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Lettuce and arugula is growing nicely. Honestly I don't even know what I planted. Picked some of it today for the first time and it was delicious. Originally I just sprinkle the seeds around with no real care for spacing, it seemed to work well. I also finished the door today working into the cold dark evening, just need t finish the back wall and it is done.

1 month ago

I am looking into purchasing some land in the next year or so, I want to buy a prebuilt Yurt structure from either Freedom Yurt Cabins, or Smiling Woods Yurts. My question would be, has anyone done this in an organized township with building codes? These seem like they could pass building code requirements with the proper engineering documents supplied from the manufacturer. One of the main barriers I could see is the size, where some codes require a minimum square footage, to this I would prefer to link together several smaller yurts rather than have one big yurt. Another question would be could a canvas wall yurt ever be approved for building code? This would be a much cheaper option. I am in Ontario Canada and would be looking to get land near London Ontario. Additionally I have no option but to build in an unorganized township close to London, so living in an unorganized township up north is not and option.


webpage Smiling Woods Yurts

webpage Freedom Yurt Cabins

1 month ago
Here you can see how I pinched the plastic between two pieces of nailing strip. Lots of pulling and stretching the plastic as tight as possible, then I nailed the strip in with just small finishing nails and then screws.

This has made the plastic on the sides nice and tight.

Here you can see the metal T brackets I bent to hold the vertical posts to the foundation. These worked very well.

You can bend them to reinforce the corners as well.

Now I just need to finish the end walls

2 months ago

The beginning of plastic wrapping process. Getting there.

2 months ago
Finished the cover over the raised bed. After monitoring the temperature of the raised bed this morning, I was very surprised to see the air temp to be over 85F with a night time low of below 50F. I lifted the cover for the daytime and the temps are sitting between 80-85F. My plants I have growing are doing well, but I have an issue with loopers eating leaves like crazy. Being new to gardening I researched ways to deal with this, and have been washing the leaves with an organic soap solution. I did not get as many plants planted as I hoped, but as I am new to all this, and I am having this looper issue, it is probably probably a good thing. I am glad to have the amount of plants here just to test the greenhouse this winter.

2 months ago

Rob Lineberger wrote:Again, riffing, not having had the time to look at your design...

I am concerned that cycling water between 3 outside barrels and one inside would not work.  I don't think one warm barrel is enough to stave off the others freezing.  But it would bleed off the stored heat in that one barrel, which removes its utility as a heat sink.

Having all four barrels inside would be a much better defense against freezing and also would be four times the thermal mass.

These are just off the cuff remarks cause I'm multitasking at the moment.

Thanks Rob, for your input. I have decided to put the barrels inside the greenhouse for sure, after researching the benefit of this. I am interested to see how warm the greenhouse will be with the decaying straw and water barrel thermal mass inside during winter. I was also considering double layering the greenhouse plastic and having a blower to generate an air gap between the two layers. As you can see I have two of the trusses completed and will be finishing the other two soon, for a total of 4. I am taking my time with this project since it is all experimental, and I want to make sure the construction of this greenhouse will be strong enough to withstand the winter. So far I am very impressed with the strength of the truss design.

2 months ago

Rob Lineberger wrote:This thread is great.  I'm taking inspiration from it.  The only comment I have at this time is, those rain barrels inside the membrane would be a great thermal mass for temperature regulation.  I didn't look closely at whether that's possible in your design.  But I'm trying to incorporate water into my greenhouse plan for thermal mass and moisture.

I could put one inside, that is a good idea. Maybe run a low wattage heater in it, and have it loop to the outside barrels to keep them from freezing in the winter. I am trying to have the water in the barrels equalize through siphon, but the white pvc is not very flexible. I will maybe try grey electrical conduit instead, and also run my electrical underground to protect it eventually.

5 months ago

Finished building the raised bed and lining it. installed the automatic watering system and have it running off a timer. The water usage is very efficient, I have noticed, each plant will have its own drip which will turn on and off approximately every 2 hours for 10 minutes or so. I will need to play around with the timing and settings, but overall I think this will work well. I was surprised on how quick water started draining out the drain at the bottom of the box, I will have to figure out a way to recapture this drain water and recirculate it back into the rain barrels.

5 months ago