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Phil Swindler

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since Jan 21, 2016
Wichita, Kansas, United States
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Recent posts by Phil Swindler

Dan Fish wrote:When I lived in Germany, new GIs were constantly plugging thier Playstations and Xboxes into 220v and soon after throwing them into the dumpster. My buddy and me pulled at least 10 out, and replaced the fuse inside and sold them for $100 each!

And that's how was able to afford so much beer, sarn't.

That's brilliant.
Good for you.
3 weeks ago

Steven Staley wrote:I really would not know where to start. I guess that I would say that I perso....

Dumpster dive vs scrounging, I wouldn't quibble over the semantics.
In my opinion, if you kept stuff out of the landfill and bettered your bottom line, that's a win-win.
3 weeks ago
I have her book.
She has some good ideas.
I've had it quite awhile, so I don't know if it's still in print.
It's a good read if you can find a copy.
1 month ago

Phil Swindler wrote:I've saved hundreds of dollars picking up pallets and other wood from in and around dumpsters.  I have a stool and some shelves built from that wood.  I've given away several things made of that wood and made props for church plays.
My grandson and I are building him a treasure chest from scrounged wood.  We are even using home made glue that is water proof.  (I can explain that if anybody is interested.)  The handles will be made of salvaged copper pipe.

I pick up nearly every microwave I find.  I teach science and they have several bits and bobs that are good for use in science classes.

This is a follow up.  
We finished the chest months ago.  

Sorry, I didn't think to take a picture before sending it home with my grand son.

We gave it brass hinges and clasps.  
It has a piece of chain to keep the lid from flopping all the way open.
The copper pipe handles on little blocks of wood to give finger clearance turned out nice.  
The ends are completely flattened while the middles are flattened to an oval shape.
It has a medium brown stain with a very durable finish.  (Sorry not an organic finish.)
It is strong enough to sit on.
The dimensions are 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 1/2 foot.
Most of it was scrounged or reused or leftover from other projects.
The only parts we actually bought for this project were the hinges and hasps.
1 month ago
To be "Lard" you need to remove any water at the bottom.
You also need to strain any solids while the fat is melted and hot.

That said, yes you stumbled on lard.
1 month ago
I like as a search engine.
When I search google the results show up in banner ads and my facebook feed.
I've never had a search end up in my facebook feed.
I've even searched some really weird stuff (weird for me) just to test that.
1 month ago

Michael Cox wrote:

John C Daley wrote:
As for HCL dilute it to about 10% HCl and water.

Good point.

You need to add the acid to the water, not the other way round.

Combining water with strong acid generates considerable heat. Adding a small amount of water to a strong acid can make the acid literally boil. Not good.

Adding acid slowly to a large volume of water means the heat dissipates quickly into the water and you avoid the potentially violent reaction.

Absolutely correct.
I teach high school chemistry.
Every year I put this on the board.

Water On Acid = W(h). O.A. = WHOA

So, don't put water on acid.  Put acid on water.
1 month ago

Dave Smythe wrote:Some easy to make puzzles are pentominoes:
and the soma cube:

The pentominoes look like homemade tetris.
I've played that one a lot.
This looks like it could fun to do with kids.
1 month ago
Very nice work.
I'd be happy to live in that.
1 month ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:No picture (not really worthy of one, I suppose), yet this seemed the best thread for putting this down.

A few minutes ago, I found Paul at his computer, in his office, with bits of sawdust in his beard. (He'd been using the chainsaw earlier.)

paul:  I seem to be decorated with sawdust! It's like glitter, or sparkles, only--
me:  --only more manly!
paul:  next I'm gonna rub some bacon grease on me! [in a deep, ridiculous voice:] Hey, baby!!

Edited to add:  there might have been a "hubba, hubba!" next, but I was walking away. (Hahaha!)

I like to call sawdust - man glitter.
I saw that on a meme somewhere.