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An insomniac misanthrope who enjoys cooking, textile arts, farming and eating delicious food.
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Redundancy is good.

There's not much on my computer I would be sad to lose.  I do a backup weekly because its a good habit to be in.  But I would be sad if my photos or music went.  So I'm thinking of an external hard drive that I would load the images on once every 6 months or so.  It would probably be stored at a safe location away from home.  So something not too big.

One of the things I'm not liking about these backup hard drives is all the software that comes with it.  I already have a backup software I'm happy with and I don't want crap automatically installed on my PC.  I just want an external memory that I can manage like an extra storage space.  
12 hours ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:

I have a question: I am doing textile handcrafts since many years. So I already have my materials and tools. I have a large bag filled with old clothes, sheets, etc. to use for future projects. Does this count for  BB (badge bit)? Or do I have to start collecting more???

My understanding is that old projects count towards the BB ... provided you have all the needed photos to meet the requirements (which sadly, I don't).

As for the old clothes BB - the details of that will involve cutting up the clothes into useable flat pieces, saving the buttons, zippers, etc, and that sort of thing.  So, if a person already has a button jar, you can simply add the buttons to that jar.   That way the materials are right ready when you need them.  
21 hours ago
are the geese worried about the duck and want to make sure it's not dead or in trouble?
1 day ago
the rainbow grows as I decided to dye the weft too.
2 days ago
I just checked and the computer does have 6 USB3 ports and 4 USB2 because all my gadgets are still USB2.  
3 days ago
My pc has USB 2, but I'm thinking of taking it to the shop in a few months/years and getting a USB 3 port installed it it proves be good.

I might get a faster graphic card at that time as mine is struggling.
3 days ago

Carla Burke wrote:Did he say how many of this breed he's raised, before, without incident, .

He said he usually tries to hatch 20 to 30 new chickens a year.  The breed is mixed from the Murry Mc Murry (sp?) mixed heritage selection.  

The two chickens are from different 'flocks' but they do intermix and share time in the same common area.  

I didn't ask about the rest.
3 days ago
Ray has trouble writing, so I talked with him on the phone about this to see if I could share more information.

Both chickens are hatched this spring.  But from different clutches.
Both clutches are hen-hatched.  Not incubator.
Both chickens had very few feathers on their neck from day one.  (there is the possibility of Turken geans - but he doesn't keep track of which hen and cock contributed the egg)

After the redness and swelling starts, the chickens still have a healthy appetite and energy for over a month, then the swollen part got hot to the touch on the hen and she started losing energy.  But she still had a good appetite until yesterday.  

Ray did try antibiotics (oxytetracycline) and ivermectin yesterday, both oral, both double dose but free choice.  The hen lapped it up.  Ray's worried this might be why the hen is doing so poorly today.  

He's increasing the quarantine for the chickens in case it's spreadable.  

The thing that worries him the most is the diagnosis.  Ray reads well and looked in all the chicken books he can find, but there's nothing like this.  All the things with this swelling have sinus or breathing problems or lack of appetite.  All of them would have destroyed the entire flock by now.

So Ray is wondering if it's an external problem.  An infection from injury because they lack feather armour?  Or parasites?  

The overall feeling I got from Ray is being lost.  Ray wants to give the chickens the best care, but it is very difficult where he lives because access to medicine and knowledge is restricted to large farms.  Regular vets won't treat chickens.

He asks: what do I look for in an autopsy to find out the cause?

Did I get this right?
3 days ago
Are static better?

I remember in high school, we could take the disk out of the old hard drive and copy the data over to a new one if when the motor failed.  
3 days ago
I did some rough calculations using this site.  It looks like I need between 0.3 to 0.5 Terabytes a year at my current usage.
3 days ago