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Recent posts by kevin stewart

any water i get is still water, not flowing. i use 500 gph 12 volt boat pumps to move water small distances.

anyone have experience with or heard of using an electric pump to push water into a ram pump to lift water up hill and long distance?

the pump is cheap and i use solar so the pump isn't an issue or the electricity.

1 month ago
i followed your advice and went cutting.

I'm using the bottom three quarter of gallon water bottles. yesterday i saw some new leaf growth and when i checked the clear container i saw roots galore.

even branches without any sign of leaves have healthy roots.

i cut the first batch as you said before leaf sprouts two months ago.
last month i cut more and had to trip most of the leaves off but they are rooting too.

thank you for the best advice.
4 months ago
May i ask what your nearest town is?  I'm. In apache county.
7 months ago
I'm the geo metro guy. Three cylendar suzuki engine.
City /hwy average 40 and empty car on the hwy 50.
On one 300 mile trip i took the rear plastic bumper cover off and got 58 mpg. Though so much depends on headwinds and such.

On these long trips i generally drive around 60 mph.
The speed you drive has a lot of influence on mpg.

I have several metros, a chevy metro (98) has more comfort but when i turned on the AC i lost 9 mpg.

I am also a junkyard dog and unfortunately I've never seen a metro with more than 230.000 miles.

I bought an old mercedes diesel (240 D) and thought I'd look at a partial vegetable oil conversion. Having the metro nixed that idea and anyway, that car is so beautiful i don't want to put a lot of dirt road miles on it.

Before i broke the timing belt i was very happy with a honda dx (1988). I don't know the engine but i was getting 40 mpg fwy.

9 months ago
Heck,  you're too far west.
Apache county is where it's happening.

At this time I'm not interested in building adobe.
My place will be where the back wall is in-ground and the front wall not.
I will stay under 200 square feet.

Please post your work, maybe tomorrow i will work with adobe.
9 months ago
Whoa, i always thought solar involved electricians.
With a large enough inverter this is something you can slowly build up.

When you are pricing this unit also put a price on satisfaction.

Any more information you can add, please add.
9 months ago
That looks like it.

Thank you.

I'll start growing them in the spring.

Seriously, i need a bigger greenhouse.
10 months ago
Saw this small tree/large shrub in kingman arizona yesterday.
I'm am always looking for plants that can hadle arizona.

There was a light freeze the night before. It looks healthy.

The seeds are red.

Any ideas?

10 months ago
I use three strands cause i can't afford more.
Cattle will stay out of three strand because they Are used to barbed wire.
I'm on a ten year plan, I'll get around to it.

This area is checkerboard. Square miles of private and blm land. A fair number of cattle come by, more in the past. The drought has been hard.

My main enemies are rabbits and kangaroo rats. Though i expect i will bring heads of cabbage on my next visit.what a softie.

Everything i grow is in the greenhouse, I've been fortunate to get my hands on bunches of cloth for free.

It's difficult when you don't live there.

11 months ago

I'm about 275 miles east of you along the 40.

I use 6 foot t-posts 25 feet apart. I'm eternally broke so when i can i wiil put another post between them to make it 12 1/2 foot apart.
I build as i have the money.

Find a tractor supply store for the price. Don't buy the cheapest barbed wire, you will regret it.

A good time to pound your posts into the ground would be when it's wet.

Palo verde grows along the freeway west of kingman. If you want seeds now, go to yucca and find the honolulu club. South of there on the frontage road.
If you have a drink at the club let me know if you survived.

I use 4x4s for my gates. They don't handle the weight well so i cemented them in place.

One way to keep people out of my driveway was to put up a gate but without fencing.i even chain it.
They get the idea.

On my long perimiter fencing i didn't use any wooden posts. I just braced the corner post with another t-post.

I have a fenced off area in the middle of my property, sort of double insulation should a cow get in. That square has 4x4 posts at the corners. It holds up better than the perimiter fencing.

I have a ten hour drive from LA. Sometimes i wish I'd looked around your area.
11 months ago