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Recent posts by Daniel Ray

Plaster done. May follow up with a milk paint for color and protection.
2 weeks ago
Thanks Peter, I think Ill add that in as I was already identifying that as an issue. I wasn't initially sure about the spacing, but I do have it at 2.5 inches so that is pretty darn close.
3 weeks ago
Peter, not actually much at all. I tossed it or else I would post a photo, but I would say it deteriorated about 6mm at the most.  It wasn't much, though with my house I was only burning about 2 cords a year.

A huge thanks to your ever handy proportions table which I've used probably a thousand plus times in these last five years.

Those interested, the floor channel is a product of https://dragontechrmh.com/ and uses the RA330 stub which shouldn't deteriorate anytime soon. I'm also going to be building a 6" batch in a friend's house soon and will document and post accordingly.

Because I'm here typing and didn't see it any other place, what is the recommended floor space in the batch between the main air inlet and the floor channel where the cool air pools? Have the greater RMH minds figured out a percentage for that to use between different size stoves?
3 weeks ago
For sure. Love the glass.  For those interested this one is from firespeaking.com. Expensive but really great quality.
4 weeks ago
Port fixed and now this thing is roaring again. Took off so much better and no smoke back. Thanks everyone. Will post photos once the plaster is on.
4 weeks ago
Yes I don’t think the half inch will greatly change it. Mine went from 13 to 11. The 15% reduction  seems to have made much more of a difference. I’m going to let it cool down a bit more and the cut the port two inches taller.
4 weeks ago
Hey just wanted to share my conversion of my batch rocket 8”. I originally built this stove 5 years ago and it has ran very well with a p-channel in place.

However this year I decided to replace the barrel oven door with a nice glass door and at the same time take out the p-channel and replace with a floor channel.

Finished up the door and cob last night and did a test burn this morning. This is when I realized that I forgot to adjust the port height after the floor got raised!  

Ran the right direction but wasn’t the cleanest of burns to say the least. I’ll make sure to report back once it modify the port to the correct size. Anyone else have info from their conversions?

4 weeks ago
I'd just throw one together out of brick, or take some fun time to make one out of cob. You can usually find the materials for cheap/free and have something that works better than the one you are looking at.

1 month ago
Honestly if it has holes and gauges in it then it probably wasn't well finished and was too soft. I would say take the finished layer out and see what you are dealing with. It is possible a membrane didn't get used, or maybe not a hard enough oil.
1 month ago
I feel like that video was the equal to a mike drop.

It's funny that this should pop up as I just recently discovered this by testing it out myself last week when it was in the 90's during the day. I've been sleeping in my 150 square foot strawbale shop that has a 6" J and after I accidentally forgot to close the windows for the day, I came home only to discover it was stupid warm inside! Then the thought came to me, maybe as it cools the rocket stove will draft the hot air out! Not a new concept obviously, but i can attest to its effectiveness. The barrel and mass were exceptionally cool in the morning as compared to other nights when I had only had windows open.

Back to the original post, I'm glad you posted this Paul as we have the green homes tour in the Bitterroot coming up and one house as a heat pump vs another that has an 8" batch. I'm sure this will be a question.
1 month ago