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Brody, maybe I missed it, but I don't think anyone has mentioned hormone testing to see if this is a contributor to your wife's condition. I have had insomnia for decades along with progressive pain from back surgery and degenerating discs in my neck along with many old injuries coming back to say Hi.

This is just my experience, but when I started taking DHEA, I started sleeping much better. Instead of always having a 2 hour wake up period in the middle of the night, or not getting to sleep until 4 am, I now wake up briefly twice a night then go right back to sleep. My chronic pain is much reduced. I also started taking pregnenolone, which is a pro-hormone that is metabolized into DHEA, estrogens, cortisol, and testosterone, so your body converts it into what's needed, which I like. I take 20 mg of pregnenolone and I noticed within two days that I was much calmer and yet more alert - like the engine inside me wasn't constantly revving up like it has been doing my whole life. One odd benefit of taking pregnenolone is that I now have nice finger nails. The low-level agitation is gone so I'm not picking at my nails anymore.

One thing that's really interesting is that I did the elimination diet last year for food sensitivities and found many that set my heart racing. Now that I'm on the DHEA and pregnenolone, I'm not nearly as sensitive to these foods.

If your wife's hormones are out of whack, which is almost guaranteed with the level of stress she's been under, it's really difficult to get a handle on anything else. I would advise seeing a doctor that will check her hormone levels and approach it from this angle.

BTW I am a trained herbalist and although both western and Chinese herbs helped, nothing seemed to fix the underlying issue, which for me seems to be low hormone levels. If you do some searching, you'll find that low hormones can cause many of the symptoms that your wife is experiencing.

The mold you mentioned definite needs to get fixed for your health as well as hers. I used to do mold assessments in a previous job so if you want more info let me know and I can give a few pointers.
16 hours ago
The one aspect of your recipe that concerns me is the oil. Botulism can grow in oil since the oil excludes the acid (water and oil don't mix well) and it proves an anaerobic growing condition. With this new information I would use caution as well. If it was just an acidic solution and no oil, there would be much less risk.
1 day ago
Looking at the data set above, and based on my 25 years as a researcher, the data shows very little correlation. Anyone can draw a line through some points. It doesn't mean anything. If the conclusions in the study indicate otherwise, this should have been caught by other scientists, who, in my experience, just love to pick at other people's data.

On the other hand, I've seen lots of info that vitamin D is essential for immune function as well as many other functions in the body, and essential for fighting disease. We try to keep our blood levels around 50 for this reason. So in my opinion, the conclusion is correct, but this particular data set is not useful.

*Edit: When I was still working, we used to call this type of data "shotgun data" because of the high scatter. I've generated this type of data before but I would only publish it to prove that there was NOT a correlation. It's important to look at details when trying to make sense out of a published article.
1 day ago
What was the recipe for your vinegar solution? I make salsa in late summer with garden veggies and add lime juice to start off acidic, then let it ferment for at least a month. This becomes my hot sauce for the winter and it's very acidic when it's done fermenting. So fermentation can continue after adding acid to veggies.

The pressure inside your can may be due to lactobacillus fermentation which is just fine. Can you check the pH of the solution? If it's below 4.6 then the pressure shouldn't be from botulism because it can't grow below this level of acidity. On the other hand, I've had acidified vegetables get moldy and I'd swear the mold ate up the acid because the solution wasn't as acidic anymore. I send those veggies to the compost.

But, as others have said, if you are in doubt then it's probably best to give it to the compost. I've tossed things that I wasn't sure of and I don't regret it (much). I was, however, more careful next time so that I didn't have to risk throwing food out again due to uncertainty.
1 day ago

Derek Dendro wrote:Personally, I think the cries of suspicion and danger narratives, have been exhausted and that horse isn't showing signs of life (beaten to death) but the people who need to express that always will

That statement alone tells me you do not appreciate the gravity of the situation or many womens' concerns. Essentially it's saying to me "I hear ya, now shut up about it already. We're nice guys." A stranger doesn't know you.

You asked for feedback on your original post that provided very little information except enticements for women. Based on that you received replies. Please take them seriously. Or not, but don't be surprised when people are honest with you about how they feel. Quite a few people gave you their honest, considered feedback because they would like to help.
We inoculate the char sifted from our wood stove ash with pee. Once we get a good bucketful of the char, we add the pee and let it sit in the liquid for several days up to a week. There is very little odor because the char soaks up the urea. Even so, it's kept in the garage. The ash is used as a traction aid on our icy/snowy paths and doorways. There are many other uses as well.

After the char/pee has soaked for a while, I dump it out into the garden beds. Not all in one spot, and since there is still liquid in the bucket you have to be careful not to splash on yourself.  If you do, the dogs and cats will find you fascinating.

We usually do this over the winter since that's when we have the char available. Depending upon your soil type, adding other nutrients to the soaking solution should be fine. For us, it's a matter of what's available and needed for our garden to improve. Good luck with your experiments. I'd like to hear how it works for you.
4 days ago
I'm not in your age range, but I have a rich history of making mistakes when it comes to men :) Fortunately I found my husband after those mistakes.

If I were a younger woman, the first thing I would look for in your community is a clear idea of roles and responsibilities. All of the features you list are lovely but it's the day to day expectations that make or break a relationship. Do you expect the women to cook and clean? Or can she work alongside the men while a man cooks and cleans? Who makes the decisions on the tasks to be done and the person assigned to them? Can the woman say no to an assigned task and choose her own? You don't really describe how your system works. So far I've seen features that are meant to be enticing.

Safety of the woman and her right to choose to have a relationship or not must be very clear. For me, a situation with lots of men who haven't had women around and in a remote location doesn't feel exactly safe, even with the best of intentions.

Have you had women in your community before? If so, how did it turn out? Those situations will help a lot in diagnosing the areas that need to be addressed.
Thanks John. Good to know about the tub footprint. The cost now, that's another issue but not one we can do much about. I've always loved the Japanese tubs that are tall so that you're up to your shoulders in water. A hot tub is probably the closest version we have in this country.
2 weeks ago
This is a great discussion. I second what everyone has said about going easy on small cuts and abrasions about minimal intervention unless needed. Then go gentle on the treatment.

If I really need an antimicrobial in a salve, I use something with berberine in it such as Chinese coptis root, goldenseal, oregon grape root, barberry, and yerba mansa. Berberine is a broad spectrum antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, antiprotozoal, etc. It kills MRSA so it's good to have if just for that eventuality.

Berberine is also anti-inflammatory. It can be used on mucous membranes so it's good for eye infections, depending upon how you extract the herb. Obviously you don't put a salve or alcohol extract in your eyes. If you make suppositories with beeswax it's great for hemorrhoids or other inflammations of that region. Lots of other uses but you get the idea. These herbs are incredibly versatile and beneficial.

If you choose to use this, just keep in mind berberine is also a uterine stimulant so should not be taken internally during pregnancy. Not sure about topically.
2 weeks ago
John, what type of tub did you decide on? I've looked into them for the same reasons - we plan to stay in our house as long as possible and tubs will become more difficult to use as we age. Our bathroom is small so we need something with the same footprint as our existing tub.
2 weeks ago