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since Mar 07, 2013
Creepin up on 60 yrs old with much enthusiasm for living in the woods as I do.  Have tons of recycled, repurposeable materials left by previous land owners. I love creating and building things.
I've learned much from
Chattaroy, north of Spokane, WA
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David Livingston ... merci beaucoup for sharing links about MarmiteNorvegienne. I've looked at the links and photos.
I see you live in Angers, France. My older sisters do also. I've lived in France twice in my life, and had two more visits since then. I miss the foods and lifestyle. It's so different from the states. It's nice to see such interests as this wonderbox cooker in France.
7 years ago
Seriously... after watching the video posted by Jennifer Herod, I watched a few more videos from the same gals. I am impressed and want to make this 'slow cooker' wonderbox.
When I saw "hay box" it made me think of the way I've kept my chickens' water from freezing during recent arctic freezes. I made a 3" thick nest of hay (straw) in a large steel mixing bowl and settled an old copperbottom One gallon pot in that nest. I fill it with very warm water in the morning and it stays liquid all day even at 8F degrees. By the end of the day, it would develop a thin ice layer but the hens had no problem pecking that to get their drinks.
So I might fill my wonderbox with straw instead of styrofoam beads. Maybe someone already mentioned that. I have lots more to read on this thread.
7 years ago
I'm here looking for answers to pretty much the same question. I recently harvested a 7 1/2 month old, Rhode Island red laying hen. I made broth with all the goodies, including the feet, which I peeled first. And saved the beautiful chicken fat. I let the chicken rest in the fridge for 4 days. It was slightly more flexible. I put it in the oven and roasted it the way I would a turkey. Breast was good, legs and thighs were tough. The broth from the roasted carcass and bones was EXCELLENT in flavor! Next time, I'm going to try the slow cooker or a nice Coq Au Vin, with Burgundy. My fave.
But, I'm thinking that a beef steer must hang to cure for some time before butchering begins.
So, should a cleaned, feathered chicken also hang in cool but not cold temperature for the meat to relax? I'm about to harvest a dozen hens.
Forgive me if this has been answered on a separate thread that I've yet to find.
Peace to all.
7 years ago
Though I lack the funds to donate, please know that my love for mother earth is generating, right now, at Light speed across the Universe to see this through.
What could be more perfect than such a garden of pure natural abundance? How about a thousand or more such orchards.
Here's 100% of my positive energy in the grid towards success with this. On all levels.
Sure appreciating all the info and links. Am jotting notes and hope to get something solid to start this project in spring 2014.
7 years ago
Jerry Ward.... I'm also interested in a RMH Sauna project for our place.
7 years ago
We've yet to start building my husband's trappers shed, so have plenty of time to plan the design. Will be approx. 12'x16' plus a 4'x16' covered porch area.

Here's a rough drawing of what I'm hoping to do. Husband has asthma, so I'd like to eliminate chances of smoke inside. Is it possible to create a Rocket Mass Heater with EXTERIOR FEED?

Not a rocket scientist, but guessing this will affect the ratio of intake to output.
7 years ago
Came into the forum today searching for any photos of the Tipi / RMH project. Thanks, Emily, for posting the pics! I am also interested in knowing how well the RMH does in the tipi.

Why replacing the tipi poles? ... I'm dreaming (as usual) of building one on our little property north of Spokane WA. We're about the same elevation as Paul's land, I think.

Emily, I hope you enjoy the experience and that it all goes as good as possible for you. Thanks for keeping us posted!
7 years ago
~ That is so cool! Great photos. I can't help but think of how many man-hours it took to peel all those logs. You guys did an awesome job of fitting them. How scary now to put all that dirt on top, but what great timing. Winter is just about on us in the Pacific Northwest. Congrats to you, Paul Wheaton, on having such a dependable community of souls to make this all happen. Happy wofati'ing!
7 years ago