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since Mar 24, 2016
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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

Nice sign!  I did some plumbing today.  Unfortunately it's not a Sand level BB but I'm saving it for Straw.  I had a leak appear in some plumbing.  Took it apart, gooped it up more and tightened it more, no dice   Got new valve and parts and swapped out the valve, no dice   Replaced the connecting fitting which required a new union and elbow, that did it
40 minutes ago
Would the greywater plants be along the window or the back planting bed?  In midsummer there wouldn't be any direct light to the north bed.
7 hours ago
Would it derail this thread to continue to talk about the engineering of the greenhouse?  Or is this where such discussion should happen?  I have more thoughts but I want to put them in the right place
8 hours ago
Jesse, is this what you're describing?  Blue is the peg/dowel?

AngelinaGianna Maffeo wrote:Thank you... now if someone could just explain what "" means :)

I think it means Gir Bot had too many drinks last night and made a boo boo.  The wizards behind the scenes are trying to figure out why that happens every once in a while.  My guess is that he meant to give you the endless tacos but messed it up.  Regardless, you're awesome!!!
So the logs on the north wall are being held back by the posts?  I'm hoping the posts are very firmly secured to the ground so they don't get pushed southward by the weight of the backfill?

Should be a neat greenhouse, more pics please!
1 day ago
Yes, yes and no.  The door hangers have a long bolt that gives several inches of adjustment.  So it allowed them to be about the same height.

To keep the gap between the doors I had to cobble together some standard hardware for my creative application.  I buried a cedar post to hold the hardware.  At the end I have some wooden slabs so that the doors can't overtravel and hit the underside of the soffit.

Here are some more pictures:
1 day ago
Would it be possible to mount a camera or three somewhere near the action that could just watch and listen to the build in action?  If there was a camera looking over the team's shoulder and hearing them joke/sing/scheme among themselves and see the stuff getting nailed together it would be damn awesome.  And some folks may pay to have access to that feed.  Especially if they could watch it later and speed it up or skip the boring parts.  The camera may need to be moved several times as the project proceeds.

Maybe this is what it intended in the RAW bundle?  I'm trying to give people an option where they can be right there in the action and hear the conversations as they happen.  

Oh, maybe for an extra $500 they could have someone's cell number so they can text "Hey, you may want to flip that log over because there's an ugly spot on that side".  Then they're really feel like they're in on the build.