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I was transplanted from city life in Michigan at the age of 8 years old, to country life in the Mark Twain National Forest of Missouri at the edge (foothills) of the Ozarks. Then back to Michigan, via 11 months in Southern California, at 17 where I tried to fall in line with everyone else there and never really caught up.
I am back in Missouri, working, saving to get back into the forest.
I developed a knack for writing, drawing, painting, and creative expression that sort of settled into Sign Painting; went to school for that, then later Desktop publishing. Before my sign painting days I was fascinated by office machines particularly copiers, I liked being able to do a thing once and making copies.
I use and recommend herbs, essential oils, supplements, organic and nutritious foods, I believe in an omnivorous diet paying close attention to the signals my body gives me to make adjustments. I am motivated by my health and the scarcity of good food to take gardening more seriously than I did as a kid on the farm. I have the nick-name's Mother nature, nature girl, Nut's and Berries, occasionally "Nag" when I can see someone would benefit from a change.
Permaculture particularly the science of how the elements work to support the whole at the edges, the symbiotic cycle and recycling of energy throughout everything is very similar to the way I think. That one concept hooked me into permaculture. I would come up with some ideas for things that came from totally different disciplines or genre that if I told people how I came to the idea I'd get laughed at, so I quit telling people which made for some pretty dull discussions until I learned how to express myself better.
I have too much on my mind to remember everything. I never know what to include in these things so sorry if it doesn't make any sense to you.
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Central, Eastish Missouri, St Robert in Pulaski Co. was in SE Michigan, South of Detroit, Suburbian
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The video didn't pop up, I hope it does, but if it doesn't the title of the video is:

DIY Wool Mattress Topper (easy no sew), It shows a woman hand looping a wool blanket/mattress topper with slightly felted wool Roving generally used for spinning.

I am going to make one for myself ...I really want one! My apartment get's so cold in the winter.
2 years ago
I ran across this video a few weeks back when I was looking for a smaller mattress for my Chevy Blazer so I wouldn't have to stay in a hotel when I drove up to Michigan to see my sister.
I wanted something soft and warm but being the picky person I am I also wanted it to be natural. I even toyed with the idea of using a mattress ticking bag/mattress cover filled with straw - Lol Any way whatever I chose for the base I think I want this on top for it's warmth and softness.

2 years ago

Jay Angler wrote:Evelyn Mitchel wrote:

Yes it is sch 40, but I should have gotten the kind used in electrical work because it has UV protection on it.

I've heard of some people painting their pipe to protect it. A single layer of plastic over the pipe seems to cause it to degrade faster than the pipe alone. I'd wondered about wrapping it in old Takeout Chinese dinner pans or pie plates if you can scrounge a bunch of them, or even cut up t-shirt material? Duck tape will disintegrate in the sun also, so even though it would be easy, I wouldn't do it.

Keep us posted as your project evolves!

No good at this quote thing... I'll have to figure out how to take sections.

I don't do take out Chinese food or any take out food, but I am comfortable with paint. There is also greenhouse tape for the PVC to keep it from reacting with the plastic.

I will post more.
2 years ago
The knee board sounds like a good idea. I thought of something similar. To cut one 8' PVC section in half and put it on either side, glue the fittings to the 10' center arch and leave them 24 hours to cure before I assemble the hoop. I also planned a cross bar that goes from the front door frame of my green house to the back door frame so it keeps the hoops separated and supported near the top. Yes it is sch 40, but I should have gotten the kind used in electrical work because it has UV protection on it. I also plan to run a rail down the sides at just about 4' that ties into the front and back walls. I am using walls so I can put in vents, fans, windows and doors, so hopefully I can have the structure last until I want to move it or take it down. I got my general idea from "Retired at 40" youTube channel his build a greenhouse in a day for under 150.00. His is a 10' by 10' greenhouse. I wanted a slimmer footprint because of where I live. If I do the knee board as you describe but just make it a little taller I might be able to go that route too. I'm researching options now. The hoops in my garden are about 4 to 4 and a half feet tall. If I keep the 6' distance and just make walls I'd only need about 2 1/2' to 3' walls that I can cover separately or maybe cover with screens and just use plastic in the Fall and Winter. Lot's of ideas forming, just one person here though. I'd love to try them all.

I'm going to try to post the other 3 pictures, I said 4 in my other post but I just noticed that one was a duplicate.
2 years ago
Thank you Ebo, I had a hard time finding you. My email link took me back to the Gear forum, I didn't realize it was put in greenhouses too.
I was fortunate that I didn't need supplemental heat. My garden is quite a distance from my apartment and I'd have to leave a door or window open to fish an extension cord out to the garden. It's doable, just not practical.
As I research my actual greenhouse build I have found some creative ideas on both heating and cooling the interior of the space. I will try to post as I go.
2 years ago
Hey it worked, it didn't show in the preview so I thought it was lost. I have four more to add to this so give me a minute to wake my bum up. I'll be back in a few.

2 years ago
Okay one more time... Pictures of my Mini Hooper.

Okay I give up, Img don't work, I'm not putting pic's in the cloud, and attachment doesn't work either, which I tried the first time and lost everything including all my writing, and again this last time but at least the story is there.


2 years ago
I am trying again, I don't work very fast so the site times me out before I can finish a post. This

time I am writing it all in notepad first

I don't know if using the stuff you have on hand as gear rather than using it for it's intended

purposes qualifies this post for this forum or not, but the fact that Mr Fokin took what he had to

make what he needed, made me think I could do this.

I am going to build a greenhouse that I can stand up in, yet narrow enough so it doesn't

interfere with the other requirements for my little corner of the apartment complex. Among the parts

to build it is some 18" rebar stakes, pretty expensive if you ask me, but I only need 10 and I

don't have the equipment to cut it, so, I bought it.
Rebar is regularly used in cement work but I am using it as a type of post anchor for the PVC

pipe to make the hoops of my greenhouse. The pressure of the bend helps it stay in place over the rebar but in order for it to be tall enough I had to use two pvc pipes joined by a connector coupling and glued. I found out quickly though, that you can't bend a jointed 18' of 3/4" PVC into an arc with a base of only 6'. The coupling will not hold, at least not the couplings I have on hand. So instead of being defeated, and giving up I decided to just use one 10' section at each end of the garden I had so far. I'd worry about the rest of it later, along with exactly where to put the greenhouse. I now know I have some modifications to make.

I was in a panic about losing my tender babies I got the idea of skipping the frame I worked on for the greenhouse and just focus on a way to hold plastic off my plants for a day or two so they would survive this cold snap. I could always uncover them during the day. Then it just hit me that I didn't really need the frame anyway not for this short time and I could just use the rebar without it. The frame is just insurance for longevity.

As a tool I first used the rebar to make holes in the ground for marker stakes that I made from lose twigs and branches that wouldn't hold up to pounding into this hard ground. It was the only thing I could think of at the time, now my long screwdriver is coming to mind, oh well too late now. I also used it to make furrows for my radish, bean and Brussels sprout seeds.

Come to think of it PVC isn't meant for hoop-houses any more than rebar was meant to anchor it in place, so I'll take this as a double win for creativity... or just panic mode clear thinking.

Okay let's see if this posts up,

2 years ago
Welcome, It's been a while. I remember the first time I saw this tool I was living in Michigan and didn't need much more than a spoon to work the soil. But I'm in Missouri now and the soil structure is very different. I have a lot of rocks here so sharpening would be a constant chore. But it would sure make working the clay soil a little easier. I'm glad to see you back.
2 years ago