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can I speed up the film after when I'm editing, or do I have to do something fancy like a timelapse?
2 hours ago

Flora Eerschay wrote:How about online knowledge test? Anyone can do that!

From talking with Paul, one of the things he is trying to accomplish with the SKIP programme (PEA, PEP, PEX) is to create an alternative to higher education.  For people who want to show a knowledge test, then university is the path for them.  But for people who would rather show what they have created and that they have the practical skills to do so again, then SKIP would be the path to go.  

(that's my understanding)

There's a huge difference between knowing something and doing something.

When I was learning how to spin yarn, I read every single book on the topic, including many technical manuals (you would be amazed by how much math is involved in creating yarn).  I could have aced any test on the subject.  And yet, after a year of study, I couldn't make yarn if my life depended on it.  20 minutes with an instructor and I was making yarn like crazy!  Teaching my brain about the skill is very different than teaching my hands to do a skill.  

Later on, I can take that esoteric knowledge I learned and apply it to yarn making.  But actual yarn making doesn't require any of the math I learned about the coefficient of friction of cotton on wood or silk against wool.  It just requires teaching your hands to feel and apply the right amount of twist for the fibres.
6 hours ago
I wonder if it's a USA thing?

In Canada, we have quarantine zones.  If you are known to have blight, nematodes, or other stuff, you can grow potatoes, but you cannot export it out of the zone.  There's a great deal of protection so if someone tosses the old potatoes in their compost or urban compost collection (as is the law in many places), the nasty stuff won't make it into the food chain.

Which requires you to know two things
- in most of Canada, it is (or will soon be) the law that you cannot put compostable items like potato peels in the trash - it MUST be composted either at home or with urban compost collection.
- urban compost collection is often composted in a not-hot way and used on organic (or inorganic) farms so it's easy to spread diseases.

That's why it's so strict with possible criminal charges, to export potatoes off a quarantine zone.  

Since exported potatoes are tested, this extra expense of applying chemicals doesn't make much economic sense.  
7 hours ago
Question:  What settings do I want to put on my camera?  

There are a lot of options with lots of numbers.  

I want it to look nice - much better than a video posted from a phone.  But I don't need it to look epic.  Somewhere in the middle that looks really good for most people's computer.

I also worry about the size of the video on my computer.  For each of the six to seven videos, I suspect I'll be taking 2 to 3 hours of footage.  
7 hours ago
I've never had store bought potatoes not grow.  Often times, they start growing in the cupboard before I can eat them.

But I usually buy potatoes grown in the same country, so they don't need treatment to go through customs.

I suspect organic potatoes wouldn't have fancy chemicals.  Probably better for you too.
8 hours ago

30 years (plus 10 for not smoking)!  That's some serious effort.


19 hours ago
What I got from it is that quality content trump's length. Quality based on a complicated algorithm, but percentage watched, is a big part of it.

if you can make one 20 Min Vs five 5 Min films, the longer one gets more algorithm love.
1 day ago
I found this video about video length and the youtube algorithm.

1 day ago
What do you do when making a video?  Do you just take the footage and somehow toss it together at the editing like a salad?  Or do you plan the order and how long on each shot?

How about fast-forwarding the boring bits?  Is that easy to do when editing or do I need to do something fancy when recording?

What settings do I put on my camera?  When I go to look at what type of video I can take, there are a lot of numbers and choices.  
1 day ago
We updated this badge today to include darning non-socks.

If you applied for this badge with a non-sock-darn, feel free to use the "report" button and the moderators will reassess the BB.  
1 day ago