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Recent posts by Colin McGee

These (and some others featuring the same gang of Peter, Ruth and others), are terrific. We watched all of them a couple of years ago, and my only regret now is that I can't find any more similar shows!
Thank you, these look terrific! As a side note, it's well worth checking out the rest of their online store - they offer many other free ebooks.
1 year ago
Hi Aimee. What a wonderful opportunity you've created for some lucky person! I realise I'm coming at this very late, but there's nothing here that says you found a tenant. So, did you?
Where can we buy this? Do you have a page on Etsy or similar?
3 years ago
Take a look at - you should find something there that will work for you.
3 years ago
Thanks all. Yes, Blueberries - and especially if I have pine forests to acidify the soil for them!

Sandy, yes, I've been thinking of a variety of mushrooms. Aside from those that will self-spore, there are a lot of felled hardwoods which would be ideal for inoculation. And absolutely to Japanese Knotweed. Aside from culinary uses, this plant is widely used now as part of a herbal regimen to help with Lyme disease, so there are a lot of places to use that.

Walt, yes, understood. This is why I'm looking for things to grow that I can harvest on a shorter time frame, to keep the rent paid while I wait for the Ginseng (and others - Goldenseal, for one) to come to adult, harvestable stage.
3 years ago
Thanks Galen. However, I'm talking about growing in quite dense shade. I've grown various kinds of squash in the past, but they have always been in full sun. Are they happy growing in the shade?
3 years ago
Hello All!

I have the opportunity to farm about 10 acres of forested land in SE Pennsylvania. The trees are mostly deciduous hardwood, and the condition is that the land is not to be cleared. Rather, I will be growing crops that are happy beneath a forest canopy.

I'm thinking of ramps in the short term, as well as mushrooms. For longer term crops, ginseng (this land is well off the beaten path), black cohosh, bloodroot come to mind. I need to earn a living off this land if at all possible so although the long-term crops will produce good returns in time, I need other crops that will pay the rent until they are at harvest stage.

Any suggestions as to which plants will work? I have slopes facing in all directions, canopy cover varies from 60% to 95%.

Thanks in advance!
3 years ago
Thanks all. Some great ideas here. I especially like reusing plastic as much as I can. If it's already there, it should pay it's keep. Or some of it. Also, using cardboard tubes is cool. Given that I'm looking at trees, I may use paper towel rolls rather than toilet paper, and possibly increase the size by cutting 2 in half long ways and gluing them together.
3 years ago