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since Jan 21, 2016
Wichita, Kansas, United States
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Recent posts by Phil Swindler

I thought my wife was crazy.  She suggested I sell my old jeans and cover most of the cost of a new pair.
Now I'm thinking - maybe she's right.
1 week ago
I've found that with a few minutes every couple days I can train any vineing squash up a trellis or fence.  
I haven't left them to their own devices since I stopped letting them sprawl on the ground.
I really like tromboncino on a trellis.  They grow longer and straighter that way.

John F Dean wrote:Hi Pearl,

I had a cat go down our fireplace chimney.  No fire was going...fortunately.  I really thought I was going to have to go through the bricks to get it.  But I forced the draft open wider with a 2x4. It apparently saw the light and dropped down and crawled out.  No vet Bill's, but it did need a bath.

How did your cat like you giving it a bath?
1 month ago

Julia Winter wrote:My mom had a pin cushion shaped like a tomato with a sand filled strawberry for cleaning the points of the pins and needles.  My daughter is doing a lot of sewing and has made a pin cushion, I've been thinking we should attach a little sand bag.  Any advice as to a particular sort of sand to put inside?

This is the science teacher speaking, not a sewing expert.
Given how hard carborundum is, I would think that would be good if you can get it.
1 month ago
Black, super fine (1500 to 2000 grit) wet/dry sand paper is good for keeping needles sharp.
Sharp needles are easier for my arthritic hands to push through material.
I get my sand paper at ACE hardware.
1 month ago
I know this isn't what you asked, but, I'll tell you anyway.

I don't sew much, mostly making COVID masks and shortening pant legs.
But, when I do sew, I use the machine my mom got in 1949 as a high school graduation present.
1 month ago
Didn't this whole thread come about because people were scared off by the "Rocket" part of the name?
Wouldn't a less frightening name emphasize the fact that the flame is contained differently or better?  Or that the flame is controlled differently or better?

S   super efficient
A   appropriate technology
F   flame controlled
E   environmentally friendly

H   hand made
E   extremely versatile
A   anti polluting
T   thermal storage

Or some better acronym.

2 months ago
super efficient, low cost, hidden/contained flame, thermal storage, contact rump warmer
2 months ago
I realize these aren't gardening tools, but, here goes.

Block plane
Smoothing plane
Japanese hand saw.
3 months ago

Kc Simmons wrote:

I grow purslane & portulaca "moss rose"in my garden paths. They typically stay low to the ground and I use the ornamental cultivars, which produce lovely flowers. I love it in the paths because it's soft, yet tough enough to handle me walking all over it. As long as they're in contact with the soil, any pieces that break off just put out new roots and keep growing. :)

Do you mean the edible purslane?
4 months ago