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Recent posts by bruce Fine

that looks bad. but the leaves popping out of branches still look very good. if it were me I would just let it do what its going top do this year and if the tree survives which it very likely might in the spring when when flowers pop out that is the time to prune it.
I have some trees with very ugly scars but they keep on growing.
2 days ago
so at a rough guestimate, you had eight times the number of plants in a given area, which each gave you a quarter of the corn you would normally get.

Seems like you actually got twice as much in total!

no. the yield was very poor. but most of all those ears of corn were not salable at any of the farmers markets I attended and we ate much of the corn each ear was maybe one tenth of what it should have been because there were less rows of kernels around the cob.

corn needs its space to reach its maximum potential but I believe planting beans to climb the stalks and squash in between rows would not stunt the corn growth as the three types of plants help one another
2 days ago
colorado potato beetle. bad pest. can wipe out potatoes , eggplant and other crops in very short time
but there is an organic solution called Novodor. but it works best on immature beetles.
pick them off by hand and sticky boards are a couple other ways to get the bettle population down
3 days ago
if your corn grows to maturity you will learn what I did in my first year ever of growing corn. I planted the seeds much too close, like a few inches apart. the corn grew and produced ears of corn that were severely stunted. the corn cobs were just a few inches long but because the variety I planted was a quality SE variety the taste was very good but the ears would have been 10-12" long instead of the 3-4" cobs I got if I had  planted the seed 10" apart in rows that are 2.5 feet apart
6 days ago
tell me about this if you might know. its certified for organic gardening from some things ive read
1 week ago
tell us more. where are you, do you have skills if so in what. do you want to build your own shelter?
I control them by keeping grass mowed and picking them off the the dog and the cats that will let me. ive had my hospital bout from a larval tick and I no longer go wandering through tall grass or bushes and after bush hogging or mowing or other activities that put me in places where ticks may be I take bath and put cloths right in washer. these few simple things have kept me tick free since that year lost from a tick bite.
1 week ago
just thought I'd chime in here.
interesting day today.
I had to go into the nearest city to me which has a population of probably about 40,000. it's about 30 mile drive for me. I figured while I was in town I would get lunch at the most popular Chinese restaurant there. sitting in the booth chewing on broccoli I overheard this conversation among a couple life long residents. they were talking about trying to buy land in my neighborhood. the prices have skyrocketed and there is much more demand than there is availability. I believe this is all very common these days in this part of the country, southern Appalachia, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. western North Carolina has is own growth problems since investors have bought up huge tracts of land and built roads and divided it into 5 and 10 acre "rural" gated subdivision parcels sold off to people that can afford to have a second home and now many of those who had been there for generations can no longer afford to live there.
keep looking there will always be people selling gram's old place in the woods
1 week ago
since the questio9n is about how much its worth seems the goal is to maximize profit. try to find a local person with a sawmill of some sort and cut it down and transport it to sawmill yourself if you can. be prepared by having a plan to sticker, stack and cover cut slabs of lumber with good ventilation. you probably cant go wrong with 2"  8/4 in sawmill speak or even 10/4 which would be 2 1/2".  for maximum profit advertise on woodworking and gunsmith web sites to sell directly to the end users
1 week ago
there are a couple major projects replanting chestnut trees in the former native habitat in eastern United States . the American chestnut foundation and the  chestnut growers of America
are two organizations. there are two basic approaches taken to restore American chestnut trees, one is genetic modification and the other is a blight resistant cross breeding.
I have both Chinese chestnuts and dustan chestnut trees growing in East Tennessee and just this year after planting 8 and 10 years ago they are finally beginning to look like something and will hopefully produce a good crop in the next few years. I grow them naturally in a fairly wild habitat with a lot of pressure and loss from deer mostly. I just started mowing between the trees last year. some of the treasure still only a couple feet tall but there are probably a couple hundred that are at least 8-12' tall. I left some space for some American chestnut trees if I can find any seedlings at a low enough cost to afford or if I can find good nuts to grow in the future.
2 weeks ago