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Recent posts by Olmec Sinclair

I would very much like to purchase Goumi - Elaeagnus multiflora seeds if anyone has some they would consider sending to New Zealand.
1 year ago
We have been having an unexpectedly dry spring and I fear that summer maybe worse.
I have read that it is better not to prune drought stressed trees as they exert resources to heal.

I'm wondering if anyone has information or thoughts on heavy pruning of sacrificial trees to aid nearby trees?

I have an abundance of tagasaste and other nitrogen fixing support trees inter planted in my food forest as well as a few mature trees. My thinking was that cutting them back should free up moisture for other plants and maybe even shed some of the outer roots and contained water. Obviously I can also use prunings to mulch those trees that require assistance.

Soil is mostly clay, and becomes very hard and dry.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.
1 year ago
Black currant does ok in partial shade
2 years ago
Personally I see the whole blockchain system as too technically heavy and fragile to be a considered an element of permaculture. Maybe I'm just old and boring...
2 years ago
I purchased some dehulled Jujube seed from Foxgreen Farm / https://jiovi.com In July 2018 (about a year ago) which I planted almost immediately into a tray in the greenhouse.

Being located in New Zealand, this was mid winter.

Germination rate was about 50%, pretty good by my experience with imported seed and the feedback from other growers.

A year on I have about half left alive, about 20 - 30cm tall in 3 litre pots (do the math imperialists, see how you like it...)

Of these about half are single stem and the rest are multi branching from ground level, there is obvious variation in leaf shape and colour

Having attempted and lost purchased Jujube trees in the past, growing from seed seemed like it would improve my chances at lower cost.

I'm tempted to plant mine out this coming spring but the destination location is rather harsh and out of site / mind and I'm afraid they might get a little neglected and then swamped by weeds so I'll probably wait another year. Or do half soon but in a closer and more monitored location....

Having never even tasted a Jujube I have no fixed expectations about what I might get out of all this.
2 years ago
Hi, depending on when and for how long you will be in New Zealand we may have something for you.
Learn more about our enterprise - http://www.blockhill.co.nz/visit/experience
3 years ago
Great information and the visuals help make it clear. Thanks for sharing and explaining in such details. I would be interested to know what size area uphill is catching water for this? I realise it might not be as simple as measuring the area on a map since the clay layer may not follow the same shapes as the surface. Also, what is the average annual rainfall in this area?
3 years ago
I have had success in eradicating couch grass from smallish areas using old corrugated iron, overlapping it and letting it bake in the sun over summer. This worked for me because I had a big stack or iron on the property and ended up with more when I did some renovations. Needs to be weighted down, we are in North Canterbury (New Zealand) and get some fantastic winds.

No luck with sheet mulching, probably not using a thick enough layer.
5 years ago
I have several plants grown from seed, which germinated well in trays in the plastic house, and did well in pots outside. Now they are in their final positions (full sun and dry) they are struggling a bit but most (about 70%) are still going after last summer drought and last winter being reasonably cold (-5 or -6 centigrade)
We are in North Canterbury (New Zealand). Soil is clay.
5 years ago
Hi Andy, what about you, where in the country are you? and what perma projects are you up to....
6 years ago