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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

I'll be there for the full two weeks this year!  

Part of the fun of a pivot and wheel is to try to make a wheel/pivot that can hold up to the outdoors.  It might be overkill for this application but then it could be copied elsewhere.  

Another idea is a pivot like this.  Downside is that more of the wood is exposed to the elements.  Upside is the roof is smaller and tighter to the saw motor and maybe easier to pivot out of the way

True...  It would be possible to make a human-skiddable shed for it.  I just don't know if it gets windy up there and the lightness would be an issue for it blowing out of position?

If I cover the whole mill, it would have to be a pretty tall roof to keep from being a head bump issue for tall operators or getting smacked by the tractor bucket when moving logs in (which is probably frowned upon).  The higher it is, the more overhang is needed to keep snow off.  

If it was my sawmill, I'd put a roof over the whole thing in a heartbeat.  Paul said in the youtubecast that he's debating having people move the mill once or twice a year to to prove that it can be moved.  So he definitely wants any covering moveable...

I'm looking forward to seeing you out there again this summer Kate!
3 hours ago
There could be all sorts of gardening things in this badge but I just tried to cover the bases I think are important and maybe different.  Tubers and bulbs would fit in Straw for growing 100,000 calories for sure!
8 hours ago
Ha, those are the exact photos I borrowed :)  Especially since they're richsoil/permies pics I think you're good to go.  Just don't sell them without actual permission...
I'm going to try a simpler way than normal for me.  Plus it's trickier due to no cardboard...  I'm thinking deep mulch and not much digging.  I was going to do a triangle garden to fit my space but since we can only do rectangles or circles I'm making due.  The snow left last week so I can start to take some footage soon.
1 day ago
I've asked a similar thing before and was given a Yes.  I think as long as you aren't distributing it for sale and you credit permies, you should be fine to use it in a presentation.
Are you pursuing PEP?  This will be a central repository for Otises to shop for PEPpers (or SKIPpers).  To see a list of all the participants, here's the Leaderboard.

Some day this may be automated to sort the list based on how far along in the PEP program you've gotten.  For now it will be a bit clunky and manual.  To get your name added to this post, add a reply with a paragraph about why you're doing PEP, if you're looking for property, where that property would need to be for you to be happy, size of property, etc so that Otises can determine if you might be a close fit for them.

Mike Haasl
Opalyn Rose PEP1 & 22 Sand Badges and details below

Ashley Cottonwood
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Patrick W Kelly

Note: if you're looking for a place to practice your PEP skills, check out this thread: Locations to do PEP

In a youtube live thingie that Paul hosted, we talked about the PTJ and spent a minute on this project.  Paul wants the sawmill to stay mobile which I had forgotten was a design feature of it.  So this structure needs to be able to move.

I noodled on it a bit and I'm thinking it might be neat to have a roof that covers the mill when not in use and then flips up out of the way when you're using the sawmill.  Then it would truly be out of the way.  Skiddable would be ok if you have the equipment to skid it around.  I want it to be rather beefy so I'm thinking a pivot would work well.

I even had notions of making a set of wheels for it (from wood) so it can be moved around and then pivot in and out of position on those wheels.  It would be fun to build wooden wheels and an axle without using metal...
If you guys want to give a review that will show up in the Gear Review Grid, make a reply in the thread that starts with -->                 I give this tool system X out of 10 acorns
1 day ago
I got a lifetime's supply of cardboard egg cartons at a food pantry.  They get hundreds of them with a few broken eggs to pick out.  They consolidate into good dozens and accumulate extra cartons.

For your situation, I'd clean them and put them in cartons in the fridge.  Keep them in order so you can always give away the oldest ones.  Or put them (dirty) in cartons and keep them in order, then clean and give away the oldest ones
3 days ago