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since Feb 19, 2016
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I live at the bottom of a hill on a small rise (Toeslope). 1st horizon soil is Colbert, Cherty, Silty, Clay, Loam, 2nd silty clay loam (12 inches) and clay at 24 inches. Bedrock around 36 to 40 inches. Hydrologic soil group D. Mean precipitation 50 inches. Frost free period 180 to 220 days
Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama), Zone 7B
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Recent posts by Dennis Bangham

The first one looks like the graft did not take very well.  
3 days ago
Fireblight is usually very distinctive in it's appearance.  The ends of small branches turn black and the tip curls under like a shepherds hook.
4 days ago
One is a Fitzgerald (F) which is the root stock for AU Golden Kiwi.

Also Bennetts (M&F) Kiwi is blooming as well as chieftan (M) and Hayward (F).  

My Ken's Red is flowering but the male is not.  Maybe the male fuzzy will pollinate the hardy.
1 week ago
I thought I lost a black Mission Fig in Zone 7a/b.  A friend noticed leaves coming out of the root system.  But the top of the tree was dead (no green).
1 week ago
I have seen People in Europe that grow Pawpaw and Persimmon.  They are on facebook.  
1 week ago
I contacted a couple local tree service groups directly.  If you ever see them in your area go talk with them.  They save money and time by having someone nearby to off load.  Chipdrop also works for some but only if they are in your area.
2 weeks ago
All I know of for free much is wood chip.  I covered over half acre with them.
2 weeks ago
Look at getting a hicks mulberry.  One will feed a whole flock for many months of the year.
3 weeks ago
Comfrey has deep roots and extracts a lot of nutrients from below.  They are fast at recovering and people use them in chop and drop as a green manure.
I am still learning about JADAM and am setting up the capability to do it for around 150 fruit trees, vines and bushes.
3 weeks ago
I am planting a couple long rows of Comfrey (Blocking 14).  i intend to harvest it using an electric pushmower a couple times each year, after it gets established. Using some ideas from JADAM, I will put it into a large barrel with water and a handful of leaf mold.  Let it sit for a couple months and use as liquid fertilizer.  
3 weeks ago