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Recent posts by Roberta Wilkinson

Tereza Okava wrote:The only sticking point i've found so far is that you can only use it for rice if you are okay with it being mushy (i.e. risotto). I have used it for biryani, but only the part of cooking the meat (for goat, it would be perfect), the rest I put in a normal pot.

I found an article online that suggested a 1:1 water:rice ratio with 4 minutes full pressure and natural release for white rice, and that's worked really well for me. Basmati seems to want an extra little splash of water, but the usual short-grain white that I use comes out perfectly tender-firm. I've retired my standalone rice cooker.
4 months ago
I came across this article about the history of this property and the man who developed it. He died suddenly a few years back, and it looks like his business partner wasn't able to continue on her own. It would be beautiful to see another generation of better-than-organic farmers take up the torch:
1 year ago
Not my place, I just follow this auction house and thought the Permie-signal should be boosted on this property.

Former organic farm. Off grid with solar and propane, well and septic, huge greenhouse and established fruit trees, creek and pond.

Bidding starts at $50,000 on 6/18 and closes 7/17. Cash only.
1 year ago
If you can get a hold of John Pollock and he invites you up to his place, I would go. He's got a great setup and is an enjoyable guy to chat with. He doesn't do formal tours or anything though, I just emailed him through his website and he invited us out. He also vends at the Kula farmers market, which is a great truly local market, all organic. It's at Waipuna Chapel on Omaopio Rd on Wednesdays.
1 year ago
I'm really curious about what makes this plant *so* invasive in certain areas.  We have one that we put in intentionally, with plans to nip out seedlings if we had to, and in three years it hasn't spread at all.  A neighbor has one on her property that's been there for a decade and again - no volunteers.  A local nursery reported three uninvited seedlings in all their time keeping and cultivating these plants.

It's obviously absolutely true that Autumn Olive is a problem plant in some places, but it's also obviously true that it's not a problem in other places.  If we could nail down the conditions that let it spread so widely, it would be helpful to indicate where one should or shouldn't consider introducing the plant.
2 years ago
I moved the brew from the fermenter to a bottle the other day, but the last bit with all the peach goo wouldn't fit.  I strained that into a glass and put it in the fridge to settle.  I'm drinking it right now, and I'm pretty pleased.  Notes of the fruit and honey, but not sickly sweet or syrupy.  I'm buzzed, so that bit worked. ;P Curious to see what aging does to/for it.

3 years ago
I use a splash of balsamic vinegar in my tomato sauce, both for flavor and acidity.  I pH test with cheap litmus paper before canning and it always comes out around 4 without further intervention.
3 years ago
Correct.  I don't wash mine unless there's a spill or something.  I also don't freeze it - just keep it in a baggie in a drawer.  It's really just a piece of muslin, washed and cut to size.  I dust some flour on it, less than you'd need to flour a counter, and then roll out the dough.  I lightly flour the top of the rolled dough and then use the cloth to lift one side to fold the rolled dough lightly in half or sometimes quarters so it's easy to move to the pan.  When done, I go outside and give the cloth a few sharp snaps from each end to get most of the flour off, then fold it and put it away for later.
3 years ago
That's a lot like my own recipe, Craig, passed down from my sainted grandmother: 2 cups flour, dash salt, 1 cup Crisco (now coconut oil), 1/4 cup ice water.  Does the baking powder make it more cakey?  I've never seen a crust recipe with baking powder.

I roll it without chilling, on a floured muslin, which makes it easy to pick up.
3 years ago
Popping in to add some pie porn

Peach pie from earlier this summer.

You can't see the insides, but this one was apple.

Both made with my home sprouted wheat flour.  The top one is coconut oil, but I think the bottom was an experiment with a fancy online recipe for "the flakiest pie crust ever" or something like that, with butter and a bunch of careful chilling and folding.  I didn't think it was worth the hassle over my regular instant gratification recipe.
3 years ago