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If you don't have a bushog or napalm, a billhook is the next best go-to for quickly getting rid of multi-flora wild rose bushes. They are hateful bastards. Good leather gloves and eye protection are strongly recommended...My next Go-To would be a good sized herd of goats. Those amusing critters LOVE thorny brush
2 months ago
It broke my heart to see those suckers tossed on the ground though. I can’t help it, I have to grow all of them
..Scott, are you saying those suckers can be planted?...Why the heck did nobody ever tell me this?...I feel so, "shorted"
thanks for the info. I'm gonna have to try this for sure! Waste not, want not
3 months ago
To remove odors from used cooking oils, warm the oils to about 160 degrees and filter it through some food grade diatomaceous earth. The DE removes most of the carbon particles and "off" odors
4 months ago
Kate, I would not hesitate to use Benjamin Bouchard as your resource for all things scythe related. I have used his company for products and inquiries and have been quite pleased with his level of expertise and customer service. A scythe is a thing of beauty  compared to a string trimmer. They do take some practice to get used to but, once you get used to using one you'll wonder why the heck you didn't get one sooner. Few things compare to the sound of a truly sharp blade shearing through grass, stalks, and weeds.  And, it won't throw slug guts back at ya! Get a scythe that fits your body size and intended use, learn to properly sharpen it, and learn the proper technique for using it. You will be AMAZED at how much material you can cut in short-order and, how little effort it really wishes, John
4 months ago
I think I would find it challenging to wear wool all year in my hot climate.  I agree with your points on sustainability, but in hot climates, it may not be practical.
Tyler, it has been my experience that wool clothing is as cool in the Summer as it is warm in the Winter.
6 months ago
Beth, Goats are your answer. Steep grades are a playground for them. Hence the term "sure-footed as a goat." We had a couple goats years ago and it freaked me out the first time I saw them munching happily on wild rose and blackberry canes. Those buggers looked like a kid at the county Fair munching on cotton candy...they also like junk mail
7 months ago
Artie, I would contact Corona. I have used their pruners for years and never had a problem. Obviously, you got one with some bad metal...If they won't help ya, Fiskars is a really good brand
8 months ago
Heather, I have had very good luck removing odors by washing items using TSP instead of soap/detergent. (follow label directions) then, add 1 cup household ammonia to the rinse water and hang the item outside to dry
10 months ago
Nicole, I think you hit the nail squarely on the head with your advice
   he makes me laugh
   he's someone I can respect--in other words, someone who listens and can learn and is relatively smart
   someone who loves Jesus

Keep it simple folks. Don't go looking for story book knights in shining armor. There are a LOT of "average" guys out there who, given the opportunity can be everything you've hoped for and more. Don't let the forest obscure your vision of the trees.
2 years ago
Michael Jay, I would be interested to get more information on your paper bag floor
2 years ago