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newest update (2019) the long dreamed of "community place" is moving beyond a "dream" - still need to work on legalities to move the land out of my name TO the organization, but it IS now a real organization, complete with 501c3 status!
(2017) no spare bedroom as noted in old greenhorns blog - but a full camper is now onsite (not connected yet - so first one here to do that gets annual vacation privileges...)
in spite of a dismal experience with an irresponsible dweller in 2014, hope springs eternal, so opportunity is listed on PAFarmLink:
in 2010:
northeastern USA
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QUIT all sugar and yeast, the lyme buggers feed on that.   pay attention to YOUR body and your reactions: knotweed did not agree with my body, but teasel root extract does, and is part of my daily regimen.  best of luck!
3 months ago

Cassie Langstraat wrote:... I just tested all the forms and they are working properly so maybe something was happening at the time that got fixed? Care to try again and let me know if it is still not working?

Hi Cassie, I tried again, same problem.  I use firefox as my browser.  Just to troubleshoot, I tried on microsoft edge, and it worked there.  but for whatever it's worth, I do NOT use and WILL NOT use microsoft when there are other options.  I hate EVERYTHING microsoft - they are privacy invasive and worse.  I used it this time just to troubleshoot, I have some of their tentacles on my computer because I MUST for my J-O-B, but I HATE HATE HATE it.  Hope you can get stuff working on other browsers.  I look forward to seeing the film.  Thanks!
LOOKS powerfully important, i just tried to submit my name/email on the website form (to get details on when/where to watch the film), but "Something went wrong while submitting the form." Don't see a 'contact' option on the website, so thought i'd try to let you know here...
since you asked again, I'll say it again, "don't fix it if it ain't broke!"  like it just the way it is... less IS really more - if it were a long read, i'd have to save it for later, and then most likely NOT get back to it.  As short as it is, I can easily skim, and click on topics of interest right away or MARK the email as important so I DO get back to it later.  AND always, it generates a quick smile.  THANKS.
10 months ago
I all but gave up milk 30 years ago, when I moved away from my 'raw' source.  But just last year, a young man I know took the lead at his parents farm which is just around the bend from me, and he formed a food freedom club.  His invitation included "grant me the simple ability to freely choose the food I eat and the ability to freely choose where it comes from, without government oversight and interference. I don't wish for the USDA to be abolished, I reasonably and politely ask that I, and everyone who wishes to, can opt-out of the USDA's "protection of the public" and exercise what I would confidently call the most basic and uncomplicated human right. Freedom of food choice."  I'm in, and raw milk is back in my diet.  (btw, my young friend just returned from the Rogue conference, VERY energized and excited:  "What John Moody said Saturday is true, 'if there was ever a hill to die on, this is it.'"  It's sad we need to FIGHT for the right to choose what we feed our bodies, but we're fortunate there are those willing to lead the charge.  THANKS!!!)
11 months ago
I personally visited Punxsuntawney Phil yesterday, at Gobbler's Knob. (we've had so little snow, and temps in the 30's, so it seemed like THE year to make the trek after joking about it for years.)  HE promises an early spring, (perhaps only for us in the north eastern U.S.A.?  But I did meet folks FROM UTAH who came JUST for the weather report!!!)   It started snowing just before the groundhog made his prediction, and got thicker as the morning progressed.  We waited for the storm to pass before we headed home, then drove 5 hours through snow covered vistas and arrived to a winter wonderland at home.  But it IS already melting, with 50degree temps today and tomorrow.  So I'll believe the "prognosticator of prognosticators" this year, and wish an early and HAPPY SPRING to all!
11 months ago
fortunately, gramps filled HIS pockets with hickory nuts.  so after also tasting wild grapes, and picking wild apples to snack on when we got back (in their sunflower stalk teepee), the evening snack was fished out of gramps' pocket for more 'look what we found in the woods today' fun...  (this land IS really available to SHARE; it's TOO beautiful to keep to ourselves, and we want others to have the opportunity connect with nature.)
1 year ago
we get too busy to hike often enough, but when grandkids visited, we took them to search for hickory nuts. they decided to help the wildlife by filling a nest cavity with the nuts instead of filling their own pockets!    
1 year ago

I felt fortunate 30plus years ago to have this doctor in my corner (and right AROUND the corner) when I struggled to decide whether or not to continue immunizations after my 1st son had a bad reaction to his first set of shots.  This decision should be VOLUNTARY, not mandatory.
1 year ago
Hi Jocelyn!  
Perhaps my two cats had a polite conversation with the critter and it decided under my house was not the optimum location.  I've not seen it again, but on occasion I catch a whiff of skunk musk in the barn.  Nothing too strong, though, nor lingering.  So the skunk has either found a way to co-exist, or has moved on.  I felt so lucky to see it that day, and equally lucky that it did NOT take up permanent residence!  Things like this just make life WONDERful!
1 year ago