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I've been dumping leaves in what I guess you could call a hole, its a depression about 10'x10' that's a few feet deep, and I layered in a bunch of branches a few years ago and now there are a bunch of bulbs spreading in there and blackberry brambles. and this is an area that the soil is heavy red clay. as the leaves and twigs break down it creates thick layers of dark colored soil that is very fertile
5 hours ago
I think its a good idea to give people a second chance. mike you sure have a whole bunch of pep badges which means you have a whole lot of experience in many vast areas and vocations.
to some people affirmation means a lot.  to other affirmation is everything and existence without it seems pointless. and to others affirmation has little to no meaning as they plow though life. it can compel some to further heights in life to strive for more and varied experiences. its a good thing all around. and as a fund raiser the fees after two freebees sounds like a very fair way to help fund the site.
just my $0.02 from an old phart
6 hours ago
those projects I guess want you to wait till spring
1 week ago
wow, bill spelled things out in a manner that seems like a pretty realistic way to approach building a community.
2 weeks ago
goats, wish I had a few
2 weeks ago
I know a little bit about this. my property is quite hilly  and much of it sloped at steep angle and thinking and talking about harvesting wood out of forest is much more difficult to actually do. I use a farm tractor to drag logs out and its still a whole lot of work.
3 weeks ago
once you get the pile to heat up I'm not so sure it makes much difference.. I remember one snowy winter day, my dad who was neck deep in a commercial composting operation had made a mountain of lawn clippings, newspaper, chicken manure and this stuff called Colefax seed. and the pile turned into a giant inferno of flame it got so hot. fire dept could not put it out and it burned up a giant earth moving machine they tried to break up the pile with. long story short, stuff grew really well in that compost once it was done cooking and spread out.
3 weeks ago
I don't know why I'm assuming  your in the northeast but places like this might be found outside lots of big cities. There used to be a whole bunch of used tool stores outside Boston, on mass ave I think  from about newton west, don't know those places still survive today, they were not pawn shops but used tool stores that had all kinds of old tools for very reasonable prices.
online there's always places like Garrett wade, rockler woodworking, northern tools, and there is always eBay and Etsy and craigslist
3 weeks ago