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I live at the bottom of a hill on a small rise (Toeslope). 1st horizon soil is Colbert, Cherty, Silty, Clay, Loam, 2nd silty clay loam (12 inches) and clay at 24 inches. Bedrock around 36 to 40 inches. Hydrologic soil group D. Mean precipitation 50 inches. Frost free period 180 to 220 days
Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama), Zone 7B
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Are you doing cold water pasteurization?  If yes then pH is never too high.  That is the idea. Check to see if you are using the right kind of lime and enough lime.  Do a high inoculation percentage.
3 days ago
i wass looking long term. Do the water control first, plant rye or alfalfa for chop and drop and at the same time gather wood chips make compost etc.

for longer term to build fencing to separate the land into quarters to protect fruit trees and veggies from grazers.  For animals/grazers I am leaning toward sheep but I know nothing on animal husbandry, so i will keep it very small.  
I am wondering why there is only a very small market for Mutton.  I know it has a bad history from WWII where the soldiers had little else to eat when it came to meat.  
3 days ago
3M has a document explaining the N95, Surgical N95 and surgical masks.

We need to ensure the surgical N95 masks get to the places that need them.
3 days ago
I was thinking on the use of a dead furrow, where you have a low spot due to plowing.
If done intentionally you can use a plow at the narrowest width (inline with the tractor) to create a long continuous swale to capture water.
Does this sound reasonable?  My hope is to buy some land that is sloping and turn it into an orchard  and a pond at the lowest point.
3 days ago
I would expect all hospitals would have a no visitors of any kind policy. Every visitor, even if also sick, would provide an opportunity to spread it more.  Limited movement between treatment areas to only medical teams.  
This is why we must limit outside trips and visitors.  the longer it takes for everyone to comply the longer we will have to do this.
6 days ago
I am using an insulated room with grow lights and a small humidity tent to get some mulberry and Kiwi cuttings going.  Seems to be a struggle for the mulberry.  
I wrapped all the scions with parafilm and shaved of the bark and used rooting hormone.  
I started everything out in the small humidity tent which is one of those small plastic greenhouses.  With a tub of water, pond fogger and humidistat and some grow lights
After a couple weeks I took them all out of the humidity tent and placed them under a stronger grow light. The Kiwi seems to be okay but the mulberry looked like it was struggling so I put it back in the tent.
I have been told the fuzzy Kiwi takes along time to root so when it gets warmer I will bring them outside to a small greenhouse with a misting bench.

How do other people grow mulberry and fuzzy Kiwi cuttings inside?  
1 week ago
you should inoculate at a higher percentage if you are just pasteurizing.  Also leaving out in the air too long. Use a plastic tote with holes in bottom to drain water. The tote with holes inside another tote and lift out of water but keep covered.
65F should be good but 72F would be better.
Follow this process if you are not already.
1 week ago
I have made myself several mushroom tinctures after reading many reports found on google scholar. The data is usually based in in vitro and sometimes in situ and in vivo.  There are several mushrooms that the compounds have been shown to enhance immunity. The Japanese use Shiitake compounds to help people recover from Chemotherapy. Reishi, Turkey Tail can also help.  
I suspect there is a lot of what we call weeds that can help.  

Until we can find a true vaccine and treatments we need to do what we can.  Keep our bodies as strong as possible.
1 week ago
I hope/think we will get 3 things out of this. Listen to the scientists and not the politicians and their talking heads on TV. Having strong medical capability, for everyone, is a worthy investment. Building up your immune system is the last defense when everything else breaks down.
1 week ago
that is what I was hoping to hear.
2 weeks ago