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Recent posts by Timothy Markus

Henry Brown wrote: Has anyone tried crossing quail with chicken to make a silent chicken that can fend for itself?  We could call it a chail, or maybe a quicken.

I didn't have a great success rate with that so I've moved on to try crossbreeding the quail to ducks and turkeys.  I hope to end up with a TurDuckAilâ„¢.
3 days ago
In my case, I don't see the point of proving to someone that I can do things.  I agree with Amy when she said that she would trust the badges, so I do see the value in that.  I think you can WWOOF to get skills or, my preference, just get a job doing what you want to learn.  Get paid to learn and get lots of hands-on experience, unless you want to learn soccer.

I agree with many of the issues people have raised.  The SKIP idea doesn't appeal to me at all.  I think planning to inherit a property from someone you're unrelated to can be a very uncertain prospect in more than a few cases.  Personally, I would rather figure out a way to buy or rent land so that I don't have to worry about the rug getting pulled out from under me.  
In the fall of 1990 I went to university and I never got a paper, so I didn't see many of the comics after that.  This is a new one to me that gives me breed envy:

Gotta get me a longcow and some tall chickens...
1 week ago
One of my favourite albums and tracks.

Ten bucks is ten bucks.  
1 week ago
I've missed you, Greg, and I don't care who knows it.
1 week ago
I'm giving serious consideration to aircrete.  I'm thinking of doing panel coops and maybe a small cabin down the road.  I want to mess with it a bit before doing anything big but I'd like to do a deck, some interlocking panels, and maybe a smallish water container for ducks.

I'm going to see how much collapse I get with a couple of different foam agents, but I think Catie has outlined the issues.
1 week ago

Timothy Markus wrote:I don't have a credit card.  Anyone in Canada know what pre-paid cards will work?  Thanks

In the end, I ended up having a kid almost 22 years ago and I just asked her to put it on her card.  Thank goodness for time travel, though the pre-paid Visa probably would've worked too.
1 week ago
I don't have a credit card.  Anyone in Canada know what pre-paid cards will work?  Thanks
2 weeks ago
Great post, Benjamin.  I've milked Ayrshires and I really liked them.  Easy to handle, calm and great milk.  They'd be top of the list for grass dairy for me.
2 weeks ago
The more I look at it, the more I think that grafting calves onto a nurse cow is the way to go.
2 weeks ago