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Internal Revenue Code section 5002(a)(4) defines distiller to include
(4) DistillerThe term “distiller” includes any person who—
(A) produces distilled spirits from any source or substance,
(B) brews or makes mash, wort, or wash fit for distillation or for the production of distilled spirits (other than the making or using of mash, wort, or wash in the authorized production of wine or beer, or the production of vinegar by fermentation),
(C) by any process separates alcoholic spirits from any fermented substance, or
(D) making or keeping mash, wort, or wash, has a still in his possession or use.

You can "ice brew" beer removing less that 0.5% water as ice was legal at one point, but could of changed.
You can not remove any water from cider, wine, or predistilled items by using heat or cold.
You can make up to 100 gallons a year for 1 adult in a household and 200 gallons a year total if there is more than 2 adults in the household.

Our apples, pairs, and cherries, end up canned, makeing a lot of cider, and makeing some vinegar.
1 year ago
Aluminum orchard ladder is the way to go.  

I ended up building some high density trellis.  5 rows 14' apart and 3' between trees.  There are 5 apple, then 5 peach, then 5 pair, and then 5 cherry trees in each row.  This gives a group of 25 of each tree.
There is plenty of room to drive a full size truck down the rows.  I have hand harvested hay down the rows a few times.  Free range chickens work well.
It was a 3 year investment till we got good harvests.  Maintenance of the trees to picking the fruit is easy (wife is short and uses a stool sometimes).  The only Issue I have had was fruit fly's in the cherry's, but this is common with out spraying them.  They say these systems last 20 to 25 years depending on varieties of trees and maintenance.  
1 year ago
I have a daughter with Downs syndrome.  There is a huge difference in her health during the middle of winter when there are not as much fresh food from the garden.
I have not worked around the elderly much, but I'm sure there is a difference in there health also.
The difference in nutrients levels between commercial food to good home grown food is huge.
80% of our power is solar.  Our AC and fridges and freezers are all 48 volt.  Between the rabbits, beef, and pork that we butcher there running anyways.  
1 year ago
Nothing better than maple syrup, lemon juice, soy source, and fresh dill for a glaze.

My wife might drive to the ocean tomorrow and get a coolor full of salmon and stuff.  If so it'll be salmon for dinner and will smoke the rest on Friday.

OK so now I'm hungry...
1 year ago
Your right about Alzheimer's.  Once you move them out of the environment that they know and have "rules" and "ways" to make things work then they go down hill fast.
The issue is where to draw the line to where there still "able" in there environment, have not gone down hill to far to readjust, and convincing family's that sooner can be better, but weight to long moving them will do a lot of damage.
I have a family member in a long term care facility.  It's for people 60+.  The have cottages, a few different types of apartments, assisted living, health care and a dementia unit.

A lot of the older people don't want anything to do with permaculture, because it's not a tried and true method in there eyes.  Very fall for the last 3 years I have put in a pit in 2 cinder block raised beds, 5' wide 15' long and 20" high.  The first year a lot of people were upset as I filled them with logs, wood chips and cow pies, and covered them with 4" of compost.  After the first summer of gardening they wanted me to fix the rest of the beds and you should see the yields they get out of everything.

There is a group that has set up raised beds in nursing home and assisted living court yards.  They also do activities and maintain everything.  There is to much liability with something like this form me.

There is a church group near me that has set up some raised beds.  I was told it was kinda permaculture set up, but did not ask anything.  I know a group meats there a few times a week and they give fresh vegetables to members that need help.  I know there building more raised beds this fall and I took them 10 yards wood biased compost beginning of September.

I would love to see more church biased permaculture where churches help there members more.
I finished everything off yesterday.  I asked my wife to take some pics for me and put them on my computer.  If she dose I will upload them.
1 year ago
My wife is a self publish writer and I will let out a few things that I have learned.  My thoughts are to the US.

You will get a reputation off your first book and those reviews will stick as you write more books.  The down side of google when someone searches your pen name.
Editing is expensive, but you need a good editor.  It's better to find someone that has a slight idea on the subject your writing about.
The number of copies you sell on your first book follow you around for a long time if you want to write more books using a publisher.  You will want to sell in a web site that will publicly track your sales.
Print on demand services had issues at one point, but took away the over head of stock, and the issue of having to send out book quickly from home and having to deal with customs forums.
A lot of people go digital books as that's where a lot of people read these days.  Books on tape do great if it's something that is easy to drive to.
Have your book ship able to every counties that uses the language you write in.  I would stick with one language.  

Chat forums are great self promotions and very cheap.  Making lots of good posts will help get people to know your name so when your able to talk about your book (within the rules of the forum) people will know you and have a better chance of looking at it.  (Not sure of the rules on this forum)
We sold a ton of books to my local area and I think a lot of them were to people that work at the same origination I work at, but my coworkers look up to me, my life is a ministry, and I'm very knowledgeable about a lot of things.  
1 year ago
Thank you Mike.  I was not sure on all the rules and did not want to post that.  
1 year ago