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Recent posts by Drew Moffatt

The pin is just a stop for the spool.
It feels old, keeping in mind I'm 28.
The piece at the top is interesting as its fixed but porcelain so a pre plastic insulator?
2 days ago
OK its kind of obvious that it's a reel of some sort but I'd love to know what it was originally used for before someone used it as a crude polytape reel.
We just got a new lease block and this is the most interesting thing I've found so far.

I'd better add photos I guess.
2 days ago
Looks like a one way entrance to some kind of trap.
Like a lobster or cod pot.
4 days ago
Aah brakleen nasty stuff but works wonders on metal.

I've done my fair share of fencing but I've never used this and can't think what it would do.
Sorry forgot to grab the ruler too.
2 weeks ago
The handles are weird they fit inside each other which seems like a good way to get pinched skin.  
The movement of the jaws is also quite small and not adjustable.
I may try and clean it a little later to see if there are any markings or a size.
2 weeks ago
Alright this I do not know hopefully someone can enlighten me.
2 weeks ago

A trocar and cannula for bloated cattle.
The one time I've needed this I was way out the back so I just used my pocket knife. You guys are too good.
2 weeks ago