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since Oct 10, 2017
Omaha, United States
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Recent posts by Eric VonRaderson

Mr. Wheaton, thank you for thanking me. Not that I need thanking, but it is nice to know that there are other givers out there besides ones-self. Eric
I heard through the grapevine that you have acquired some professional music equipment that most anyone could play. Why not have a sing-a-long with Paul leading as first voice. Please do not take this lightly for music soothes the savage soul, so I've read. Winter and cabins do have a fevered reputation. Eric
Mike, did you get to see the blue anvil of Pauls? I haven't heard about if the glass panes will work for projects or not, also about the fire doors. I need some feedback so I can plan my next move. I know everyone is probably really busy now but I am an old fart and need to get er done before I am too  far under ground to be able to move at all. Respectfully Yours, Eric  PS   Beau, are you coming back to our humble home and if so when?
1 day ago

Beau Davidson wrote:Learned to weld and torch today - super fun!

Yah but how long did it take you to make the stump that it sits on? Eric wants to know so I can estimate how long it will take to make a stump for an anvil.
1 day ago
I offered gas money to go anywhere in the US for helping me to help someone else. No takers. Pauls rules apply at my place, that scared them off. My offer is now off the table. I swear a lot to my self. Thor helps those who help themselves, Just saying.
3 days ago
Oh my, he just broke our mirror.
1 week ago
Now that I know what a hard working carpenter/woodsman/anti-anvil maker you are I can appreciate your candor. I will admit I was stumped for awhile. ER
1 week ago
It would also be cool to build the stand for it. That would take a shorter time to accomplish
1 week ago
Mike, I am sending you two boxes up to Montana. Make sure to ask Beau for them. I have four pieces of rail each about 30 inches long which would make 8 anvils. I have seen anvils made on the internet, it looks like it would take some time to get one made though. I am sending an anvil to Paul for his personal use, be sure to get him to show it to you. Eric
1 week ago
Mike, in a box ready to go. What do you think of making anvils out of a railroad rail? I have a piece or two, should I send them in the load? Eric
2 weeks ago