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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

I like the farmer's market idea.  I started a Homesteading Club in my area and it has brought together a lot of people.  If I were single it might be a way to catch a partner.  On paper you might say that my area is a permaculture dead zone as well but once you start talking to people about it, they come out of the woodwork.  My little homesteading club has 170 emails on the mailing list after two years.  It's lead to building a a Community Garden that also would be a good place to find like minded people.

If you build it, they will come
19 hours ago
Tons of materials hold heat better than masonry, the question is if it's cost effective/simple/safe enough to do.  There's a long list of PCMs (phase change materials) that do their change at a wide range of temps.  Seems like many of them may work for your idea.

Phase Change Materials - Wikipedia
20 hours ago
Oh, sorry, I forgot about that stuff since I don't consider it "feed".  I have a free feeding bin for oyster shell and grit so the ladies can use as much or as little of that as they want.  They also get egg shells which they clearly prefer to almost anything else.
20 hours ago
Awesome, thanks M!  R and I were talking yesterday and she might set up a textiles specific thread for BB creation.  For now this is the perfect place but keep your eyes open for a new thread that might come along to consolidate/concentrate all the textiles BB creation work.  There are a ton of them so it's great to have folks on board with creating BBs.
20 hours ago
I do a mix that has 1 lb whole flax seed, 4 lb roasted whole soybeans, 5 lb corn, 5 lb oats, 5 lb barley and a bit of nutrient mix from the feed store.  I adapted it from the Garden Betty Feed Calculator and my feed store's recipe.
1 day ago
Nope, most BBs don't overlap that way.  You can build a 6', 12' and 24' hugel separately or in one 42' super hugel or a combination thereof.  Good question!
1 day ago
One idea would be to dig post holes wherever you can and then plan the shape of the building from there.  Square, parallelogram, octagon, etc
1 day ago
Awesome!  You might be able to get the sand, straw and wood hugel BBs done with one hugel!  Be sure to watch the requirements closely to be sure you get it all documented
1 day ago
You might also look for concrete curing tarps.  They're weatherproof and insulated to keep concrete from freezing before it cures on big jobs.
1 day ago