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Hi Leigh Tate,

My middle name is Tate which came from 3 brothers that came over about the time of the Mayflower.
I have had dreams of living off grid and homesteading most of my life but alas I mostly dream and enjoy others success.   Hope your dreams keep coming true.

9 months ago
Hugelkultur enthusiast, is there any type of wood (trees) that would not make good food in a hugelkultur bed?

1 year ago
Wow a lot of posts.  I am 66 years and perhaps I can share a bit of deep top soil I have gained over the years.
- Arthritis - boil a dozen free range organic eggs.  Make deviled eggs or angel's eggs. take the shells with the membrane left on them and put them on a cookie sheet and put in oven on lowest setting for about 10-15 minutes until totally dried.  Put in coffee grinder and turn to powder.  If you have "00" capsules then encapsulate them and take one per day for a couple weeks then one every other day for two weeks then twice a week for as long as you need.  My arthritis went away in about 3 days.  
-  most disease comes from flour, sugar and bad oils and fats.  Read the book "Wheat belly" by Dr William Davis.  He says that the new white which is a genetically altered hybrid is worse than if it were a plain GMO.  After 40 years of breeding which included breeding in opioids to make you addicted. it has changed.  When I was a kid we ate red wheat.  No had alergies, gluten issues or any problems.  Going gluten free is a poster child. Don't eat the rest of the grain because is is altered.  If you can find someone that grows the old hard red winter wheat get some and make your own.  Even still we almost never eat anything with flour of any kind and got rid of the leaky gut.  
- There alot of research going on into anti aging.  you can try fulvic acid, humic acid, or C60 fullerines which are getting great results.  
- So much of modern farming takes from the earth and never gives back.  I save all scraps and everything that is compostable.  I add good sand to my soil, green sand and other things like peat moss.  Every year I add something new and my garden each year is easier to grow and the plants look better ea yr.  
- NO sprays of any kind.  I do spray with oregano essential oil and thyme essential oil as a dormant oil late in the winter or early spring before any buds start to form and this works well to get rid of overwintered eggs.  I have several honeybee hives and mason bee hives that do a great job of pollinating everything.
- Plant now while you can lots of fruit trees, berry bushes, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, currants, blueberries, strawberries, honeyberries, aronias, and the list goes on and on.  They are easy to pick as you get older.  We go out and pick and eat some days and eat nothing else during the day.
- Filtered water is a must.  I even filter the water for the garden.  I have a 400 gallon tank, I fill it up with the top lid off and let it sit for a couple weeks so the chlorine can disipate (we live in a city) then use it to water the garden.  Rain water is usually used up pretty fast.  I have created water reservoir containers that are remarkable for plant growth and saving water. Love it.
- Walk on the ground barefoot and stay grounded.  Sometimes we feel bad because of the things we cannot see like all the electromagnetic smog or pollution.  Throw the smart phones away.  Do not bite into the smart grid smart appliance poison apple.  There will not be a prince to come by any time soon to give you that proverbial kiss.
- Enjoy life, laugh, dance, sing, read, pray, visit the high mountains, breath in deeply (the more things you plant around you the more oxygen there is).  Cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, oh and sugar feeds cancer.  Have pets and love them.  (watch the series "The Truth about Pet Cancer") it is an eye opener worth the time.
- I love to spend time in the garden and watch Mother Nature do magic and miracles every day.  
2 years ago
Dear Paul and all those interested,

Gout is no fun.  Arthritis is no fun. Two things have helped me.  I am now 66 years young.  

1. Buy a dozen top quality eggs. Pick from your own hens, free range, organic, etc.  Hard boil them. When done make deviled eggs (if you like). Save the shells which includes the thin membrane inside, put on cookie sheet and put into the oven for 5 minutes at lowest setting say 200 degrees.  When dried put in coffee grinder and grind.  Put into a bowl.  If you have a capsulator then fill capsules and store in glass jar.  Take one a day or I now take 1 every 2 or 3 days.  If you do not have a capsulator them you can sprinkle a 1/2 tsp in your morning smoothie.  This really helps my joints and gout.

2. Dr Fuhrman ( has a great article on what to do for gout.  I have adopted his nutritarian type lifestyle eating plan and am very happy with it.  In his clinic in New Jersey he basically heals all his patients with whole foods.  He has a great success ration with all his patients.  I have attached his article here.    I guess I cannot attach a word doc so it will be below and I will try to send it separately.

Hope this helps, remember "we are what we eat".

