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You could do a weekly one with maybe 6 items, and call it the "Thursday 6"!

Dan Boone wrote:

Today I noticed that one of the plants had turned dark in color. Upon close examination, it was completely covered with some sort of insect eggs on the undersides of the leaves. I don't know what they are but they look like whatever was chewing up my kale all last summer.

8 years ago
From EcoFilms Australia's facebook:

Of course there is another side to the story. We've worked with Geoff for 15 years and its a very sad outcome. We have nothing to hide but debating it on social media we don't think is appropriate and we're leaving it to our lawyers. Thank you.

8 years ago
From Geoff's facebook:

$1,000,000 crowd funder anyone?
Frank Gapinski and myself with my beautiful daughter Latifa on location in Morocco for me it is all about helping save the world and the greater good we can do.
Unfortunately for Frank and now he wants me to pay him a $1,000,000 to release the footage from our filming in Jordan, Morocco, and England.
That is RIGHT one million Australian Dollars for footage that could help so many people in the world.
I have put all my money back into helping the world with permaculture, I have more debt now than ever before in my life, and I do not care I just want to help the world.
Be careful who you trust because some people just want to feather their own nests and live in luxury beachside houses and invest the money they make out of all your years of hard work while they invest in major unethical supermarkets.
We will survive, what does not kill you makes you stronger.
Frank has locked me out of and all our videos there so go over to where we have a new stronger system for helping the world and we are only working with ethical people.

Guys just to let you know this has all been going on for 6 months when I resigned from my business relationship with Frank and Jane Gapinski. I have tried to be as reasonable as possible and asked to finish the business and even asked for a third party liquidation so that both parties walk away with something clean and fair, but they simply ignored every request, so they can try and stalemate the process to try get there $1,000,000 dream pay out.

So it looks like Gapinski has his name on the domain, even though the registrant organization is GEOFF LAWTON PTY.LTD.

This actually happened already to! Geoff got the domain back somehow. But this time there seems to be a lot of content being held hostage, so it might be more complex.
8 years ago

Roberto pokachinni wrote:I couldn't connect with Geoff's talk at the homegrown food summit. It gets me to marjorie wildcraft and her spiel but not directly to Geoff. I couldn't seem to navigate my way to his video presentation.

I think Geoff sent a fixed link in a subsequent e-mail.
8 years ago
I buy regularly from West Coast Seeds as well, being in the PNW.

My favorite one however is

They have quite a few interesting varieties that you don't find elsewhere easily.

They sell seeds from their own landrace breeding projects as well as from other breeders (e.g. Carol Deppe). It is a lot easier to get Carol Deppe's varieties from them than directly.

I bought their butternut landrace and will probably try one of the melon landraces they offer.
Others might have received this info by e-mail too:

Geoff has a new website here:

There's a new free series of videos that you can subsscribe to here:

I wonder if Geoff will run a new online PDC this year. Most likely this is part of his marketing leadly to the next launch.

8 years ago
I usually grab a stick or an empty TP roll and use it to make a bit more room...
8 years ago
Replace my random example with a non-"top forum" such as education - kids...

My point wasn't about accessing the hugelkultur forum specifically, it was that secondary navigation is usually connected to the primary navigation. Here they are separated to the left and right side of screen and they look very different. Therefore navigation isn't that intuitive.