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Joy discovered Permaculture in 2015. Thanks, Paul! And suddenly the vast expanse of grass began to shrink. Her hubby is appreciative, as mowing is not fun for her guy.
Joy is designing her permaculture paradise from the edges. Fumbling and stumbling all the way. She successfully grows weeds and a few fruits and veggies in the humid Mid-south.
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Due to winter mortality, I stubbornly state, zone 7a Tennessee
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Recent posts by Joylynn Hardesty

I found his book on the publisher's site for $16.20.

Here's the link.
1 hour ago
Welcome to permies!

First, know that I don't have livestock yet. I recommend not to get animals until you have their fencing and housing completed. I see many permies rushing to complete shelters for animals they already have. This is problematic because shit happens, and other things are bumped to needing to be done NOW.

I would also be sure that the funds to feed them are available for the growing season. Again, shit happens. I would not depend on the animals to bring in funds to feed themselves. Again, shit happens. Do you already have the contacts needed to sell your products? Specifically, the fiber. I have learned here at permies, that many sheep farmers compost their wool, because fleece prices are lower then the cost of getting them to market... Or they get a rebate to compost that is higher than market value.
1 day ago
What. What? Whatcha ya want calling me out like this?

You're welcome. It's an awesome show!
2 days ago
I grew up not far from the San Andreas fault in California. We had a dog that would tell us about a coming quake several hours before an occurence, though I don't remember her specific behavior. We had a few seconds warning built into the triplex we lived in. One could here it comming from the rattling windows... Whee!
2 days ago
Hi Kyle. I've got no power to help you out. But those that can help, need a link to your post to investigate.
I think you are correct May. iNaturalist gives it the common name of wild dill, as well as thicket parsley. That link gives hundreds of pictures of it.
1 week ago
I like the feel of black medic under my bare feet. The patch in my yard died out when it became garden space.

Disclaimer: I did not take the time to see if the seed heads are poky on my feet.
1 week ago
Well, that photo was from last week. Only one leaf remained green and the caterpillar was nowhere to be found. The leaf, when crushed did have a faint smell reminiscent of dill. When I had grown dill, it was very aromatic. again, this is very faint. Here's what the mature seed heads look like.

EDITED to add picture.
1 week ago
Sounds like fun May! Mine will have to happen in situ. The job gets in the way of so much fun stuff.
1 week ago
Will try to find out the smell... seems that by now I'd remember to check that...

These are from a couple of weeks later. An unknown to me seems to like the plant. Who is he?

1 week ago