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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

Opalyn Rose wrote:Here are my photos for your review for the Oddball PEP project.  For this project, I learned an entirely new to me (and little known) form of strap making and basket weaving.  It is called Ply-Split Braiding and you can learn more here

Wow, a new textile technique to learn! Thank you Opalyn.
2 hours ago

Opalyn Rose wrote:started this thread to discuss "weave a camera strap" - textile - straw bb

Hi Opalyn. It looks good to me too. It is one of the things I am planning to do, so I'll be glad if there's a BB thread.
2 hours ago
Hi. I illustrated a few books and get royalties when these books are sold. But it isn't very much and the amount is different each year. It can be even under $5.
The editor pays once a year (end of the year) and then I get an e-mail in Dutch. What shall I do?
18 hours ago
First try to get a BB in roundwood working (and an Air Badge).
I pruned the rose above the gate and it looked like good hooks to me.

Started making hooks from rosewood with my camping knife

Making a second hook the same way

Now I used other handtools for the finishing touch

And a hand drill for holes for the screws

The finished product!

Some of those tools were sleeping in my toolbox for many years. Maybe now they're woke up I'll use them some more ...

Beth Wilder wrote:Oh, Inge, I love your Koh-i-noor tin of steel pins! That's one of the things I love most about the supplies I inherited from my gramma and grand-nannah. The containers themselves are works of art. I think part of it is just the colors!

Hi Beth. I never thought of my tin of pins as something special. I probably bought it new in the 1970s (or maybe my mother bought it for me). Now I looked it up on the internet and I see it's even in the museum!

I think I'll handle it with more care and respect now!
1 day ago
To practice branding a sign I first made a small sign for my Sepp Holzer Grains

('graan is Dutch for 'grain')
1 day ago
Made my hussif out of 'cabbage' too.
It's even 'fabric harvested from old clothes' (I got a BB for that). A skirt and blouse of thin cotton with prints and a part of a dress (the other part will become a skirt) of linen.

See it in the 'hussif thread':
1 day ago
No BB for this. I already made a tool-roll for my crochet needles. But I made my small hussif too! To take with me on bicycle-camping-tours. So I can repair clothes (maybe even other textile things) if needed.

Square pin cushion filled with wool

All different parts: pin cushion, two pockets, closing ribbon and the backside that will hold all. Halfway the sewing  

hand-sewing all together

Now I can put the things in it: small scissors (embroidery scissors) in the 'large' pocket, a few buttons and an embroidery needle in the tiny pocket, sharp needles, some pins and a safety pin on the pin cushion, two kinds of yarn will be wound around it and the a strip of fabric (can be used for patches)

1 day ago
I saw the video before I saw this thread (I am a subscriber to your channel). And I happened to see such an old washing machine with wringer today in a second-hand store. It looked very much like yours. A beautiful old, well kept, machine. I don't know if it still works, but those old things were made much better than they make stuff nowadays. No, I didn't buy it.
1 day ago

Jenny Azarola wrote:Thank you! I have been checking out some of the youtube videos, I crochet and knit so Im sure I can figure this out but so far Im still flabbergasted by it. Made my own nalbinding needle out of a popsicle stick from my craft supplies and gonna keep trying until I get it! Will check out the link now

Nice you made your won needle, Jenny! But it is not needed, you can use an ordinary needle for nalbinding, the kind without a sharp point (so a darning needle or an embroidery needle).

Do you know the 'blanket stitch' (or 'point festoon')? That's what Nalbinding is, a lot of those stitches attached to eachother.

1 day ago