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Recent posts by wayne fajkus

Some info on how you will use the water would be good. If you will use it in the immediate area for gardening i might suggest a water tank and use gravity from tank to plants. The pump energy could be regulated and intermittent, used just to fill the tank.
1 day ago
I am just north of austin. I have 2 top bars. One in the shade, one in full sun. That is my current experiment. My mind tells me to shade a plastic hive in this climate. I can't help but think some fumes will rise out of plastic with 100 degree sun beating on it. I am trying to imagine me putting a barrel over my head when it is hot and see how the breathing goes. I imagine some off smells but it is just speculation

My previous comment (insulation) was based on metal barrels. I missed the part about it being plastic.

1 day ago
You would lose the insulation qualities that wood would have. That might be bothersome during summer and winter extremes.
3 days ago
I would add it to the compost pile. If not now, then as the pile shrinks.
4 days ago
Other than putting the lines across the top of arbor, the fence is DONE!

1 long, 1 short side is arbored. 1 long  1 short is tall fence.

I picked up the persimmon trees from Zachs crew. Very nice. Biggest one is 6 or 7 ft tall. I got them planted.
6 days ago
My plan is a hybrid. Plant trees, then start planting seeds. In my climate a seed would likely not survive the summers. Planting after trees are planted may give shading to help it survive. The soil will also be better from mulching, cover crops, and other stuff done for the planted trees.  Over the generations the seeded trees should take over and outlive the planted trees. It's a good compromise.

On steves peach tree, i saw a video from David the Good where a seeded peach tree produced fruit on the third year.
6 days ago
I have a patch of daylilies that are 60 to 80 years old. They went several years (probably a decade) with no care - water, fertilizer, etc.

I bring in no fertilizers on any plants. A top dressing with compost or a light mulch that breaks down seems to do well.
Every year I think I run out of new stuff to grow. It never happens.

New stuff for 2020:
Goumi berry /gooseberry. 2 varieties
Nanking cherry
Hardy kiwi
Grapes ( several varieties)
1 week ago
Thanks Chris. I made 2 mushroom tubes. These are being given away as I am creating local interest in them. Not a bad thing at all-Getting people to grow their own!

The 2 tubes used up the last of the spawn. I used hay as the substrate, which i boiled. My next one will use the used substrate from the original tote. That and spread some around outdoors on mulches. It may prove valuable on my "earthworks" project. Getting a wild naturalized harvest would  trump these little kits.
1 week ago
Here is the small problem it corrects. The back wall of the coldframe sits higher than the sidewall that intersects it.
1 week ago