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Recent posts by D Nikolls

Thanks for the updates. Signed that, and will spread it around in the AM.

Absolutely disgusting to take advantage of a pandemic to press ahead while responsible people are staying home. The increased covid risk this action brings is really the icing on the cake.
1 day ago
Seems like anything strong smelling that *won't* hospitalize you would be a good idea.. garlic? I got some burning plastic(electrical fire) on my hand the other day and it smelled pretty bad for a whole day even with a LOT of scouring and washing... but hopefully a less toxic and dramatic solution is available!
1 day ago

C. West wrote:if you dont mind asking what benefit do you get with elderberry rootstock? faster growth, hardiness, dwarfing? i ask because i was under the impression elderberry was generally not that big, very hardy and grew/rooted from cuttings very well

I'd never heard of rootstock for EB, curious about advantages as well!
5 days ago

James Landreth wrote:After years of meaning to and of getting distracted by other things,  I've finally gotten my raspberry patch in!!

Ya, this... last years garden was satisfying, productive, but mostly a footnote. This years is getting a *lot* more attention, between not having to cash to work on planned larger projects, and having an acute interest in eating for the rest of the year.. I am highly motivated!
1 week ago

John F Dean wrote:Hi D Nikolis

Indeed.  I am monitoring the, prices on several pieces of equipment.  It is my bet that retail prices for non essential items will go down.

I am unfortunately on the wrong side of it, being abruptly strapped for cash. I can practically *taste* the liquidations coming... but I will be lucky to keep what I have now. I think prices are going to go down a *lot*.

Fuel is a nice example, seems pretty clear that there is suddenly a glut... which are likely followed by serious production cuts, which then... but, being a consumable, it's a bit different than say heavy equipment, which can become a deadweight in the right market..
1 week ago
And, the more cynical, morbid upside!

...there are going to be a lot of great deals to be found at garage sales and thrift stores when this blows over.
1 week ago

Ashley Cottonwood wrote:People will be able to see the value in having local food sources. I see an uprise in the permaculture world!  

Around here the farms are sold out, demand hugely spiked. The question is, will these people stick around, if/when this blows over...

We grow so little food here that even a small shift would be massive; ie, if 2% of the populace started caring a lot about local food, that would more than double the market for local farmers.

I wonder if there will be impacts on regulations. Probably too much to hope for, but ran through a train of thought where I thought of three in a row, reasonable, practical, permie-style responses to shortages, and realized each was not able to be done legally..

Peace and quiet, is a definite upside, for those who live somewhere that this is available while in isolation. I spoke with a friend who is highly socially attractive; everyone wants her advice and time, and she is a very generous person... but also quite introverted and chronically overwhelmed. She's having the time of her life!
1 week ago
Those seem pretty expensive to me. If time is on your side you might save a lot seeking cuttings and starting from seed.. and while it's slower, it's also fun!
1 week ago
Another vote for woodchips if you have a free source.

My parents had a source of hazelnut shells for a while, they were fantastic path material. Unless you like to be barefoot on your paths.
1 week ago
The short and kind of misleading answer is yes, capacitors can be and are used for handling startup surge on beefy motors.


In most cases, people with the sort of loads you are talking about, will be running alternating current loads.

In this case, the limiting factor tends to be the inverter providing said AC, not the batteries or panels.

You need batteries that can handle the current thst the inverter demands, but batteries beefy enough to run the intended load for even a modest amount of time are generally not the bottleneck.

And, you need enough solar or other inputs to keep up with whatever amount of power you use. But, quadrupling your solar panel count won't let the inverter handle a motor with even a slightly larger inrush current..

More panels would, in sunny times, help the *batteries*, if they are marginal for output current. Ie, if you have 100A coming in to a bank that can only output 100A, while this is going on you could output 200A. But, the output current shouldn't be the limiting factor for the battery bank, usually.

There are systems that run all DC loads, but this is much less common, especially when dealing with high wattage items like those listed.

There are also systems that go a step further and omit batteries, but these are much less common still for quite a number of reasons, including such inconveniences as 'nighttime' and 'cloudy days'.

As far as I can see, in all cases it is in theory possible to make it easier to start a load by adding (a) suitable capacitor/s. But, for the most common application involving an inverter, I would speculate that it is likely more practical to buy a more powerful inverter than a bunch of beefy capacitors..
1 week ago