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Joylynn Hardesty

master pollinator
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since Apr 27, 2015
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Joy discovered Permaculture in 2015. Thanks, Paul! And suddenly the vast expanse of grass began to shrink. Her hubby is appreciative, as mowing is not fun for her guy.
Joy is designing her permaculture paradise from the edges. Fumbling and stumbling all the way. She successfully grows weeds and a few fruits and veggies in the humid Mid-south.
Officially Zone 7b, according to personal obsevations I live in 7a, SW Tennessee
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Recent posts by Joylynn Hardesty

Do check with your seed company, I think there is a variety called rocket, that is perennial. If yours is that type,  it will regrow.

Thelka wrote: I too, have a long deep soaking tub.  Not only do I enjoy soaking my muscles after exertion, but, I have the thing insulated.  It stays hot for a long time.  It’s between an hour and a half and two hours before I feel it cool enough I want to get out.

Can you show us how you insulated the tub?

1 week ago
An article from Furbearers Conservation  on coyote pelt handling. Useful links included.

If skinning has not been done soon enough, the belly of the carcas turns green. If this happens, the hair will fall out of the umm pelt? Hide? So, how would one remove the hair intentionally,  if it's gonna fall out anyway? To turn it into leather?

This is for a thought project... unless our hunter friend is very very successful on this trip.

Oooh! And this green belly condition, would the meat still be good?
3 weeks ago
Thank you Mike, for writing my concerns so well!

As for an observation window, one could insert them in hive bodies yourself. Here is a lady doing it with plexiglass. It wouldn't be much more trouble to make a recessed rectangle to fit real glass instead. I however would only do that to one box per hive. Just so much work, when you are going to need to open the hive aanyway.

4 weeks ago
Merry Christmas my Permie people!
4 weeks ago
FYI I also was impressed with your wheel!
4 weeks ago
Anyone know if endophytes survive in the freezer? As in long term storage of tender garden annuals? Some freeze tolerance must be present in our wild plants.
4 weeks ago
Here is an article on dead nettle at Eat The Weeds. It will help you determine if this is the same as your weed.

I feel I should start from wooden tools, as metal requires tools, which I have very limited access to.

When you are ready to start on metal, you may want to start with Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap (Complete 7 Book Series) by David J. Gingery .

Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap is a progressive series of seven projects. Beginning with a simple charcoal fired foundry, you produce the castings for building the machine tools to equip your shop. Initially the castings are finished by simple hand methods, but it is not long before the developing machines are doing much of the work to produce their own parts...

Here is a link to the author's page where the individual books can be purchased one at a time.
1 month ago