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since Feb 06, 2013
No big gardens but many patches of food and herbs.
North Carolina zone 7
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I feel like we can take nap time, coloring hour and extra silliness into consideration. Given the fact that I’ll be running the radio station someone has to look after things. Who’s your Vice President, House or Senate? Who makes you laugh? I’m taking first pick on the Supreme Court by nominating Judge Harry Stone from Night Court. After all, the Supreme Court is nothing but a regular court with lettuce and tomato on it. 🇺🇸  ✌🏼
2 days ago
I see no dissent here. It’s what you would do, I’ve already laid out my platform. I may be a one term president because all I do is play music so it’s good that you’re ready. Unless you want me to play Pit Bull I have no problems with a request block a couple times a week. I am a man of the people and love my constituents! I will have to consider the issue with Starship. Mickey Thomas is a great vocalist but the overall direction of the band soured after Jane. “We built this city,” ehhh. Marty Balin is my choice because he also wrote lyrics, some of them a bit suggestive. Listen to Miracles and believe in love and dirty lyrics again!
2 days ago
Not even 15. Drives me nuts!
2 days ago
Agreed. That would be eighteen years ago when I turned thirty! I am, unfortunately still exposed to newer “music” when I ride with my wife. The stuff actually causes me anxiety and mental scarring. None of that mess on The Dictator though! ✌🏼
2 days ago
After voting I seriously considered what I would do if president. One of the more pressing issues is how bad American music has gotten. My first act of executive power would be to secure a radio frequency. 104.2 The Dictator has a nice ring to it. I, your president would curate everything that was played. Grunge, Progressive, and 80’s power ballads would lead the way! Seriously, why are there no power ballads anymore? You’d also get a heavy peppering of Def Leppard, Keith Urban, Alabama and Jefferson Airplane. None of that Starship 💩 crap! On Monday, during the morning rush we’d have Angry Hour to help get you pumped for work. Once a week I’d have a podcast featuring a different politician. We could discuss and play their favorite music and make them seem human and stuff. What kind of ground breaking things would you do if elected?
Please, no actual political talk.
                 Regards, President Scott
2 days ago
Sounds like something I used to do on Ambien.
2 days ago
You’re planning on posting that right Cindy? Please post it on this thread to make sure I see it!
3 days ago
I haven’t tried it. I think this spot is too small for that. I will probably water it good prior to very cold temps since wet soil holds more heat.
5 days ago
Yes sir. Figured I’d try to use a spot that wasn’t good for anything else.
5 days ago
It’s an 82X47 Inch sheet. It says the purpose was for greenhouse use. I put it up eight days ago and it’s holding up good. Got two sheets for 8 bucks. The sun still isn’t low enough for it to do much good.
5 days ago