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Life is weird.

I got into an argument with Dad this morning:  On Scolding My Father

While cleaning up my office in the barn this morning... girlfriend is coming over for a walk and breakfast.

Preparing for my morning date, I got a message from out of the blue regarding my friend from out of town coming all the way here for the farmer's market today!

That's wonderful - except I'm not working the market today.

Plans must change and I'm trying to feel grateful - but I'm in the middle of several projects.

The morning date today was so both my girlfriend and I could address and work on our own various projects later in the day.

Not sure how we're going to navigate this together today...but we'll find out.

I'm not sure why I'm writing here either - but I'll contemplate that also.
3 weeks ago
Read this post and commented on your website!

Great post!

I’ve grown to love the soil knife over the years after dismissing it as an actual tool…however, my day job has progressed into computer work and less involvement with plants. I long to grow beyond the necessity of the day job and a desire/need to return to the land and begin actively building an income from our own homestead.

We’ll be following your journey as we begin our own!
1 month ago
For those interested...

...I started documenting via video in April 2020:

The video creation is yet another attempt at documentation of what the hell I'm doing.

I had a little podcast project that I enjoyed...and that's where my heart is.

However, I learned that I can extract audio from YouTube videos... - over the winter, I will do so and have a podcast from my videos.

Seemed appropriate to stack functions accordingly.

In years past I've had active blogs, podcasts, and websites.

Now...I'm developing the website to house *everything*

Stay tuned.
1 month ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
Figure out how to love yourself, and your choices, and to really nurture yourself. Then what other people think won't matter at all.

Sound advice.
1 month ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
Dave: I'd like to suggest that it's not about the food at all. It's only about your boundaries. If I served you dirty motor oil in a soup bowl, you would not eat it, no matter how much peer pressure I applied. If I offered you a glass of rat-poison on ice, you would say no. So we have established that you have boundaries, and can enforce them. Now it's only a matter of enforcing them consistently. There are plenty of ways of doing that simply, "I don't like sugary things", "I'm already way over my carbohydrate limit for today", "I'm a picky eater". You don't have to explain, convince, shame, or evangelize. It's your body, you get to choose how you nurture it. It's really hard to get someone to put something in their mouth and swallow it if they are not cooperating.

Seems to be a general theme in your life to frequently be fussing about what others think about you or your choices. My strategy, is that I am not responsible for other people's thoughts. They can think anything they like. About me, or about anything else. My general assessment of the state of the world, is that people are way to self-absorbed to think about me at all.

Figure out how to love yourself, and your choices, and to really nurture yourself. Then what other people think won't matter at all.

What's the worst that could happen if you say no to your mother's suggestion that you eat her roundup-ready bean pie? Will she beat you? Will your father? Will she scream at you? Will she sulk for a week? More likely she will be proud, and think something like, "Wow, Dave is maturing and learning to set boundaries". Anybody that truly loves you will be thrilled that you are setting boundaries around your food intake. If someone is not thrilled about it, and attempts to coerce you into eating poison, then you might be better off without them as part of your life.

I suspect Dave prefers to pick his battles...and sometimes a good excuse / white lie is the most effective way to do so.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1 month ago

Ann Torrence wrote:...Azure Standard has as good prices as anywhere for organic bulk items if it's not at Costco.  I was not as happy with the few fresh produce items I've tried from Azure. Their powdered milk should be just fine for making yogurt, way cheaper than Organic Valley milk if you can't find local. Costco has upped their organic offerings, things like canned tomatoes are cheaper by far from them, so you have to shop...

You have an upfront investment to make in storing said bulk items in containers to keep critters out. Don't even think about trying to store open sacks.
Jocelyn did a thread not long ago on the virtues of various containers, glass and what not.

Get a rice cooker. It's the best way I've found to cook beans. Might have to run the cycle twice, but they won't dry out and are hard to overcook that way. Fresh, not ancient, dried beans like the ones Azure sells cook way faster than grocery store beans.
Cutting the prepared crap might drop 20-40% of your food bill. Dropping 80% is likely going to require raising staples (potatoes?), meat and dairy.
Apples should be coming in soon in the Bitterroots. Get a couple boxes to store for winter. If you started a bed today and covered it with 6 mil plastic per Elliot Coleman's excellent instructions for low tunnels, you can probably raise enough greens to keep from getting scurvy until the new year.

I have been looking into Azure Standard for several reasons lately.

Also...need to find Jocelyn's thread on the virtues of various containers.

Rice cooker to cook beans?  That's awesome...might be time to break out the old Zojirushi again!  

1 month ago
While this isn't necessarily geared towards the holidays, I'm reading this thread for several reasons...

I'm looking to increase the quality of my food and change / improve my cooking skills.

I'm looking do increase the efficacy of alternative/adjunct therapies to traditional pharmaecuticals...

...which appears to be most effective when diet / lifestyle is optimal.

Both of which appear to be embraced by WAP dietary protocol - specifically within Nourishing Traditions.

I find that when I eat better year round, I can slip a little at parties and events with family / friends.

The "recovery" time is also better when getting back to the routine outside of the event.

Look forward to further reading this thread.
1 month ago

Jami McBride wrote:... and so it takes time to change one's thinking along the lines of Nourishing Traditions, and incorporate the new routines and habits.

Truth!  This is more than diet - it's a lifestyle change!

(At least it's becoming that for me!)
1 month ago
Revisiting an old thread as I peruse for something...I figured I would share my most recent fermentation failure.

Recently I was trying to make a batch of sauerkraut quickly - but forgot to take the blade out of my food processor... instead of slicing - I chopped it!

After realizing my error a bit too late, I threw handfuls of the chopped into the compost bin.

Then, I threw in extra shredded carrots that I picked up to try and bulk it up.

With weights and a silicone airlock, things seemed good for a couple days until it went south, dried up and sucked the airlock back inside.

Oh well...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose - next time...slow and steady wins the race (and I'll likely remember to check the food processor as well!)
1 month ago
I'm single.

I don't own land.  

Born and raised in the suburbs.

Currently employed in a routine 9-5.

Trying to figure out how to escape the rat race.

Personal Lifestyle Design is my new obsession.

There's a message to share here...

...but I don't know what/why.

If you're reading - we'll find out together.
1 month ago