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Recent posts by Mick Fisch

not on subject, but semi-related.  My wife and I have a king sized bed, using two single mattresses.  2 singles are quite a bit cheaper than 1 king and we can each pick the hardness we want.  Besides, since there are two of us, neither of us sleeps in middle, and any other activities are on one side or the other.
2 days ago
maybe some maximillian sunflowers?
2 days ago
Bread.  Not all bread is created equal.  Wonder Bread is a poor, misbegotten imitation of real bread like you can get in german bakeries.  When I was a kid living in Germany back in the 60s you could almost gain weight walking by a bakery.  It smelled so good!!!  I've made my own bread, had bread that was supposedly freshed baked.  For some reason it isn't the same animal as what I got when I was in Germany or France.
1 month ago
I have a brother in law who is an economist.  He told me there are only 2 jobs where if your right 50% of the time you are recognized as a genius.  Economist and weatherman.
1 month ago
I thought this will be an interesting read, from what I have read so far.  

I agree with his definition of poor.  I know my oldest son felt we were poor, although we always had enough for necessities and a few luxuries.  He was probably frustrated by my lack of sympathy over his having to co-ar-dinate to get to drive the family car when his friend was given a new, tricked out truck upon graduating from high school, but he knew me well enough to know not to even bring it up.  The lack of the latest Apple phone does not make you poor.

I see some of his ideas are obviously wrong, given 200 years of rapid increasing knowledge and a different culture.  His assumption of the importance of beer is the obvious one.  Still I believe he was simply voicing the common belief.  As evidence I refer you to read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography about working in a printers shop in England when old ben was a young man, where they felt that you couldn't be strong without drinking beer).  

If you are upset about the patriarchal focus, go find another book, but look for a more recent publication.  Most of the writing of this time will be similar.  Alternatively, you could simply right it off for what it is, a man's perspective given at a certain culture, time and place and thank God you were born here and now.

As far as idleness is concerned, at this time in England the commons were pretty much gone, which had provided a cushion for the working rural poor, this drove down wages, and people worked much harder just to get enough to eat and keep themselves clothed (When well made pants were expected to last a couple of decades).  In that situation, a couple of hours each day might be viewed as a waste.

I agree the guy writing this took a lot of time to write it, which indicates to me he was NOT one of the poor.  
2 months ago
two different ideas.

My moms family were among the first anglo settlers in Arizona.  My grandma would make fried cactus from nopals in the spring.  She used spineless prick.ly pear cactus she grew for that purpose.  She would harvest the pads, peel the pads and steam them to remove as much of the slime as possible.  Then she would fry them in bacon grease and salt and pepper them.  she may have floured them prior to frying, I don't know.  It was similar to fried okra, but way better (what okra wants to taste like when it grows up).

When I was a little kid we visited relatives in eastern arizona and they made a delicious salad with prickly pears (deseeded). I was a little kid and don't know the particulars.  The next morning I walked out and saw a prickly pear cactus with ripe looking pears.  Being a little kid and remembering how good it tasted, I walked up and tried to pick the pear.  Everyone thought I was kind of a dumb kid not to realize the pears had those fine hair spines.  My mom told me afteward you had to pick them carefully with tongs and a knife and then burn off the spines.
3 months ago
I personally like the weight of a fairly heavy quilts, but some people don't.  

I would say don't overlook the value of the sheets, which really trap a lot of heat close to your body.  A flannel sheet thickness liner in a sleeping bad makes a big difference in warmth (an extra 10 or 15 degrees lower).

Second idea, fill a 2 liter soda bottle with very warm water and throw it down by your feet.  If you are really chilled, another by your belly or thighs.  It'll still be warmer than you in the morning.  (NOTE!!! DON'T USE BOILING WATER.  IF IT'S TOO HOT, THE PLASTIC SOFTENS AND LID COMES OFF.  ask me how I know.)

As noted above, the sheets and blankets need to hang over the side of the bed some to keep the cold from creeping in at the edges.  I like oversized for that reason.

sleeping alone isn't as warm, although you need to be able to keep your partner from stealing your covers.

Wool works best if it's damp, but not against the skin, for comfort.  If you plan to were socks to bed, make sure to change them just before bed because the ones you've been wearing all day are a little damp and will make your feet cold.  Long johns of some sort (polypropylene, while not quite wool grade, are cheaper and more easily available and will warm even if a little damp. cotton won't.
1 year ago
I live in southeast Idaho, Cache Valley.  

I bought the 2 acres behind my house from a neighbor last winter.  He's a rancher in his 90's, but as he phrases it "is getting a little wobbly" so his wife is getting him to sell off some of his property.  

This summer I am planning on planting a mixed orchard/ woodlot with drip irrigation and a grey water system with mulberries, osage orange, black locust and maybe some green ash for the woodlot.  (osage orange every few feet around the outside to try to keep the deer out after they grow up).  

Grafting some good fruiting varieties on some of the mulberries and mixing them with the fruit trees (apple, plum, peach, apricot, goumi berry, goji berry, seaberry) in the fruiting section.  fruit trees are expensive and I'm not rich, so I am grafting rootstock for many of these trees.

Hazels in their own area.  

Depending on deer pressure I may coppice or pollard.

It's going to be an interesting experiment.  I am 67, so I may not even live to see this come to full fruition, but someone will.  Part of my goal is to have a place where my kids and grandkids can come and eat fruit of the bush or tree as they wish.  I got to do this some as a child and it just seemed so heavenly and freeing I want to pass that on.

I welcome any suggestions and/or gentle critiques.
1 year ago
I "rolled" a rib once (it shifted out of position).  Hurt like hell!  After a few days I went to the chiropracter.  He put it back in position and I was much better pretty quick and fine the next morning.

A note about chiropractors and drs.  Not all are created equal.  You know what they call the guy who graduated at the bottom of his class, barely squeeked through?  They call him Dr, just like the smartest guy.
1 year ago
Look into gathering rain off your roof and from gray water systems.  Should be able to produce more water from these things than your yard area needs.
1 year ago