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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

Eldon Dore wrote: The three plants that I managed to get growing were quite yellow and dry while I had them inside before I was able to move them outside, but once I got them moved outside and into larger growing conditions they did come back and grew quite well, so I'm not sure if they had the same problems, but it did sound a little similar. My plants definitely responded very well to having a little bit more space to grow.

On other fronts, I did manage to grow a few bolls that opened and gave me some usable cotton, however I don't think they were quite mature enough. The seeds have a very low germination rate, and they seem to have trouble getting out of the soil. I've got a few started, when I know for sure that they are going to make it I will take some pictures and try to post them here.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to get a second generation out of them. I'm growing a few other varieties that I purchased from a few different places, so maybe I can get working on trying to breed my own variety of Canada adapted cotton.

Yes, I think I had to sew them in the spring, so they could move outside as soon as possible.
It was a bit stupid I used up all of my seeds ...
6 hours ago
My mother is 90 now. Now I consider her 'elderly'. And she herself does too.
But until last year she drove her car wherever she wanted. But the car was badly damaged, because of a very young lady who drove her father's car crashed with my mother's car ... No harm was done physically, but my mother decided not to buy a new car, but an e-trike (like a bicycle on three wheels with electrical pedal assistance). And she has a stairs-elevator (like a chair going up and down the stairs along a rail) ... but sometimes she forgets to use it. And she still makes long walks with her dog, only using a stick and sometimes a walker (depending on how she feels that day). Someone is helping her once a week cleaning the house, but all other chores she still does herself.

You'll understand, with a mother like that I do not feel old myself at the age of almost 65
7 hours ago
Celebrated International House Plant Appreciation Day too (the 10th of January); made photos of a few of the houseplants living in my apartment ...

The plants in the corner with the mirror.

The plants in the windowsil at the sunny side.
When the restrictions will end I want to:
- have a party on the Permaculture Community Garden (Buurttuin in Dutch) with everyone involved. All those people who continued working to keep the garden in shape, and the others who stayed at home for whatever reason.
- hug my friends and family
1 day ago
So you're collecting empty jars and boxes too? Is it because of the idea "maybe I can use these for .... in the future"? For me it is, and some of my friends have the same

r ranson wrote:

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:I am sorry, but my tiny cotton plants all died. Maybe I had to wait until spring before sewing the seeds

what symptoms did they have?

They stopped growing, got a yellowish colour and looked dry, but watering didn't help. Of some the base of the stem looked thinner than normal, but not all.
2 days ago
I am sorry, but my tiny cotton plants all died. Maybe I had to wait until spring before sewing the seeds
3 days ago
In the mostly wet, not so very cold, winters in the Netherlands layering is the best solution too. My skin isn't sensible, I can wear wool underwear (there's a Danish brand, Dilling, which I can order online). I am busy knitting my own too, from unraveled fine merino second-hand sweaters, but that takes a lot of time.
Most of my clothes are second hand, in thrift stores I look for anything natural, including cotton, as long as it's of the right quality. I always look for wool, but it's a rare find.
My outer layer NEEDS to be really watertight, so it's 'plastic' ...

Stacy Witscher wrote:My big problem is that it isn't that cold here. Winter days are usually above freezing, and about half are overcast and/or raining. We dry in front of the woodstove, but the woodstove overheats the house. It is bothersome.

The same here Stacy. What we call 'winter' is more rain, sometimes wet snow, but not a time to use the clothesline outdoors. That's why I have a clothesline indoors too (in the storage room).
3 days ago
Hi R. I don't know for others, but I like watching videos while knitting (maybe others like watching while spinning). The video can be any subject, but of course I am interested to hear and see more on handcrafts, wool and other textiles materials, or gardening (permaculture, food forests). I don't like leaving my knitwork because the video has ended and I have to search for another one ... A video of 15 - 30 minutes is OK. Are you thinking of making such videos?
6 days ago