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I'm more in favor of a meritocracy, skinn collor doesn't really matter at all to the plants, even to eggplants or cantelopes
it has nothing at all to do with regeneration of the land, it really doesn't.
Intelligent people of any race will and do learn from other intelligent people regardless the collor of their skinn. I'm more or less white and I wouldn't care the less if my teahcer is black (or whatever other collor), if he is a good teacher I would be happy to learn from him, and I'm sure is the same the other way around
thank you Scott
I know they breed goats in New Zealand, and that could be as wet as you can get... as for the heat... it's not bad down here, not so hot, it can go up to 35 C (95F), may be 40 C (104F) some days in summer, and the winter is short and not hard at all, so I hope it can be done and the goats can have a happy life. I have almost 80 acres of bush and wood, most of which is very marshy
that's comun sense. I was asking for first hand practical knowledge or advise on how to overcome the obvious conundrum. But thanks for the input any way
I am in a very marshy, swampy area of the Paraná river delta in Argentina. Very, very wet, subtropical, very fertile, aluvial land.
My question is, for anyone that could know, preferebly by first hand experience: is it possible to raise goats in a land like that? what would you recommend. Thank you
you might be right
and I hope you are
Geoff talking about "white privilege occupation" made a fool of himself I think. What has that anything to do? is there any place in which one can just be without having to be listening to all that PC nonsense nowadays? White privilledge? plan, work hard, grow your garden and sell your produce, that's it, I don't feel any more privilege than any other man that can and will do the same, and I'm not feeling inclined to apologize for my garden to anyone, so, really, don't go that way, not in the permaculture family at least, please, thank you.
John! you nailed it! I'm actually in the Entre Ríos most southern tip! great! thank you!
6 years ago
thank you John!
the biota of the Paraná river delta is very specific, that's why I asked, it's difficult to find anything on google that takes the specific flora of this area in consideration and gives serious information about it. I hoped Arthur might have first hand knowlledge about it, but I'll look those links up later, I'm sure they will bring something handy to the table
6 years ago