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Recent posts by Jennie Little

Lately, I've spent hours perusing the farmer's bullteins on this site. I found one about aprons with pattern inside FYI. The pattern is NOT full size.

3 days ago
I bought a Japanese style apron on Etsy. I love that there are no strings to fuss with. I haven't made an apron since junior high, but I have a lot of favorite fabric. I got rid of the old jeans and shirts a while back. I should use the Etsy apron as a pattern and use up that fabric, or get rid of it.
4 days ago
Anita Martin,

That instagram is almost exactly what I aspire to, but I don't have the $ or justification for doing so. I work at home, I'm old, and who will I impress? No one. Nor do I care. But I love those clothes and the leaf piece is spectacular!

Thanks for posting that!
4 days ago
Just before COVID hit, my husband and I had decided what the perfect party to give for folks was: a soup and bread party. Casual, help yourself buffet with kindly guests. Seemed like the perfect party food: had to be prepped way beforehand. Almost everyone likes some kind of soup or bread.

Various things and COVID killed the idea.

But I'm curious, I know what I had in mind, but I'm  just one person. I make these:

spinach/avocado soup

resh corn
Beans & Greens (lentil soup with carrot greens)
Potato cheese
Onion soup (my style, has chicken broth)
Corn cheese chowder
Chicken noodle
Tomato basil

whole grain

So, if it was your party, what would you serve ?
5 days ago
Much of this sounds like what I do already. A few years back I had 25 lbs of wheat and we never used it. Fortunately wheat is a long-term storage item and we've since used it up.

I had jars and boxes of grains and beans I never cooked with -- and finally composted the lot a couple of years ago. I kept some.

My pantry these days is nearly empty, mostly because of COVID. Rather than running out to the store to get lasagna noodles say, I've been using up whatever I had: rotini or ? And I've been doing that since last March. I started buyjng produce in bulk last September, but we've used all that up, except the onions. My pantry and larder are near empty but I have no regrets. Being able to pull together dinner, or soup or stew from the freezer/pantry in the past few months has been very satisfying.

We're also getting ready for retirement, and that has played in here too. I go through the pantry about every 3 months and do a cull. Eventually, I'll have it down to only what we use and reuse and use.

Things I do, you might not? I have a box at the end of my cutting board, with the ends of the shelf-stable foods (beans, peas, etc.) that are too small for the pantry. I have a basket on a pullout. Both are "use this first" places. I don't mind feeding the compost, but hate feeding it unnecessarily!
5 days ago
Garden fencing? Trellis with wire or string? Wall panels for an outbuilding? Lids for composter bins?
5 days ago
Go thrifting/antiquing. Go to an auction? Go look at used stuff in a store or flea market. Sell at a flea market. Any or all of the above! I'm a used "stuff" dealer and it's difficult to cull things, sell things or acquire stock these days, safely.
6 days ago
Finding books cheaply you want to keep? There’s a method or two. Look them up on

Be SURE you select the option which shows the price including shipping, that’s in the preferences.

Be willing to get an ex-library book or one that’s less than perfect. Look at the dates, if it has been reprinted, the earlier editions maybe much more expensive or much cheaper. Only you know if you need the most up to date info or not.

Buying books from charities is sometimes a lot cheaper.

If you want more, let me know

Here’s a link to Mollisons intro. To permaculture.


I won't address the plants you should plant. But you might want to look into the xeriscaping ideas as ways of doing your landscape to accomodate the desert climate? That's what we did when we lived in the Mojave desert; I wasn't trying to grow food, just not have to water things endlessly! If you already know about xeriscaping, I apologize!
1 week ago
The worst pick up line ever used on me... I was sitting at a counter, reading a book. In a restaurant, owned by my then new landlord, who walked up to me and said, "I didn't know you could read. Do you like to read?"  And then realized what he'd just said to a woman he was renting space for a BOOK STORE.

My husband's response when I told him was classic: "Tell, him no, you don't like to read. That's why you're selling all the books!"

I laughed, like I was supposed to. My ex landlord never really tried again.