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Leyla Bell

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since Feb 16, 2014
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Recent posts by Leyla Bell

You are so lucky to live there!
6 years ago

tristan Fabish wrote:I'm in the beginning stages of developing a sustainable live/work intentional community that serves several purposes & will attract eco-conscious people who have a yearning to return to nature & self-reliance.

My vision is to purchase a house with acreage (Minimum of 5 acres) or just land that has no building code/zoning limits, or very few. The community's goal will be to utilize the land for multiple income opportunities, such as farming, entrepreneurism, teaching, building & leasing plots of land for tiny house on wheels (or off) parking. Other natural building options will be utilized such as yurts & cob/straw bales.

The community will need to be no further than 30 minutes from the nearest town & not too isolated. Are there any areas that can fulfill these goals, mainly on the open zoning side?

I prefer states such as Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Missouri & North Carolina. My budget is $150K. Also, overly religious/conservative areas will not be a good fit.

That is where you would find that type of land.
9 years ago
The new & used MH dealer near here doesn't have any used mobiles under $24,000.
10 years ago