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Recent posts by Timothy Markus

Well, the link is almost 7 years old, so not a huge surprise.
I have some choice words for you people who are posting greenery on Feb 2.  

I did a firewood inventory yesterday and I've got enough for another 11-12 weeks, maybe a bit more.  That should last me the rest of the winter.
2 weeks ago
I'm currently boiling gravel on my woodstove.  It's not a euphemism.
2 weeks ago
You'd have to put a 6" pipe down to the bottom to allow for air flow and use a 6" fan to blow air down into the hole, with the exhaust coming out the 1" space around the 6" pipe.  I don't know if you'd get enough heat exchange with that, but it might work.
3 weeks ago
Hi Sally, and welcome to Permies!  

I don't know a whole lot about pruning, but taking off more than 30% in a single year can be too much of a shock to fruit trees.  I'd leave alone now until the next dormant period.
3 weeks ago
I've done modular house sets and completions.  I wrote about it in this post.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
3 weeks ago
Nevermind, it's already being addressed in this thread.
3 weeks ago
I just came across this article about worms, specifically 'jumping worms', though it does also mention European worms.  

Worms = Bad?

I'd be interested in hearing your comments.
3 weeks ago
Around here, SE New Brunswick, I see a lot of spots with 6-20 hives surrounded by one electric hot wire about 10-12" high.  We've definitely got bears, so I'm sure that's what the wire is for and I haven't seen any hives disturbed.  

Also, don't leave any picanic baskets around...
3 weeks ago