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Recent posts by Joe Grand

I am setting up more of a standrad orchard, because I have the room & need the open grass to pasture poultry & rabbits in my food cycle, maybe sheep later.
The little I have  done with food forest, they will get out of hand in a short time, an established orchard can go months without care if the pruning was completeed the winter before & organic do not require spraying.
I was out of the garden for 12 months on health problems & the little food forest went wild, but the row orchard is as is. The blue berries sucker do need thinning, but that the only thing.
The wild prennials,weeds(non food plants) are taking over, many trees limbs are in the way. My garlic beds are covered with grasses & bambles, I am going to clean it out & go back the raised beds in rows.
3 days ago
I like table & wine grapes, but  Pierce‚Äôs Disease (Xylella fastidiosa) is a problem in the South. So I lean toward micadines, I was raised on wild Bulice/ which is the wild dark purple muscadines with low sugar content.
I have an Italian wine grape, it is small, not very sweet & has a thick hull, but It grows with out help once it is established, I need to make jam with it.
3 days ago
I know women weilders, electricians, mechanics. I was raised with an older sister who broke wild ponies who had never had a rider before she broke them.
I have used the gator, it is okay for small limbs, I limbed a few ovver grown fuits tree for a friend & this is what he had,
I prefer a Farm Boss with a 20 inch bar, but it is too big to get into tight brach growps.
I have a brace & bit, if we have a major failure of power in this conutry, that & other hand tools will be worth Gold.
4 days ago
I have evrything to last a few weeks, without power, but need a propane generator & a solar stove.
1 week ago
Got fire srarting kits,60 Shabbos candles(1800 burning hours),  4 oil lamp & gallons of oil, 10 Battery flashlights, 2 propaine camp stoves.
1 week ago
Frontend loader with backhoe, tiller,box blabe, & rotorycutter.
Swiss army knife.
1 week ago
I am collecting Perennial plants also, here's my root wish list: Skirret, Scorzonera, Burdock, Gaint Bell Flower, Victory onions, Babington Leeks, Welsh onions, Solumon seal, Lillium/tiger lily or Easter lily,Hemerocallis- day lily.
Yacan, ulluco, oca, achira, arracacho, sun chokes, horse radish, Potato onion.

I have Hosta & daylilies, a few lillium lilies.
Here in the South poplar or pecan are good trees, apples,plum, pear & Persimmon for feed. Pasture rasied pigs can get 40% of their feed from the wild, if the correct trees are used.
Domestic fowl is easier, I know nothing about sheep, a little about goats & nothing about cattle in a wooded lot or silvopasture, I understand they are using this in the Rainforest.
I use a freezer &canning, but I want to get more into the root cellar, I have the book by the same name.
MEN Magazine(Mother Earth News):
"In addition to the sturdy root and cole vegetables that are obvious candidates for the root cellar, you can also store celery, leeks, brussels sprouts, peppers, grapes, escarole and citrus fruits in your cold room for periods ranging from two to eight weeks, depending on the type of vegetable and the conditions. Onions, garlic, squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and green tomatoes will last until spring if you keep them dry and cool. The place for these foods is in an unheated bedroom or a cool closet rather than in the kind of damp, cold place where apples and root vegetables keep best.",of%20vegetable%20and%20the%20conditions.
I have kept butternut squash in a basket in the kitchen for about 6 months, just to see if they would keep, they where a little dry, not has wet in the seed cavern as the first ones we ate, but tasted fine once cooked.
2 weeks ago