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More about how to do the sashiko stitching

2 days ago
I've worn Pattens quite a bit and it looks like this style of clog is modelled after them. here's the wiki about them

These are lovely to wear, but the balance has to be right or we risk breaking an ankle.  I like the ones with the wood a bit softer so that it can adapt to the person's walk and idiosyncrasies.  

I wonder if carving some simple pattens first and wearing them around for a few days/weeks would help make a better shoe.  Wear it, adjust it, wear it... like a mockup.  Then base the shoe on what you learn?  
2 days ago
The official definition is when the rainfall is significantly less than normal.

Our "normal" is zero for 5 to 6 months every summer.  So we don't officially have "drought" here.

Personally, I go by soil moisture and our water table.  If our well can't handle, regular chores, having a bath and doing the laundry on the same day, then we're in drought mode.  That can happen almost any time of year, even in the rainy season, depending on the kind of rainfall we're getting.  This year, I expect to get there in about a week from now.  
1 week ago
ook me a while to see ha here was somehing wrong wih the subjec line.
1 week ago
ah, I see.  Looks like it was sent by the system instead of by a staff member.

The missing link is https://permies.com/advertising/
This is another good one.  https://permies.com/wiki/27826/advertising-free-free-permies

It looks like your posting style has triggered a spam filter.  

On permies, we encourage respectful self-promotion but don't allow spam.

Tagging promotional posts onto the end of an old thread usually ends up being off-topic and worse, it reduces your chance of actually getting noticed.  It's a poor result all around.  

Instead, to reach the most people, start ONE thread per item (be it a book or whatever).  Bump the thread if there are updates.  You might also want to look at the Thread Boost feature at the bottom of the screen.