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An insomniac misanthrope who enjoys cooking, textile arts, farming and eating delicious food.
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I saw this video today.  

It made me feel better about the world.

Normally I would put some text here to tell you what it's all about, but I think the video talks louder on its own.  
6 hours ago
Here's a video about being a successful introvert:

6 hours ago
I enjoyed this video about how to use the camera in full manual mode.  

A lot of my street photography is made up of contrasty images where the majority of the frame falls to deep shadow. The question I get asked most is 'how do you expose for this sort of shot'? The short answer is 'Manual Mode'... and the long answer is this video. I try and break down exactly how to expose correctly for any scene using aperture, shutter speed and ISO to balance your exposure triangle. This is probably a good video for any amateurs out there who are looking to take more control of their photography.  

7 hours ago
tentatively we have...

Form name: camera work
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keywords: camera, photography, film, youtube, videos,

Category: art
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Any thoughts on how to make it better?
Here's an inspirational video by a photographer who shoots almost exclusively with film:

She talks about her method, film choice, and the techniques she uses.

In this video I sit down with my friend Mavis CW who shoots street photography using her Leica M6 and Kodak Tri-X. She told me about why she loves the process of shooting and developing film and what it adds to her work as a street photographer.

9 hours ago
Yesterday, I spent two hours photographing unripe tomatoes.

The light coming through the window and falling on a rustic board.  I played a lot with aperture and different angles.  I found that putting the camera on a book and using the remote shutter release gave me my favourite results.  

Out of 100 photos, I got about 20 I really liked, but when I got the images on the computer, the green didn't pop as much as it did in real life.  So I played with some colour edits and got an interesting result.

I quite like how these turned out but was nervous uploading them to the stock sites because they don't look like anything else I've seen.  The first batch has been approved by shutterstock so I decided to try alamy too.  Their approval process is slower on the weekend, but that's fine.  I don't normally upload the same photo to both, but Alamy has a reputation of being more selective in what they approve, so I'm curious if these will make it through.

The following samples are made smaller with bulk resize photos
I would love to create a darkroom and process my own black and white photos at home.  But I worry about the chemicals.  Even with good ventilation, I would still need to dispose of the chemicals once used and I suspect they aren't exactly septic system or greywater safe.

There goes my dream of processing my own film...

... or does it?

I stumbled on this today, she's developing film with mint tea, vitamin C tablets and some baking soda.  Pretty neat stuff.

So, is it possible to create a darkroom set up at home that doesn't rely on harsh chemicals?  
11 hours ago
Here are some links about shooting the moon:



I would like to find some about using film but I haven't discovered it yet.  
12 hours ago

wayne fajkus wrote:I wonder if combining pics and vids into a forum would work.

I think this is a great idea.