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Phil Swindler

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since Jan 21, 2016
Wichita, Kansas, United States
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I realize these aren't gardening tools, but, here goes.

Block plane
Smoothing plane
Japanese hand saw.
3 weeks ago

Kc Simmons wrote:

I grow purslane & portulaca "moss rose"in my garden paths. They typically stay low to the ground and I use the ornamental cultivars, which produce lovely flowers. I love it in the paths because it's soft, yet tough enough to handle me walking all over it. As long as they're in contact with the soil, any pieces that break off just put out new roots and keep growing. :)

Do you mean the edible purslane?
1 month ago
I like white clover.  Being a nitrogen fixer it's good for the other plants in the yard.
Also, it doesn't grow very tall and bees like the blossoms.
I've encouraged it when I've had it in my hard.  I haven't actually planted it.
A quick web search gave several sources to buy the seed.
1 month ago
I'm just adding this comment to get updates of this thread.
1 month ago

It shouldn't be necessary to have every last minute detail of the design chiseled into stone before launching the kickstarter.

It's Wheaton Labs.  It's there for Paul's experiments.  
When you build things, sometimes you get into the project and realize it isn't going to work the way you thought.  That's OK.  You make changes and keep going.  Some of the stuff I've built recently didn't work out exactly as planned.  
1 month ago

Julie Reed wrote:

Or are you not using anything to charge the mass under the umbrella? Also (as has been mentioned), it seems a 1” pipe in a well casing is way too small to provide the air flow needed... does Missoula even get enough sun in mid winter to ‘power’ that?

Charging the mass - good point.  May work better after a year of letting the system run.  

1" pipe - sounds like a good opportunity to experiment.  Maybe different size pipe in the 2 casings.  Or maybe different number of pipes in the 2 casings.

Does Missoula even get enough sun - more pipe would mean more light absorbed.  That's where my thought on different extensions would come into play.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:Talking about the design:   Let's hold off two more days to get some drawings that show what is being planned.  

But I may wet myself with excitement.
2 months ago
Experimentation Idea

At different times of the year you might want the air coming up the black pipe to go different places.
How about removable extensions so you can control where that "Piped" air goes.
I can see making a few different extensions to experiment.
There may be times you want to take that air clear out of the greenhouse.
2 months ago
Are you ready for questions and comments about the project yet?
I'm wondering about that 20 ft well casing.
Are you trying to hit ground water or stay above ground water?
Some places here in Kansas the ground water is way deeper than 20 ft.
In my neighborhood the ground water is only a couple feet below my basement.
Do you know how deep your ground water is?
Do you care?
2 months ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:One thing we'd be interested in doing for this project is to find some tracking thermometers similar to the ones I'm using to track the temperature in Allerton Abbey, but with better data sharing capabilities--right now, I have to manually take screen shots of the data on my phone and post them to my thread. Any ideas?

If you have a computer sitting around that you could dedicate to the project, has some easy to use temperature probes.
They will take readings at what ever frequency you set.
You can have multiple probes for multiple inputs, like air coming out of the pipe vs air going into the well casing vs ambient room air.
It has graphing software so you can do analysis of your data.
I've always gotten good help from their customer service department.
Sorry, it's been years since I bought mine, I don't remember the prices, just that they were fairly reasonable for a small high school.
2 months ago