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Joe Grand

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Recent posts by Joe Grand

I have not tried winter mushrooms.
6 days ago
I have beds that were made 2010-2012 that are still formed & growing plants.
next I am buying a saw & chipper to harvest the under brush for perennial beds.
2 weeks ago
I used only a knife with my rabbits & deer, hogs we used a  hand meat band saw to half the hog.
2 weeks ago
If you live in a warmer temperate climate this is a nursey.
2 weeks ago
My understanding is the sap, it the reason small pine trees rot away in 5 years, but large pine stumps can last 60 years. We have one on the farm, that my father said was there when he moved in & that was 62 years ago.
I think that is why wine cap mushrooms like hard wood more than conifers.
2 weeks ago
This is what I am tring in 2021:

1 month ago
t looks like a common wild flower here in South Carolina, but not a problem.
Nothing like sage grass/nut grass, wild garlic & dewberry bamble.
1 month ago
1) Submersible Solar Well Pumps
2)Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Automatic Standby Generator
3) candles & oil lamps
4) go to bed early & cook on wood stove, which is what we did on the farm.
1 month ago
Bigger green house, wood cook stove.
2 months ago