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Mike Haasl

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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

I'm thinking they all count as the Sand level "Install a light switch" BB.  There's always variation with wiring and the idea at Sand is to generally do the "replacement in kind" type activities.  Upgrading to a dimmer or smarter switch is a bit trickier but I'm guessing it would still just be 0.5 points.

But luckily, for the Straw badge you get credit for duplicates at other levels.  So if you do 10 switches, you'd get .5 points for Sand and 9.5 points for Straw.
20 minutes ago
Wow, Thanks Sharol!  It's clear as water and makes total sense.  I may let my black pepper consumption drop a bit now :)  I just throw a healthy dash of ground turmeric, black pepper, salt and chipotle on my eggs in the morning.  
1 hour ago

Terry Byrne wrote:
When I clicked on the word "local" in Paul's 11 year ago posting, which I have put in bold here, it took me to a thread named,

"local vs. organic"

There are some automatic links for particular words and sometimes they don't jive with the context.  A fun one to click on is the link for the word alot.
1 hour ago
I had heard that turmeric doesn't "work" if you don't eat black pepper along with it.  Is there anything to that?
1 hour ago
I'd like to submit this for Electrical Oddball points:

I was putting tongue and groove boards up in the basement and found a spot where a wire was run under the floor joists instead of through them (it's the white romex one).  It ran from an outlet in a finished wall to a junction box in the ceiling (luckily).  So I had to disconnect it in the junction box, drill holes in the joists and re-run it back to the box.

If I had to call this project something, I'd name it "Relocate existing wire run less than 20 feet".
1 hour ago
I put up a clothesline in the laundry room.  We had one outside but it doesn't work so well in the winter.  There are 5 strings and they're each about 14' long.  I first put it up with 3 strings and then decided to add two more.
2 hours ago
I've heard good things about chaga mushroom tea.  If you want some and can't find any up by you, I can send you a hunk from one of my trees...
4 hours ago
#1 - I really don't like to see homemade pieces of metal spinning at 10,000 rpm
#2 - Seems like if the angle was locked to the correct one for a twist drill it would be sweet.  But if it pivots your angle is variable.  Maybe that isn't a big deal?
#3 - I'd put a beefier support post on it but it looks like a nice one
#4 - When he turned it on and the chuck started wobbling I figured it would break right off at that point.  I'm thinking that one is pretty risky unless the chuck is designed for the application.
#5 - Pretty cool edge guide
#6 - See #1
#7 - Nice makeshift wrench if you lose the one that comes with it or if you have multiple sizes of grinder nuts to tighten (Joel, I think this is the one you didn't see)
#8 - I like this the best and it does a better job than #3
#9 - I think he'd be better off clamping the metal in the vise and sanding by hand.  The sanding disk isn't flat so he can't get the full face of the square stock sanded while it's flat on the table.  And using it to cut through metal is risky as you could see it nip the metal and drag it through at the 16:43 mark
#10 - See #1

Just my opinions but I agree, common tools can replace some of these riskier attachments.
22 hours ago
Yes Phil, that's how it's supposed to be.  All is well