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I live at the bottom of a hill on a small rise (Toeslope). 1st horizon soil is Colbert, Cherty, Silty, Clay, Loam, 2nd silty clay loam (12 inches) and clay at 24 inches. Bedrock around 36 to 40 inches. Hydrologic soil group D. Mean precipitation 50 inches. Frost free period 180 to 220 days
Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama), Zone 7B
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I am concerned about the low magnesium and potassium levels which can stunt the growth and affect flowering.
4 hours ago
I have some pineapple guava that I ordered online.  They indicate Zone 7 compatibility and will see if they can survive next to my house.  They were seedlings and not very expensive (~$3 each) so i bought 6.
14 hours ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:Well, shoot, I was hoping someone here would have the reason we can't graft onto Texas Persimmon.  Now I am tempted to try to obtain some Asian Persimmon scion wood and try some grafts.  I will happily pay shipping (domestic) for some wood if anyone has any!  I'm also interested in American Persimmon wood to graft with.

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15 hours ago
I cleared the lot next to mine for an orchard of Pawpaw and Asian Persimmon.  I have a lot of seedlings on order and expect them in early march.  

Before the seedlings arrive, I want to prepare the soil so I went ahead and got a complete analysis (micronutrient and paste) from Logan Labs.

I have on order mycogrow and Agricultural EM that I will add in each planting hole and around roots.  I have some SEA-90 and a little bit of Tennessee brown rock dust that I will mix with compost to put on top after I plant.

I need help in using these reports to determine what I need to do now and in early spring.  Not sure what the Saturated Paste report is but ordered it to learn.

Are there products I can buy and mix and broadcast or spray?  Mix ratios for small batches since the whole lot is around 0.5 acres.
15 hours ago
I just completed a Jumbo compost bin for my future orchard.  Cattle panels used here 16 ft by 4 ft by 4 foot.  Should last me a while.
2 days ago
Hi Nicole,
I got side tracked when I ended up buying the lot next door to my house and am clearing it to make an orchard.  
I have started to lay the bags and since my walls are only around 2 foot tall it does not matter that the soil I am using is almost all sand.
After filling the bags are only 11 inches wide and around 16 inches long.  I do need to have this done to keep the roots on my blueberries from freezing.
5 days ago
Maybe some bamboo would work for your application.  Either laying down or stuck in the ground.  I need something I can drive over.
2 weeks ago
Another great idea. THanks
2 weeks ago
I have the rocket mass heater dvd and the building a better world book.  And Sepp Holtzer's book. Been saving the books for when I travel for work but since the virus I am stuck at home.