Sincerely Scott Holbrook

________________________________________  /  Gout is a metabolic disease involving sharp crystals of uric acid (urate) forming in joints or other areas of the body. Gouty attacks come on episodically, causing joint swelling and pain. Pseudogout is a similar condition which involves calcium pyrophosphate crystals.
Gout can affect both women and men but is much more common in men and overall affects approximately 4% of the U.S. population.1 Signs and symptoms of a gouty attack may include:
• Severe and sudden pain in joint(s) (even light touch is painful)
• Commonly involves joint at base of big toe
• Arthritis pain comes on within hours and may last for several days
• Involved joints may be warm, red, and swollen (also present with infections)
How do you know if you are going to get a gouty attack? Here are some risk factors to be aware of:
• High uric acid level (can be tested by your doctor)
• Dehydration
• Certain medications can increase uric acid (diuretics, aspirin, niacin, cyclosporine A)
• Excessive intake of alcohol
• Excessive intake of animal products which are high in purines, such as seafood, meats, poultry, and organ meats (although plant foods have purines as well, they are not associated with gouty attack risk)2
• Excessive intake of high fructose corn syrup (sweetened beverages, etc.)
• Kidney disease (difficulty getting rid of uric acid)
• Having certain factors can increase risk of pseudogout (hyperparathyroidism, hemochromatosis, hypomagnesemia, osteoarthritis, use of proton pump inhibitor medications, and others)
• Genetic factors (rare)
• Rapid weight loss (although not typically observed from weight loss, observed from eating a Nutritarian diet)
• A recent injury
• Being overweight or obese
Often when someone gets a gouty attack, there are multiple factors working together to reach a threshold. Overwhelmingly, the lifestyle factors that are modifiable (diet, water intake, alcohol use, sweetened beverage use) are by far the strongest factors contributing to gout risk. A Nutritarian lifestyle is a sure way of reducing this risk automatically, even in those with a predisposition to the disease.
Action Plan
• A Nutritarian eating style addresses the important factors related to gout, including:
o Low animal product intake
o Low processed food intake (no sweetened beverages)
o Low alcohol use
o Increasing vegetable intake creates a more alkaline environment which neutralizes acids such as uric acid (gout) and pyrophosphoric acid (pseudogout)
o Helping you reach an ideal weight
• Although high purine foods are associated with risk of a gouty attack, it appears only animal-based purine intake is associated significantly with risk of an attack1
• Stay hydrated
• Avoid alcohol
Review secondary risk factors with your doctor, such as medications and diseases
Find additional help at our Wellness Center
The Dr. Fuhrman Wellness Center in New Jersey
We specialize in the reversal and prevention of disease using nutritional methods instead of medication. Lose weight, regain your health and overcome food addiction. LEARN MORE
Ask The Doctor
The following are sample questions from the Ask the Doctor Community Platinum and higher members can post their health questions directly to Dr. Fuhrman. (All members can browse questions and answers.)
Q.  I’ve been on and off a Nutritarian diet for a while now. I have chronic gout and my uric acid levels are 10.3. My rheumatologist wants me to begin Allopurinol. How quickly can I expect my uric acid levels to drop with a strict Nutritarian diet WITHOUT the medicine? Should I take Allopurinol AND do the diet, or will that cause a severe drop resulting in worsening attacks?
A.  I usually wait about a month on a Nutritarian diet before discontinuing the Allopurinol on patients requiring it in the past. In your case, you may not even have to start the medicine if you really stick with a Nutritarian diet. Doing both the medication and the diet won’t necessarily hurt you, but all medications have their risks, and you likely will see dramatic benefits in a week or two. So, if you eliminate all animal products at this point and follow a Nutritarian diet strictly, your uric acid levels will be dramatically lower soon. Drink a full glass of water between each meal too. Check your uric acid level again next month, and let’s see how it improves and how you feel.
Q.  I would like to know what I can do to treat gout.
A.  Avoid animal products and all processed foods and oils. Limit spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms to two to four oz./day. Limit fruits higher in fructose (apple, grapes, melon, pear, and dried fruit). Limit beans to one cup/day until the swelling and pain are gone. Continue to avoid animal products until you’re better, then limit to six oz./week. Stay hydrated. Drink four oz. of tart cherry juice two to three times per day. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain related to gout. Get lean and eliminate belly fat.
1. Duskin-Bitan H, Cohen E, Goldberg E, et al. The degree of asymptomatic hyperuricemia and the risk of gout. A retrospective analysis of a large cohort. Clin Rheumatol 2014, 33:549-553.
2. Choi HK, Atkinson K, Karlson EW, et al. Purine-rich foods, dairy and protein intake, and the risk of gout in men. N Engl J Med 2004, 350:1093-1103.

3 years ago