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since Dec 27, 2015
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I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, a Carpenter, Blacksmith, Ham Radio Extra, Tube Audio Amplifier Builder.

I've been married over 10 years, and my wife and I have four sons.

I like gardening, and raising livestock, though right now its mostly just the chickens, currently I am developing my own breed of chicken.

East Tennessee
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I periodically have Poison Ivy sprout on my property (it grows on a neighboring property). I take my hoe out to it and hoe it up roots and all. Usually its only a little bit so I throw the plant out in the road to dry up.

Dig it up, pull it up.. But you've gotta keep after it every time it comes up. Eventually it goes away!

I figured that I'd come in to poke fun at poor Greta after reading the title of this thread, however I was pleasantly surprised once I made it inside.

To my mind Socialism (and its cousin, Communism) are about taking something that somebody worked hard to earn, or produce, and give it to those that neither earned, nor produced said something. Giving to those less fortunate than you is honorable.

But Socialism... Is theft, and it is rooted in laziness, covetousness, and greed.

All my life I have worked with my hands to earn a living for my family, either of the land or in a trade. I am a Christian, and as I read the Bible, I was put here to keep this garden. So I do my best to preserve the environment, not because some entitled, petulant child tells me to. Just because I do.


EDIT: Thanks for this site, I really enjoy reading all the posts.
I know I had a hen (Chicken) dragged out of the coop in the pouring rain by her head one night, by a possum. Shot the possum, thought the hen was dead. Double checked and she was alive, so I put her in a box with a heat lamp. I had to force her to take water and food because she had so much dried blood on her head she couldn't see. A few weeks later she was fine. She can see out of the one eye she has left, and she walks with a limp.. I would not count the bird out. My old girl will die of old age, she has earned it.
1 week ago
A while back I taught my dog to hunt rats, for a few weeks I would let her under the house. She killed and ate quite a few, but now I do not think they even come around anymore because she is always hunting..
3 weeks ago
Do you have an outside dog? I have a good little dog (Beatrice) that sleeps on my front porch at night, and my chicken coop is about 30 feet behind my house. I've had only one incursion, by a possum, and it was when I had no dog.

I would encourage you to keep an outside dog, I also perimeter fenced my lot so the kids would stay in the yard. This allows the dog to run freely inside the border fence.
3 weeks ago

Judson Carroll wrote:I go by the Mollison answer, "The problem is the solution."  A few won't do any harm and can even be beneficial. Too many can do damage and throw things out of whack so they don't have enough food and disease spreads.   So, I manage the population so we can live in harmony.  Beaver meat is better than grass fed beef!!!

Aw you beat me to it, I was gonna say eat them if they get out of hand!

4 weeks ago
My advice, wait for a lung shot. Right behind the front leg in the rib cage. Once you get a solid hit wait, if the deer was able to run or walk away take some time to allow it to die peacefully, if you jump up and go running over to the deer you are probably going to spook it into an adrenaline fueled run.

That leads to gamey flavored meat, better to shoot carefully, and give the animal time to die peacefully.

I prefer to field dress the deer, leaving the intestines and any organs I won't use in the field. They will not be there the next day, most times the raccoons and coyotes will have it cleaned up before it gets time to stink. No waste in nature.

I have grown to like ground venison, I have a hand crank meat grinder and it makes decent burgers, meatballs, chili, spaghetti, etc.

I've halfheartedly tried tanning, not so good. I think I need to spend more time on tanning.

1 month ago

Eliot Mason wrote:Ben:  You have identified my pex bias!  Its true, I use crimp rings.  The GatorBite/SharkBite fittings are (nominally) removeable - I've had mixed results with them while others as yourself swear by them.  I've never had them leak, but I've had to cut out some when I couldn't get them to release.... maybe I'm doing something wrong : )

I don't swear by them, though they are good. But everything fails sometime. I've never had trouble removing them, I don't use the tool that your supposed to though. I use a pair of channel lock adjustable pump pliers  set to be open the width of the pex. I slide the pliers down the pex and use them to press the locking ring. Sometimes you've gotta wiggle the pex.

The first time I saw pex I was building a house and a plumber was using an electric expanding tool to flare the pex and insert fittings.  I got my hands on some of the pex and we did some crazy stuff to it, involving gunpowder.. Its definitely tough.

1 month ago

Eliot Mason wrote:Regarding PEX - yes, I prefer to tap directly.  The drain valve is handy, and yeah I've got a $20 reducer that goes to hose thread I use in temporary situations ... but imagine this scenario:  You want to clean the tank, or drain it for the winter or whatever.  Your PEX is attached to the drain ... how are you going to remove the PEX?  I've never seen a union fitting in PEX.  So you have to cut the line.  That's easily done and easily repaired - but its also easily avoided.

And a question ... this is for your studio, which is attached to the main building.  I see power going into the main building... why use a battery to power a pump?

I use Gatorbite brass fittings, they are removable and reusable. My whole house has them and I've only had one fail, it froze when the temp got below zero for a few days. I've since underpinned my house and have had zero issues with the fittings.
1 month ago
I understand the logic behind vaccination, and I do believe in vaccinations for certain things. My children were all vaccinated for the common diseases AFTER they could talk. It was important to me to know if the fevers that are sometimes brought on by vaccines would change them. My brother got measles immediately after getting the shot as a small child. Nobody else in our family got sick.

I know that the Corona virus is a real thing, and that it is sometimes fatal. I know that among the older and infirm population in my own small town the death rate seems higher this winter.

As for my family, we have been taking precautions. My kids didn't play soccer this fall, either my wife or I go into the store, not both. Hand Sanitizer of course, standing a bit of a distance from people.

I have two good friends that have gotten the Corona virus, and their families. But they live in the city, and one of them wasn't doing anything to prevent his own infection.

Looks like hit or miss.

1 month ago