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Temperate hardwood forest (NW Michigan) - zone 5b, 38" precip/yr
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Recent posts by Jerry McIntire

What is the planned end time, or duration of the webinar? My calendar wants to know ... :-)
1 month ago
I "liked" the observations and opinions I appreciated in other responses. Mine focuses on these three paragraphs:
This is a complete deck – 52 playing cards, 2 jokers and one bonus thank you card for all the supporters of the project. On 26 of the cards there are hidden names of some of the friends and family that helped to bring this project to life.

Each card is adorned with beautiful illustrations and hand-written style text, introducing a plant, idea, or concept of permaculture.

These cards can be a great conversation starter, educational, and inspirational.

I would put the first paragraph last, going from the big picture to the less important details.
My sister, who has a Vitamix (powerful) blender, blends avocado seeds into her smoothies. She thinks they are the greatest addition. She cuts them first with a big kitchen knife, to help them blend more quickly.
I haven't tried this yet, but we just brought home a Vitamix so I will have a go the next time we eat an avocado.
3 months ago
Thanks again to everyone who had replied. I had a good conversation with the county building inspector on Friday. He asked to see the ASTM specifications for a masonry heater. He understands that I want to build the rocket cookstove myself, following the Walker plans. I will be sending him the ASTM standard tomorrow.
4 months ago
Turns out that Michigan uses a slightly amended version of the 2015 IRC (International Residence Code), which has a section for masonry heaters that are site-built. I am sharing that information with my building inspector...
4 months ago

thomas rubino wrote:Hey Jerry;
What are the rules about masonry stoves in Michigan?
A batchbox with a bell is a modern version of a European masonry stove...

I will check, thanks.
4 months ago
Another wait for me, unfortunately. I submitted plans for a Walker rocket cookstove (a combination semi-mass heater and cookstove) to our local building inspector, and he said no. Doesn't have any basis for assuring that it is safe. He added that he would need an architect or engineer to approve the plans if he were to accept it.

Anyone know an architect or engineer who is familiar enough with rocket stoves to put her or his name on a plan submittal? In Michigan would be the easiest.

4 months ago

M Waisman wrote:Electric doesn't come close to induction for precision, cleanliness or efficiency; that's not a worthy comparison, folks.

Induction is, of course, electric. A glass electric cooktop with resistance coils beneath is just as easy to clean as a glass electric cooktop with an induction device beneath. It is not as precise, granted. It is very nearly the same in efficiency though, at least the research I found showed less than a 5% difference. An induction range is easily twice the price of an older technology electric range, both with glass cooktops and electric ovens. Convection ovens are significantly more efficient for both types of range.
5 months ago
Induction burners have worked well for us, quick to adjust like gas. Although I preferred gas burners for cooking for many years, the indoor air quality and the heat load inside when the weather is hot are bad. When cooking with gas, always use a vent fan. We just remodeled our kitchen and did not get an induction range. Although they perform better than old-style electric burners, they are only slightly more efficient yet they cost much more. We went with old-school electric, and a woodstove for redundancy.
5 months ago
The movie is off to an excellent start. Thanks for this! I started watching and look forward to finishing it with popcorn, notepad, and the rest of my family tonight. We are about to put in a pond and hugelkultur this fall.
5 months ago