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I am no wheelwright, but it sounds like a wheel balance issue.  If it was acceptably balanced before the introduction/replacement of parts, it needs to be rebalanced.  However, if you say there is a point at which it drags, then the axle/bushing combination may be the issue.  Around what does the wheel ride/rotate?

To balance a wooden wheel it is easier to add weight to an opposing side than reduce weight or material.  Unload the wheel from drive chain or friction points, so it will spin freely.  Give it a small push so it goes through at least one full rotation.  Let it come to rest.  Mark the low spot.  Do this a few times, marking the low point where it comes to rest each time.  Take an average of these points to find the heavy side.  Start adding weight to the side opposite until the wheel does not drag or comes to rest in the same position.  Taping coins to the inside of the rim is an easy way to add weight to see it will balance and where is the sweet spot.

If it is an issue with the axle hub, you may need to replace the bushing or bearing in the hub of the wheel to eliminate the drag point.  Make sure all surfaces are smooth to the touch and are not binding.  If they are, replace the damaged part.

2 days ago
My Uncle made a cutting board for my Cousin whom had suffered a blood clot stroke in her 20's and lost the most the use of one side of her body, and the complete lose of use in her hands.  She was single and lived alone.  (She was fiercely independent.)  He took a wooden cutting block and drove stainless nails through the bottom of the board, exposed about an inch.  This allowed her to place a vegetable or even a piece of meat on the cutting board; and have it stay in place while cutting with her one hand.  I thought it was an ingenious solution to a very frustrating problem.  One that might make a thoughtful gift to someone that is challenged in working one handed.  
3 days ago

Judith Browning wrote:
I love shellac although I think it's not an exterior finish?

You are correct.  in the wee hours the brain cells still working jumped from Shellac to Spar Varnish without signaling.  Carry on.
4 days ago

Judith Browning wrote:
We don't want to add to the toxicity of what I call the 'lead zone' right around the house where paint has been falling for decades.

Shellac is all natural and non toxic.  It is safe enough it is recommended for wooden children's toys, and cutting boards.  It will leave a natural or 'organic' looking finish as it ages.  
4 days ago
Significant Other:  "Do you want to be happy or right?"

Me: I believe I can be both happy and right...as long as I remain single!

"Happy Wife - Happy Life!"  ...because there is always a third option.  
6 days ago
The glass is neither half empty or half full.  It is completely full unless you live in a vacuum.  
6 days ago
To clarify your concern, are you concerned about a flood event reaching the house; or about the soil suitability for a foundation close to wet ground?

Van Zant is in the Trinity River basin, I believe.  If you have been in Texas long you will understand what that means.  The Trinity gets "Big Water" at least every 50 years and leaves its banks.  How close are you to a creek or stream?  Flood Plains are hard to identify in East Texas, as they can be miles across; and one can be in low water plain without noticing.  

The good news is that pond is a cut stock tank, or artificial pond.  Unless you are in a low lying flood area, you have little to worry about if the pond has a spillway properly installed.  You can download the FEMA flood map for the county here and see where the property is compared to known and projected flood risks.

Flood Plain

As far as foundational concerns you can download the County's soil survey here  Soil Survey.  Look for issues with expansive soil in the area.  In areas with expansive soils, the ground will shrink in a drought, and swell in times of high precipitation.  This plays hell with a foundation.  The pond may actually help keep the soil neutrally hydrated during extreme weather periods.

My biggest concern with a house that close to a pond in East Texas would be mosquitos.  Keep that pond stocked with fish and wildlife to combat the bugs.  Otherwise they will drive you indoors for large parts of the year.  
6 days ago

Artie Scott wrote:If you dream you are kissing a dog, and you sleep with a dog...wake up!

Sometimes it is just best not to know...

1 week ago