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Recent posts by D Nikolls

I intend to try sealing between closely mounted panels using eternabond tape. I've had some over lines of rivets atop a bus for about 6 years and it still looks good..

I intend to hit the panels with a hose as convenient, and scrub with a long handled brush is absolutely necessary. I guess if I really had to get close I would use a railed pallet on the tractor forks... but the panels I have been running for 2 years seem fine without scrubbing.
22 hours ago
Thank you all for the input!

She's hanging now. First time skinning/gutting solo, and she's twice the size to boot... Suffice to say I will be tidying a bit tomorrow.

I've got the two sides hanging in a white cargo trailer; the trailer will see a bit of sun, but I will keep it ventilated in the day. Sitting at 0c as I finished up just now, hopefully just right to chill it without any freezing.

I think early/mid november would be ideal. When I slaughtered in mid dec I had to move them into a barn for the last 2 weeks as the wet cold was too much for the mobile shelter.. they were way mad about it.

Right now seems a bit early, I am still sorting out other harvests as first frost was just a few days ago... less overlap would be good, and there is still garden surplus to feed. But, the date was set by the the friend buying 3 out of 4 hogs..
4 days ago
I've done it that way when I slaughtered one in summer, and it was good meat, but it did seem to me that the meat from the previous hog, hung for a good two weeks in mid winter, was better yet.

In any case, hoping I can get away with hanging this one as I can get a bit of help next weekend, vs doing it all solo right away. The cutting is one thing, but I am straight up horrible at wrapping it nicely!
5 days ago
Slaughtering a hog shortly, as all her buddies are booked in on sunday and I don't want her stressed and lonely.

Forecast shows a couple nice cool days and then highs around 10c , nights not much colder. Much warmer than previous times...

Is this too warm to let the meat hang for a week or more?
5 days ago
A variety is nice, my first set on the farm are in a vaguely sun-scoop shape around a pond.

In a smaller, shadier space at my parents place, I built one east-west, and one north-south. In that shady site, the north-south didn't work great; any added shading was Bad News, and the south end was too small to be useful, and too close to the shaded edge of the garden. After a year I built some log walls around it and converted to a raised bed, which worked very well.

The east-west one worked better, but growing on the north was a lost cause. I used pallets to enclose just the north side, and gave the whole thing a south-facing slope, which worked out nicely.
1 week ago
I haven't done much of this yet, but it is on the list... so I have been thinking about suitable wood.

In my part of BC, my list so far includes:

Pacific crabapple
Dogwood (protected/endangered! Gotta wait for windfall.)
Douglas fir; large branches on an old tree can be dense, or old-growth heartwood

Not a lot of info on how these will perform, but all seem worth trying. Planting some hardwoods could also yield handle sized wood in not too many years...
1 week ago
Fish compost is made with fish plant waste & woodchips commercially around here. A friend did it for a while as well.

Nothing but woodchips and said waste fish... but the ratio neds to be right, and you gotta mix it, like with an excavator!

A barrel is way too small to hot compost, I am guessing that is an important difference..
1 week ago
Did you grow them from seed?

I am not a huge fan of them, but the fruit from seedlings my friend grew were definitely inedible, much worse compared to berries from a known cultivar..
1 week ago
My neighbour currently gets most of his firewood off my place, in about the manner you describe; he comes over with a quad with a small trailer, heads to the trees or logs I have offered him, fells if needed, bucks to stove length, loads the quad, and takes em home one little trailer at a time.

He dumps it in a pile by the woodshed, and then some other day runs it all through an electric splitter while his wife stacks it neatly in the shed.

Your process going from quad-trailer to truck to home would have an extra handling step... I hate extra handling steps.

I think his process is a bit goofy as bucking to stove length right away multiplies the number of pieces needing moved. I prefer to move it in bigger chunks, as big as I can carry on a shoulder, so with alder 8ft is a nice length unless it starts getting up over a foot as the thick end.

Of course if you are cutting bigger trees this becomes pretty impractical! Some of the big dying fir at my parents place needed two of us with a ramp to get each stove-length round into the pickup...

I am only lugging it into piles to move with a tractor... but you could just as easily be carrying it a short distance to a quad trailer set up to move poles, or directly to the truck depending on how you deal with access at your woodlot.

I am about the only person I know without a quad, in my area. Whether you really need one will depend totally on how truck-friendly the woodlot ends up being.. I've dragged logs to the road with 100ft of cable hooked to the truck, but it's not ideal, a winch would be a better plan.

Is the quad gonna live at the woodlot, or do you need to have a way to lug it back and forth as well?
1 week ago
So... does the seed potato rule mean you can buy seed potatoes, grow potatoes from them, save some to plant, and then in year 2 you're ok?

Or is it meant as 'no potatoes unless you start by importing true potato seeds'?
2 weeks ago