Barbara Kochan

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since Dec 19, 2016
Restoring 10 acres of pasture into open space. gardening mostly for food. Slowly building tiny (8x12') house.
Southwest Washington 98612
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Recent posts by Barbara Kochan

I'd suggest adding some jugs of water as a heat sink: keeps your babies warmer at night. Best of luck.
1 week ago
In response to 'what's wrong with this picture': I see no mulch around the plant starts, which allows good soil to turn, quite rapidly, into dirt. Mulch, mulch, mulch ... yay mulch.

Thank you Darron, for your PNW (and general) input.
I have started the cool weather crops directly recently; I did make some simple row covers since it's been so cold. I have a copper band around my garden which keeps slugs greatly reduced. I will start some seedlings in TP tubes soon, and am wondering if anyone has a good 'recipe' for home-made starter soil. Anyone ... anyone? Thank you
With so many harmful effects of introduced plants/species, I wonder at the wisdom of applying beneficial microbes that have been produced on another continent. With the promotion of Baikal EM1 concentrate here on Permies, I am especially concerned that folks who are working so hard to create healthy environments might get a detrimental result; maybe not even right away: introduced species often are not a problem for decades. Check out all the issues re the Great Lakes from species introduced with dumped bilge water. Thanks all.
2 months ago
I am looking forward to learning more about your product EM-1. Thank you for joining us here.
2 months ago
I really appreciate the efforts toward more sustainable clothing. Natural fiber clothes seem to getting harder to find, and most is of such poor quality when I find it. I am determined to avoid adding microfibers to our waterways: seems like the major sellers of such should be supporting finding a way to launder their clothes without the huge contamination factor. But for me: I would love to learn of your favorite places to buy quality natural fiber clothes.
2 months ago
I am a bit confused: i've seen a couple references to water bath above. I thought pickling and fermenting were alternatives to canning. Is the water bath something different?
2 months ago

Johan Thorbecke wrote:Does it need to be passive? If you have one of those drier vents with flaps and a solar powered fan you're good to go. Sun is shining? Ventilation. No sun? No ventilation.

That's an interesting possiblity, but i still want it to kick in at a certain temperature, say 75 F ... do you know of a solar powered fan that does that? Or just start if the sun is shining? Thank you
4 months ago
I've been looking for an automatic (no power required: work on bi-metal principles, or else solar powered) vent opener for my little greenhouse. I've found articles saying which ones are best rated, but then when I look at them on (sorry) Amazon, I find they are, in fact, not that well rated. Do any of you have recommendations for ones that do what they say and are long lived?
4 months ago
This year I will finish (cut and attach covering) my 4x8  greenhouse so hopefully I will lose fewer starts due to big temperature swings. I intend to use the greenhouse for starting only and remove the cover early summer so the dual layer plastic lasts for a few decades rather than just one or 2.
Add a few more varieties of edibles.
Plant willow starts in several places from cuttings from the neighbors (Thank you Darron).
Build a large wood and brush pile for small birds to increase habitat. I have 10 acres of former, long time pastureland in a valley of (mostly) former pasture.

Happy New Year!
4 months ago