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Joy discovered Permaculture in 2015. Thanks, Paul! And suddenly the vast expanse of grass began to shrink. Her hubby is appreciative, as mowing is not fun for her guy.
Joy is designing her permaculture paradise from the edges. Fumbling and stumbling all the way. She successfully grows weeds and a few fruits and veggies in the humid Mid-south.
Officially Zone 7b, according to personal obsevations I live in 7a, SW Tennessee
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I don't know the details of this person's condition. To fix it I know that inflammation would need to be reduced. Are there herbs specific to bursitis.
22 hours ago
That is an excellent article Pierre. Welcome to the contributing side of Permies! I look forward to reading more of your articles.
1 day ago
This is good to know. You have reminded me of my own harvest sitting in deep freeze. Thanks!
1 day ago
Have you tried pine needle tea? Available year round! We need to make some up again.
1 day ago
I use all three, in equal parts together in one salve. This way I can yell to whomever is in earshot to get the salve, and I get what I want. One container is better for my life.
2 days ago
Well, he always has some pain. He just deals with the daily reality of it. We are working on eliminating the inflammations. What I had in mind when I posted, was recovering after surgery. The legally allowed amount barely touches his pain. As he may be in need of a surgery in the comming year, I was hoping the effects could be amplified. It is pain relief he is looking for.
2 days ago
Pain medications don’t give much relief to my Hunny. He says he has never felt the affects of caffeine or B 12 shots. I think I have tracked this down to having a fast liver function on the first pass from your Herbal ABCs the Foundation of Herbal Medicine. I know we need to supplement to increase the capture of toxins in the 2 and 3 passes.

When he needs pain relief,  is there something that can be taken with them to cause them to be more effective? Something to make the B 12 shots be effective?
2 days ago
Tell her congrats on her hard work!
2 days ago