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Ted Reyes wrote:Does anyone know any good and free video editing software for users?

Davinci resolve,  the software this thread is about,  is free.
19 hours ago
I finally edited my first video with DaVinci.  

It was easier and harder than I expected.

Having a quick way to view the clips and easy to use keyboard shortcuts like "i" and "o" was brilliant.  I would stick with this software just for how much time that saved me over my old editor.  Just hover the mouse over the clip to view the different parts, then click the key to set the start and stop places.  Brilliant!

I only used the cut and edit tabs.  The rest confused me greatly.

I couldn't figure out how to colourgrade.  There are a few clips I would have liked to adjust exposure at least, but the camera isn't too bad at capturing the look I like, so I just went with it.

But now I've done one, I know enough to figure out what tutorials I can watch to learn more.  My brain couldn't absorb the tutorials prior to using the software, but now I have an experience to link it to in my brain, it will be easier to remember.  

I'll probably switch between this and my old editing software for a while.  But it won't be long before I fully commit to DaVinci.  
1 day ago
It turns out this is really good for keeping focus while writing.    

I like the timer because I can set aside a known quantity of time for the task.  I think I'll keep it, but hopefully learn to improve it in the editing software.  

Now to make it a trend so I don't have to watch my own videos.  
2 days ago
Lately, I've found the With Me videos (study with me, work with me, clean with me...) have been great for keeping focused.  They usually have a set time and just having the music and being able to glance over at the other person working helps keep me going.

But there aren't many Craft With Me videos, so I decided to change that.

3 days ago
Have you ever used a ___ With Me video?
3 days ago
My attention span isn't always what I would like.  I admit, I find it difficult to stick to one task for long enough to get anything done.  So I look around for tricks to hack my brain into getting stuff done.

One of those tricks is watching youtube videos in the background.  It's a lot like when I used to watch TV, I knew the show was a set amount of time, and used that to guide my action.  I would work until the show was over and it really helped to have the background noise to distract the part of my brain that want's to get up and do something else.  Music helps too.

This last few years, I've been using Study With Me and LoFi Girl videos to help my crafting.  But to be honest, studying isn't a good friend for crafting.  It's so serious, the music is designed to cause deep focus and my crafting is more light brain work and repetitive tasks.  I'm not engaging the same part of the brain.

I really needed something more craft specific.  Preferably something with yarn, good music, and no talking.  

But alas, the internet seems to be lacking in this.

So I made a thing.

45-minute timer, warping the loom, and good music.  

I took the format off the study with me videos and it's the type of thing I like to watch.  But will it take off?  I don't know.  I think it would be awesome if there were lots of different types of Craft With Me videos out there on the internet.  Different crafts.  Different times.  Different moods.  Some ASMR.  Others with just music.  

Mostly, I just love making these kinds of videos.  
3 days ago

John C Daley wrote:
Surely it gives you exposure you would be hard pressed to create yourself?

Let's have a look-see

Over the last 30 days, etsy brought in 20% of my traffic to my store.  That's quite high for them.  It's usually under 10%.  Looking at the stats, I'm bringing in over 80% of my customer base.  

If I work at etsy search engine optimization (etsy seo) every day for about 5 months, I can get it up to 50% of my traffic coming from etsy.  But it dies back down about a week after I reduce my daily effort.  Or I could before they changed the algorithm to punish people who don't give free shipping to the USA.  

No, etsy has never been very good at giving me exposure.  And they aren't for most people.  To 'win' at Etsy, one needs to bring their own customers to the platform.

What they are good at is managing the transaction and increasing buyer trust.

John C Daley wrote:So what is wrong with Esty?

I don't think there's anything wrong with Etsy.  The direction they are going in, doesn't match my needs or my plans for the future.  

The cost of doing business has increased dramatically the last few years and yet, Etsy has chosen to go in a direction that punishes sellers for being honest with their shipping costs (instead of hiding them inside the price of the item).    Their policy favours USA sellers and I don't live in the USA.

I can sell my items wholesale locally - well, I have to pack it in the car and drive downtown.  I only go that way every few years.  

But I'm also getting away from selling physical goods.  It takes space and time to manage.   Digital content is far more interesting to me.  
6 days ago

Christine Buckingham wrote:So is this supposed to be quilted or is it just a pieced item that is lined?

I think both quilted and patchwork.
6 days ago
That is an expensive brand of yarn, but it's sometimes on sale.  

There are more affordable yarns out there.  The warp is more than half the yarn and it's a basic black cotton so that saves a lot of money right there.
1 week ago