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Eric, a picture is worth 1000 words, your tomato bed is the smae as my asparagus beds will be.
Thanks so much.
1 week ago
Thanks Eric, it is the fact that you where brave enough to make the leap & are willing to tell the rest of us, that it is okay to start with little or nothing.
You are a master among us, we know so little & as Hugo said we all get  mushroom instructions to vary wildly. You have no ideal how much you have helpped us.

Hugo, welcome to the thread!
I love the picture of your garden. I like the internet, because we get to meet people from around the world & see their garden.
1 week ago
I have 4.5-5.5 pH & asparagus like 6.0-7.0 pH, my qusetionis will lime harm Wine Cap mycelium?
It is easy to treat the soil before adding the dog food soup & sawdust spawn with 2 inches of mixed hardwood chips, but no pH will stay changed,so I will have to test & lime at least once a year.

"This spring (2001) when the new paths were set out, I tried something a little different with the inoculant – in some paths I mixed in some dog food soup with the Stropharia mycelium. I recalled hearing once in a microbiology lab that boiled dog food was a good substitute for Bengal Rose agar as a culturing medium, so I reasoned that a little dry dog food sloshed around in some warm water and dumped into the path might give my Stropharia inoculant a boost."
The above Quote is why I am going to use dog food soup. Thanks, Joe
1 week ago
No smoke, by burn I mean to soften the core, so it will rot in weeks not years. To burn with a flame I would have to add a heat source, I am not. Chemical decay with potassium Nitrate, then brake up stump.
Smoke is air pollution, if that was the only way, then I would consider it, but it is not, so chemical decay is the way to go.
2 weeks ago
I am looking at this stump removal:
Potassium nitrate is not a "bad" chemical, unless you plan on eating it. And you are right, both the K part and the NO3 part are metabolized by plants so there are biochemical pathways that will remove it over time. So there goes your concern about "any long term effects".

I like the mushroom ideal very much, just two things, All my stumps are pine, about 12 inches or more, & I want to plow the feild to put in raised beds, so mushrooms would have to die.
If the stups were Hard wood, then I would use mycelium to remove the ones not in the raised bed area. However they are two year old pine timber stumps & they are in full sun 8-12 hours a day all summer.

I may use a back hoe on some of them.
2 weeks ago
My Mary Washington never had seeds that came up, some one gave me some other crowns, not sure what they are, but I eat off them every year.
I can not wait till I can get Fall asparagus spear, fresh asparagus in the Fall, mmmmmm!
I am trying to find a balance between full sun for asparagus muched with wood chips & wine cap mushrooms in the same bed to compost the chips in the shade.
Not sure I can do both, but it is worth a try.
3 weeks ago
I am looking into increasing the perennials & self-seeding annuals to my garden. The key is managment of the plants, self seeders should be put in small beds, so they are controled in their on little world. Perennials like the tree collard/kale can be planted in the end of a small bed, to grow & regrow year after year. Sunchoke can take a garden bed, so put them in a 4 X 4 raised bed, if a sprout show up in the path, dig up the ofending tuber & eat it. Horseradish the same thing, all these plant puts out a lot of greens for the compost bin.
3 weeks ago
" Part of the reason is that my bed is pretty sunny."
ERIC, I want to mulch my perennials with wood chips & use the Wine caps(F&F) to make compost, as well as mushrooms. Will asparagus have enough shade for wine caps or will I have to plant an annual in the bed for Spring & Summer, to help make shade for the mushrooms.
1 month ago
Has anyone used solarize  to clean the soil of wild spores, before planting perennials & mulching with substrate of straw, sawdust & wood chips to inoculate with wine cap mushrooms?
If so did it work or did you have wild mushrooms?
1 month ago
Now that I am going to retire, I would like to raise mushroom, for home use. If it works out, I may sale some also, but I am in to G-BOMBS & that s lots of mushrooms.
G-greens, B-beans, O-onions,M-mushrooms,B-berries, S-seeds.  It is a plant biased diet, but we meat eater can still benefit from it.
Anyways, this is what I found when researching books on Mushroom growing:
These three books cover a great deal, I though all mushrooms are organic, but maybe not.
2 months ago