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since Feb 15, 2014
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I wore many different hats so far...from jagaur mechanic,ski/snowboard instructor ,fly-fishing junkie,new construction I am a father of two boys ,cosmo(9) and miles(5) and married to the woman of my dreams and expat Denise
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North Carolina, near Raleigh
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Recent posts by Christian Kettner

Looks like really good coffee!!! Love Hawaiian coffee!!we have been not been adding butter to our coffee lately...(possibly because we are now getting enough healthy fats in our diets)
Strange because at first it was almost this "primal" urge to get more clean fat in our diets,but as of late the urge to put it in our coffee has subsided. We kinda just go with what our bodies seem to want.
7 years ago

---Jade pearch seem to be the most amazing aquaponic fish....(omega 3 that dwarfs even wild salmon,easy to raise,very palatable)Any idea when we will get jade pearch in th U.S.

---In my experience, once a well designed aquaponic system is set up and running, the system will practically run itself and whatever "work" needs to be done was actually fun and enjoyable,,, the pump could easily be run on solar and was curious on your thoughts about running a pump only when the sun was shining so a battery was not necessary..... can a pump take a rest over night?

---The only input (elephant in the room)that I think would be a point of contention among permies is the fish feed... do you have any best guesses on a fish species that could be fed without commercial feed and possibly a good choice of fish to try it with? could tilapia be raised on mostly high protein soldier flies?? I have heard carp will eat almost anything...even nuts from a perennial based system .

---Do you have any experience in using your aquaponic water on plants or trees in the yard? seems to give the soil food web a huge boost in activity and have heard similar accounts from others with amazing tree growth results,,,is the biology similar to compost tea?

hope I didn't over do it...thanks for your time and all you do Sylvia!

7 years ago
Kevin....I just listened to a podcast (visionary aquaponics)

about that very course you are going to and it sounds like it going to be amazing!!! Glen Martinez is going to be there as well... it should be epic!
7 years ago
Dan.I have had a fig tree growing for over a year and it did awesome.... had to move it because it hit the roof of the greenhouse!

7 years ago
Very cool...thanks for confirming that...that's actually why I went back to that website after listening to the podcast...I wanted to see if Peter's name was in it and how it did
I enjoyed hearing him talk .
8 years ago
Loved...loved ....loved the podcast...I think a lot of people (especially me)will be tinkering with heat pipes! My mind is officially blown!
Hearing the description of the batch box style rocket heater reminded me of a photo I saw on the wood stove decathlon finalist site that has a photo of a stove that Matches that description perfectly...I tried to see how well it did but had trouble..
Thank you so much for the awesomeness ...can never get enough.
8 years ago
Interesting idea with the freezer ...big chest cooler sounds good as well....has a built in summer just keep the top open
8 years ago
They also seem to build over time...the second year really exploded in population at times the entire surface of the bin appears to be moving and wiggling...pretty wild little creatures!
8 years ago
Just for reference ...I am in North Carolina Piedmont and my bin was in an unheated greenhouse...mine went dormant as soon as it got cold at night...even though the greenhouse temps got very warm..even hot in the day.
A warm garage area or basement may be ideal for this especially if there was south facing window...but it definitely must stay pretty in the 50's at least..most likely even warmer
8 years ago