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since Feb 04, 2014
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Did this get made for you? I have a printer at the library in hamilton and would be happy to print a few things.
1 month ago
Hi Becky,
I do similar programs at my library in Montana--am planning on a summer of homesteading during 2023.
Some of the ideas I have tossing around are:
Composting basics
Cheese Making
Raising Chickens
How to butcher
solar panel basics

I'm not sure where you are located, but many of these programs I have sourced for free from knowledgeable individuals who were happy to come in and spread knowledge or drum up business for themselves and their farms.

On another note, many of the videos you are thinking about presenting would fall under "educational" and do not necessarily need to be licensed to present at the library.

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2 months ago
I think your main concern about the bags sitting for so long is valid. The material going into the bags needs to have an adequate moisture content to get them to conform and set properly, if the material sits and dries, even if you retamp, it won't necessarily be the correct consistency for a strong brick. The labor on bagging isn't horrible. Instead you could fill enough bags to do a single layer, then lay and tamp. Use the machine to lift the bags for higher on the walls and save yourself the lifting. If UV is a major concern-get good uv protected bags and after you do two feet, spray with a clay slip to help keep the sun off.

Bags take some unique muscles to get them in place and tamped. If you've never done a building, bagging and tamping sucks for about a week, but then your body begins to figure it out and it you'll be doing double the number you could the first week.
3 months ago
Hi everyone, thought I would plug an upcoming cob pizza oven workshop in Hamilton Montana. Check out the link posted as we partner with O'Hara Commons non profit in Hamilton Montana. The workshop is July 16 and 17. pizza oven workshop

Also, I've attached some photos of another oven recently built. We did an urbanite foundation and used insulation blanket for the insulation. Oven temps are around 1300F and the outside shell has gone as high as 68F. Makes great pizzas!

3 months ago
Hi Rich,
basically there are two types of popular systems in the RMH world, the piped bench and the bell. The piped bench uses ductwork to run the RMH exhaust through high mass which sucks up the heat and releases it into the space. A bell system works differently in that you have a much larger open cavity that the exhaust pools in and stratifies with the hot gases on top and the cooler gases below. This system can be ideal for spaces where a large mass bench is not possible. A bell can allow you to build vertically with a thin shell that will release heat more rapidly than a mass bench. Check out https://permies.com/t/102393/Horizontal-bench-vertical-bell for more discussion on this topic.
4 months ago
I've seen two portable clay plaster structures. The first was in the UK and I cannot for the life of me find it again, but the other was done by the Canelo project. https://caneloproject.com/projects/tiny-house/

I haven't seen it in person, but it is a beautiful structure.

My immediate thought would be that the plaster would crack with any sort of towing, but Athena Steen is so experienced, she would know best.

6 months ago
Hi Everyone, we have some fun natural building experiences for anyone interested. Check out our upcoming workshops at spiritwoodnaturalbuilding.com.

6 months ago
Hi everyone, we have an earthen floors workshop coming up in April I thought I would share. This is a collaboration project between Spiritwood Natural Building in Victor, Montana and Sage Oasis Retreat Center in Hot Springs Montana. Check out the info and links below!

Date: April 22-23, 2022

Cost: $75-$125

Location: Sage Oasis Retreat Center, Hot Springs MT


7 months ago
A candle isn't going to throw off much heat. That being said, a butt warmer really doesn't need much does it? Unless it was in direct contact with the seat it wouldn't do much warming. Seems a lot of work to keep the goose pimples off your bum.
10 months ago
After 3 stoves and 5 barrels, I've done away with trying to burn away the paint. I've used the pocket rocket method, sanding, blowtorching and I'm always left with an unsatisfactory level of paint and/or sooty residue that takes way too much time to remove. The last two barrels I did, I just took into a car detailing shop and had them sandblast. Costs 35 bucks per barrel, but saves me an entire day of cleaning and burning.
11 months ago