for the water in my well.
I only want to do this once and don't have money to waste.
3 days ago
to anyone interested I have piles of rough cut cedar for building chests.
not to be a downer but looking at reality, I think fracking has completely changed the timetable of when fossil fuel oil and gas will run out. and with current political positions on fracking at least here in United States oil production has created great surpluses for the time being. unfortunately I think before all this oil and gas is burned up humans will be severely negatively effected by the changes in atmospheric conditions created by burning all this stuff. the planet will survive, the living things upon it might not.
I asked a global  expert on transportation industry how long it will be before electric vehicles will take over as the main source of transportation and his opinion was that it will probably won't happen till a few billion people has perished from the effects of climate change
because of money power and political influences having control of what is made available to the masses.